Cosmetic renovation of the interior - we attach new features

Renovated interior of a modern apartment

To any of us from time to time comes the understanding that it is necessary to change something, if not in life as a whole, then at least around yourself. And then there is a desire to refresh your apartment.

There are a lot of options to change the usual interior - you can rearrange the furniture, add new decor elements, replace the curtains with blinds, lay them down or, conversely, remove the carpets. Fans of cardinal changes can swing and for more - to lay parquet instead of linoleum or doorways to transform into arches, to remove showers and to put a bath, to mount a fireplace in the wall, and how little it is possible to come up with innovations in your own apartment!

In this case, it is not necessary to completely change the mood of the home, it is enough to make the corrective amendments. Some designers even offer to mix different stylistic directions in order to fully realize their creative ideas. But in this case the main thing is not to overdo it, too eclectic kind of own housing can drive into depression.

The central room in most apartments is the living room, it is she who, in the first place, undergoes changes. However, it is possible to completely update its appearance without resorting even to cosmetic repairs.

If the wallpaper, for example, is still in good condition and you do not want to change it, but the coloring (or pattern) has long been not pleasing to the eye, you can take advantage of the wall decoration method: this method favorably diversifies the situation.

Renovated interior of modern living room and kitchen

Vinyl stickers that can decorate not only wallpaper, but also many other surfaces (furniture, tile in bathroom and toilet, wooden or plastic wall panels) are quite suitable for this.

Here you can not restrain your imagination, because such drawings allow you to create literally a work of art, especially in combination with other elements of the situation. Successfully combine with art stickers photos or paintings, arranged in a certain way.

If the kind of room is spoiled by outdated upholstered furniture, you can replace it with a more modern one. As an option - re-tighten the already available bright case or buy an original cape. A good addition will serve as cushions, matched according to texture and style to the situation. A beautiful rug next to the sofa, combined in a color scheme with pillows and a cloak, harmoniously fit into the overall picture.

Elements of decor in the renovated interior