Designers' recommendations: skilful design of tiny

Bedroom in white color

Do you live in a modest apartment? Do you want to give it a more functional, aesthetically attractive and comfortable appearance? In today's reportage we will introduce you to unique advice from talented designers who will help you to form the optical illusion of space and volume in interior of a small room.

Many buildings built in the Soviet years, have an uncomfortable layout. But most people live in these houses. We will introduce you to unique solutions and ideas for their transformation, developed by experts in the field of architecture and design. They will certainly find a response in your soul, and the effect of such changes will surpass even the most daring expectations.

1. Competent approach

"Thoroughly consider the optimal layout of housing. This must be done before repair. Try to find hidden opportunities and make the most of the free space. For example, you can remove non-curtain walls and other minor structures ", - advises experts Elena Nikitina and Anna Pustovoittsova from the architectural workshop of Arkhbaba.

Small bedroom in white color

2. Think with perspective

Engineer Maria Mahmudova suggests: "For decoration of walls Choose wallpapers with a variety of optical effects: stripes or photos with perspective. These finishing materials help to make any room light and spacious. "

Bedroom in black and white

3. Common interests

Anastasia Sheveleva and Alexander Malinin from the design bureau of INT2 Architecture advise their clients: "Considerably divide space into different functional areas. Modest apartments need a special approach to the design of the kitchen area, the guest cabin, the boudoir and the home office. "

"All rooms should be in a common style (for example, in a Scandinavian manner), but each room should be accented with decorative items and accessories."

Bedroom in white color

4. A great alternative solution

"Use the built-in or modular furnishings, as well as sets custom-made for your housing. As a result, you will not only save a living space, but do not clutter up space with unnecessary and unnecessary things and interior items"- Talented talented specialists of the company Cozy apartment.

Narrow bedroom in white color

5. Make the most of space

Architect Maria Dadiani says: "Try to maximize the potential of the apartments. For example, a window sill you can easily transform into a desk or a cozy corner for work. "

Workplace on the windowsill

6. Small amount of furniture

"Do not overload the decoration of the apartment with decorations and objects with a headset. The design of a small apartment should be light, voluminous and airy. Use only the minimum necessary devices and furniture. For example, you can choose for a bedroom decor a bed with a lifting mechanism and spacious drawers for storing blankets, pillows and bed linen, "recommends the professional designer Tatyana Pichugina.

Another great solution will be glossy shiny surfaces that visually increase the area of ​​housing.

Niche for storage under the bed

7. Dazzling Illumination System

The ingenious master Irina Fefelova advises all her clients: "LED lighting, installed behind the cornice, visually increases the height of the ceilings and gives small interior feeling of lightness and airiness ".

Such illumination can be easily installed in any room: first fix the baguette with the notches for the LED panel or ribbon. With this cunning method, you can optically "lift" even the lowest ceiling.

Backlighting above the bed

8. The magic of reflection

Designer Oksana Oleynik says: "Mirrors are a sure way to increase modest premises, as well as rooms with an irregular geometric silhouette. With the use of these accessories you will form in the apartments a magical, slightly magical atmosphere. "

Large mirror in the bedroom

9. Color in the interior

"Paint the wall surfaces in a neutral monochrome scale and use textured wood to form a contrast accent. Such decoration will not irritate you, and light shades optically expand the area, "says the decorator Oleg Kuraev.

Two-level bed in the nursery

10. Magic of accessories

"Try to shift the center of attention in the bedroom from a huge bed. For example, install a volumetric designer lamp on the windowsill. He will attract the attention of guests and family members, "Irina Krasheninnikova, a brilliant specialist, recommends.

Narrow children's room

Try to use these easy-to-implement tips for transforming your own tiny apartment. The effect will surpass all your expectations!