Kitchen-living room design 25 sq m - ideas and solutions

Painting on the wall above the sofa

To combine the kitchen area of ​​the room and the rest room is an interesting design idea, which is very popular in the studios apartments. This solution when decorating the kitchen-living room design 25 square meters. m allows you to realize a lot of all kinds of fantasies, both in classical and ultramodern style.

  • The opportunity to realize bright original ideas due to a large area of ​​24-26 square meters. m, experiment with different stylistics, decoration of the floor, walls, ceiling, arrange unusual modern furnishings, home appliances.

Pink sofa in the bright kitchen

Furniture in the kitchen in green tones  Beige sofa in the kitchen-living room  TV in front of the couch  White chandelier in the kitchen  White sofa in the living room

  • Thanks to the open space, you can cook food while watching TV, talking to vacationers and family. Very convenient option for moms with children who have the opportunity not to let the kids out of sight, doing useful things.
  • Simplifies the process of serving the table due to the convenient location of the table for lunch, working surfaces. Serving dishes will become much easier.
  • In such an interior, you can easily organize a family celebration, holidays, parties with a friendly, fun company, without worrying about the large number of guests, since everyone will be placed where.
  • The visual expansion of the space will make your apartment visually larger, more spacious, add air, light.

Transparent curtains in the kitchen

There are small disadvantages waiting for housewives in the process of exploitation. Let's consider them further:

  • The unpleasant odors that appear when cooking, will spread around, and also soak in soft upholstery, carpets. To get rid of the smell will be extremely difficult, as an option - to purchase a hood with increased power.
  • Do not avoid the noise of water from the washbasin or sounds when working with electrical appliances. This can affect the rest of the guests, the household. Avoiding noise is difficult, because there is no isolation.

Built-in microwave oven in the kitchen

  • Kitchen-living room will not hide from prying eyes even a small mess, postponed for later. Therefore, the landlady will have to carefully monitor the order, put more effort to maintain a constant cleanliness.
  • The project does not provide a secluded corner, where you can stay alone, so if you like silence, and there are no more rooms, then it is better to abandon this venture.

Microwave oven above table

Recommendations for design design

If for you the advantages of the interior prevail over minor defects, then it's time to plan future repairs. At the initial stage, carefully study the plan, finding out where the bearing walls pass. These elements of the structures are demolished in old buildings, so you need to think about the partial removal of the fence. In this case, both rooms will be combined with an interesting spatial solution.

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Sofa with blue pillows

Important. It should be noted that all cardinal transformations, such as the transfer of water, sewerage, gas stove, are carried out only after coordination with special services.

Next, you need to design on paper zoning space, allocate space for cooking, dining area, places for relaxation. Proportionalize the room, depending on its shape, extent, number of inhabitants. For a small family, where little is cooked, the kitchen area can be small, which allows a large part of the area to be left for rest with a sofa, armchairs, a spacious area.

Luminous partition in the living room

TV in front of the couch на подставке  Furniture in green design in the kitchen  Brown baffle for zoning  Three brown chairs next to the table  Ceiling with built-in lights

Differentiate the place for food and rest can be in various ways: color, texture of furnishings, furniture, bar counter, partition. More about this will be discussed later in the article, but for now let us consider the design options for a kitchen-living room with different configurations.

White clock on a black wall Three chandeliers in the kitchen  TV in front of the couch на кухне-гостиной  Orange pillows on the couch  Red lights on the ceiling  White sofa with brown pillows

Square room

A square room is the most optimal for organizing an idea. Here you can use almost any way to differentiate space to embody the boldest ideas of a convenient, practical design. First, let's determine which of the areas will be fundamental, will take more space.

If you cook a lot, you have a big family, then the main area will be the work area. For such a case, the interior of the kitchen-living room without a partition can be zoned by an island, peninsular way, or by a two-level large bar counter connected to a dining table.

Orange corner sofa in the interior

With an equilateral room, it is possible to arrange the situation in any order, for example, along one, two opposite walls, in an n-shaped, g-shaped way, and also in the form of a peninsula. Each of the combinations in the square kitchen-living room in its own convenient, functional, so they base the choice according to individual preferences.

Important. The design of the square hall is 25 square meters. m with one window will require the organization of additional lighting above the countertop, sink, stove with hanging, spotlights, chandeliers, built-in lighting. This will ensure a good light in the kitchen in the evening.

Design project of an elongated long kitchen with a living room

If you have a non-standard stretched room, the implementation will be a bit complicated. There are some peculiarities here that must be taken into account. For long rooms, the emphasis is made on zoning, performed with contrasting shades, or a two-level floor in the form of a podium is performed, raising the work area to a small podium. Guests can enjoy watching the cooking process of the owner with pleasure.

Kitchen table top viewDining area in the living room

An interesting solution will be the placement on the borders of the zones of a comfortable sofa, armchairs unfolded by the front side. In this case, it is important that the sofa on both sides was in good condition, because it will be perfectly visible, and there will be no opportunity to hide the shortcomings.

In the long interior of the kitchen-living room furniture, appliances are best placed in one row, leaving the opposite side free. Also, it will be good to look at the layout with the involved angles, the "n" -shaped shape, which will save the useful area of ​​the space.

In the corners you can organize lockers for storing accessories and various utensils. Opposite angles should be correctly decorated using sculptures, floor and wall lamps, vases or other decor elements, depending on the chosen style direction.

Oranges in a vase on a table

Convenient layout options for a combined interior

Each hostess, first of all, dreams of maximum convenience, so that everything is at hand and at the same time does not interfere with the process. How is it best to arrange a large number of household appliances, a dining table, a stove, a sink, so that everything fits and looks beautiful? There are several ways to plan for the intended overlap, namely:

  • Arrangement of furniture along one wall or a linear way of planning, is convenient for long narrow rooms. Technique, the suite is lined up in a row along the wall, and the opposite of the sides remains unencumbered. In a pair of cabinets built in a sink, hob. More relevant for small areas.
  • Two linear organization provides for the arrangement of furniture along parallel walls, between which there is often a window. The dining area is best done closer to the window, the remaining space is occupied by the technique, the surfaces for cooking. You need to choose an ergonomic situation in such cases, with a sliding opening system, or with opening up, to the side.
  • Angular or g-shaped layout makes good use of space. Well suited for the square shape of the room, allowing everyone to have at hand, in an accessible proximity to each other. With a corner arrangement of furniture, the technique is located along two adjacent walls, making one of the corners functional.
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Aquarium in the interior of the living room

  • The U-shape is suitable for an area of ​​25 square meters. m, as well as for the long narrow form of the room. The dining area can be placed near one of the walls, for example in the form of a bar rack of a different-level design, or put the table in the center if the shape of the room is close to square.
  • The layout of the island is ideal for the kitchen, combined with the living room. Such islet not only separates the working part and places for rest, but it is incredibly convenient, because it can be built in a sink, stove, a lot of drawers, cabinets, and make a dining table for a large family.

TV in front of the table

With the help of which the zoning is organized

And now we will consider the most interesting and important: how can we visually delineate the space of the kitchen-living room into 25 squares, selecting the necessary areas to make it clear to everyone, where is everything located? This is done using these methods:

  • Different materials of the flooring will help visually divide the room. The floor can be paved with ceramic tiles in the form of a mosaic or monochrome appearance, combined with a laminate, carpet, parquet. The boundary between the materials is made both straight and with smooth complex outlines. You can repeat the boundaries of the floor on the ceiling to get a harmonious composition.
  • Arrangement of the podium is characterized by raising the level of the floor in the cooking area. An interesting option for those owners who like to show guests the cooking process. If small children, elderly people live in the family, such a decision is not always appropriate.
  • Surface finishing with different materials by texture and color also gives the effect of visual distinction. It is important that the color palettes are combined, or make up a contrast. It is necessary to choose practical ones that are easily cleaned by options that are not afraid of moisture, temperature changes, excessive contamination.

TV in front of the couch

  • Bar counter perfectly handle the task, in addition it looks stylish and effective. You can place it perpendicular to one of the walls. The design is chosen an interesting, multi-level, of modern wear-resistant materials. The bar counter in this case becomes the basic decorative element that gives direction to the style. At the counter, you can prepare food, as well as arrange a get-together with a company of friends, or a full family dinner.
  • Zoning with soft armchairs, a large sofa, located perpendicular to one of the walls, facing the living room. Before the sofa, you can organize a table for lunch, which will be simple and easy to serve. Sliding partitions, screens, racks, arches will hide the place where you cook from unwanted glances.
  • You can make a distinction with the help of lighting. In the cooking area, place powerful lighting fixtures, such as hanging lamps or chandeliers, and dilute the living room with a soft, unobtrusive glow, for example, recessed lights with a scattering light effect.
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Paintings on the wall

How to choose a style solution

The choice of style depends on the owner's own preferences. It can be a strict classic, with a traditional facade and a dining table, with straight symmetrical shapes and strict geometry. The classical version should seem refined, discreetly luxurious, but necessarily functional.

It is appropriate here for natural decoration, furniture of beautiful shape, aristocratic notes on the decor and textiles. The color palette is presented from beige shades, pastel tones with golden impregnations on facades and furnishings. Often use a gray color, especially for the apron and countertop. Quite often you can find a brown color, especially on a natural floor covering, in furniture.

TV on the wall in front of the table Red chairs in the interior  Transparent chairs in the interior  Painting on the wall next to the sofa  Sofa with colored pillows in the living room  Two brown chairs next to the table

A great popularity in the design enjoys the style of high-tech. It is incredibly attractive and practical, so it is most suitable for rooms connected with cooking. It is characterized by clear lines, minimal amount of natural materials, refusal of small decor. In the style of hi-tech, there is always a place of gloss, glass, shiny metal parts, durable plastic.

The technique in such a kitchen should be the most modern, preferably built-in. On the façade welcome chrome handles, holders, waterproof materials, smooth mirror finish. It is important to provide such a room with good lighting, especially in the kitchen area. For this purpose, it is possible to place suspended aluminum or chrome luminaires above the countertop, the working surface. The color solution consists of one or several shades. Often the role of the main takes on the color of metallic, supplemented by different colors of yellow, white, black, blue.

Blue sofa in white interior

The country style will appeal to romantic natures who want to achieve a comfortable, comfortable, homey atmosphere in their home. In the decoration of the style, furnishings, natural materials are present, often with the artificially achieved effect of aging. The ceiling is usually painted in white or plastered. For decoration use wallpaper or plaster with floral ornament, vertical stripes of different widths.

A special place is occupied by textiles with hand embroidery and decorative elements in the form of panels, paintings depicting animals or fruits, antique candlesticks, caskets, figurines of angels, antique utensils. The color palette for country style is close to nature, the sun, the sea, scorched grass, field flowers.

Flowers on the table by the couch TV on the wall on the shelf  Map on the wall on a black canvas  Unusual painting on the wall  Shelves with dishes on the wall  Photo frames on the wall in the living room

When planning a project, you can fantasize unlimitedly, guided by your own creativity and interesting ideas found on the Internet. Do not be afraid to experiment, then you will definitely embody the interior of a dream, in which it will be pleasant to be, prepare dinner, communicate with friends, relatives.