Design from the studio abc house: harmony of comfort and

Interior Design Studio The ABC House is one of the best design studios in St. Petersburg. For five years of work, studio specialists have performed more than 300 projects of various levels of complexity, ranging from interior design of a small apartment and ending with a complex design project of a country house.

Why choose the ABC House studio?

  • Originality. No project repeats the other, any layout and stylistic interior design are created for a specific customer, with a detailed consideration of its requirements. The client can turn to the studio with a ready-made concept of his home, or maybe even remotely not imagine what he wants to get as a result. Designers excel at the task in both cases.
  • Comfort and attention. The client receives maximum attention during the work on the project. The main principle of the studio: "The client must remain satisfied."
  • Reliability. With each client, an official contract is necessarily concluded. You can be sure that the project will be delivered on time and to the extent that it was ordered. The studio values ​​its reputation as a reliable partner.

Interior of the apartment from the studio ABC House

Studio services

  • Consultations on the project. It is enough to leave an application on the site, and the designer will call you back, tell you what the main stages of the interior design are, help you understand the terminology, recommend building materials.
  • Preparation of a design project for an interior of a country house or a cottage.
  • Preparation of the design project of the apartment interior.
  • The composition of the design project includes a complete set of drawings and plans, including a plan for arranging furniture, placing lighting devices, linking switches, if necessary, drawings of products made to order. 3D visualization of the future premises is mandatory. This allows you to visually see the implementation of ideas in life, make the necessary changes. You can order part of the project or individual drawings.
  • Author's supervision. This is the control over the progress of work on site once a week. Supervision can be carried out both in a city, and behind its limits.

A new project of a country house

One of the new works of the Azbuk House studio, which deserves special attention, is the project of a country house with a total area of ​​250 square meters. m in a modern eclectic style.

The overall design of the house is sustained in bright colors with contrasting elements performing specific tasks. The end wall in the living room is decorated with brickwork, which visually lengthens the room, and a wooden ceiling beam divides it into two zones - a dining area and a rest area. The large arch, connecting the living room with the kitchen, makes the premises more light and light.

A very interesting design solution - a nicely wrapped bookcase inscribed in a niche with chaotic inclined shelves.

Design from the studio ABC House: harmony of comfort and beauty

The bathroom is made in cream-brown colors. The decoration of walls with tiles of different size and texture emphasizes the depth and size of the room and creates a special warm atmosphere in it.

Interior design of the bathroom from the studio ABC House

The style of eclecticism manifested itself most clearly in the bedroom, where strict light furniture and the decoration of walls in the spirit of minimalism are combined with a huge mirror in a richly decorated purple frame and a turquoise table on bent legs.

Interior design of the bedroom from the design studio ABC House

The children's room is decorated in light colors common to the whole house. A contrasting spot here is a bright green carpet, giving a cheerful mood to the whole room. The same color is made of children's furniture.

Interior design for children

The overall feeling from the project is light, lightness and comfort. All objects and colors harmonize with each other, despite the apparent incompatibility of individual elements. In such a house it is pleasant to live, it is convenient and practical. The interior is not oversaturated with objects, everything here is in place.

ABC Studio The house is ready to realize your dream of an ideal house and develop a project based on the multifaceted talent, extensive experience of its designers and modern trends in interior design.