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Bedroom in chalet style is simplicity and functionality at the same time. It can be equipped either in a large house or in a small apartment. After all, the main function of the bedroom is a place for rest and sleep. Therefore, the interior can be quite ordinary and can only contain a bed and a couple of nightstands. Very interesting looks such a style in the attic, where there are beveled beams. They can be conveniently played as needed.

Guest bedroom chalet

Guest bedroom in chalet style in a country house in Belgium.

Bedroom in the attic

Style chalet in the best of its manifestations. The most interesting element of the decor can be called a natural skin, which is used as a blanket.

Cozy bedroom chalet

The style of the chalet is always cozy. Ideal solution for bedroom decoration.

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  • 2 Furniture and textiles
  • 3 What should be the lighting
  • 4 Peace and tranquility in the chalet-style bedroom. Video
  • 5 Chalet-style bedroom interior options

Materials for the bedroom

This interior puts forward its conditions to the materials of walls, ceilings, floors and even furniture. If the bedroom is in the attic or just under the roof, then you do not need to close the beams, just cover them with varnish for reliability. Since naturalness and naturalness are appreciated, the textured plaster for the walls is an excellent solution. In the interior perfectly fit fireplace, decorated with stone. The stone is well suited for finishing the walls around the fireplace, the floor in front of the firebox and various inserts in the furnishings. Forged products will give uniqueness to the situation, especially if metal products are made in the forge. Forged can be window grilles and door fittings. They will give a more rural style. The interior should be made in soft and calm tones, for example, gray-ashy, chocolate, herbal and so on. Sharp contrasts are not needed, attracts the lightness and naturalness of the style.

You can mitigate the situation by the following elements:

  • hairy upholstery;
  • accessories from artificial or natural fur of light shades;
  • items of furniture made of leather;
  • carpet under the color of the floor.

Also, animal skins on a wooden floor will look unusual.

Natural wall decoration

The walls and the ceiling are made of wood, large windows, muted lights - everything you need to organize a bedroom chalet-style interior.

Bedroom in chalet style

Bedroom in the style of a chalet in dark colors in a hunting lodge in the south of Germany. In the room there is an ineffable romantic atmosphere.

Spacious and bright bedroom

A bedroom in the style of a chalet with echoes of loft style. Creative mixing of styles makes the interior effective and memorable.

Furniture and textiles

The interior perfectly fit the bed, a couple of armchairs and a bedside table. The space should be distributed so that you can feel yourself in the bedroom freely, there should not be a heap of furniture.

Ideal for a king size bed. It's best if it's a classic form. You can even without a backrest or with a backrest made of a wooden grate. Will look like a bed of solid wood. But the main role in a sleeping place is played not by the size of the bed, but by a properly mattress. Covered with bedspreads and pillows. In the role of bedspread can be animal skins. Furniture should be matte, gloss here is simply unacceptable. And all furniture should be made of natural wood. Plastic, plasterboard and veneered furniture will not fit and will not fit into this style.

Original bedroom design

Wooden furniture is chosen for the bedroom in the chalet style. In the center of the composition is a bed with a soft high headboard.

Wooden Bedroom Furniture

The spectacular design of the bedroom in the style of the chalet is notable for correctly selected details. The dark color scheme is diluted with light elements of the interior.

To give more liveliness, you can buy bed linens with national parameters or combine single-colored blankets with patchwork colored blankets. Here the main thing is not to overdo it, because the basis of the style is naturalness and closeness to the rural way of life. Pillows should be a large number, and they are put in the form of a pyramid from big to small. You can combine several shades, the ideal number is 3, but not more. The material of the pillowcases should be natural and they should be selected according to the invoice.

On the windows you can hang tight curtains, but the day they need to open in order for sunlight to penetrate the room.

Interior perfectly complement the curtains of materials such as dense laziness, untreated wool, cotton. Tulle in this case is practically not used. The perfect accessory will be a fluffy soft and soft mat, as well as bedspreads and capes on furniture in the form of skins or cashmere shawls. On the table you can lay a tablecloth embroidered with original or simple rustic pattern. And also to the arrival of guests to distribute all the embroidered linen napkins to the color of the tablecloth.

Bedroom in chalet style

A bedroom in the style of a chalet in a country mansion, as an example of a proper layout and properly selected furniture.

Small bedroom chalet

The bedroom in the style of the chalet is decorated in colorful colors. A handmade quilt makes the interior unique and unrepeatable.

What should be the lighting

Light plays an important role in creating the image and style of the bedroom, made in the design of the chalet. You can confine yourself to the general light, but it is better to pay attention to a more muted and soft light. The interior is perfectly fit with floor lamps and table lamps of classical shape, they are given special importance in this style. As they create an atmosphere of coziness, warmth, some intimacy and prepare a person for bed. With the soft light of the floor lamp, you want to immerse yourself in reading your favorite book in a chair, wrapped up in a blanket and watching the snowy evening outside the window. A bright light here is unacceptable, since it is a bedroom, not a living room or kitchen. The artsy lamps of modern design do not fit the simplicity of the village house. You can hang in the center on the ceiling of a classical style chandelier, but it is best to give preference to the muffled light of a spotlight.

Bedroom in the attic

In the design of the bedroom in the chalet style, every detail is important.

Bedroom in the attic

A light canopy made of translucent fabric - an unusual decoration of the bedroom's interior in the style of a chalet.

Soft big bed

A soft large bed in the bedroom in the style of the chalet resembles a feather bed.

Peace and tranquility in the chalet-style bedroom. Video

Bedroom interior options in chalet style