We are planning the layout of the studio apartment of 20

Combine in a small area of ​​beauty, originality and functionality - a difficult task. The internal maintenance, with all necessary household and technical equipment comes out on the first place. Therefore, not superfluous modern, innovative solutions that are practical and ergonomic enough to rationally dispose of a small space. Take as a basis the ideas from the photo, inspiring and demonstrating that the design of the studio apartment of 20 sq m is able to have its own character. The balance between universal, standard ways of finishing and the latest fashion trends will allow the interior to become individual and not boring.

The proportions of all zones can be different, sometimes even non-standard: these are attractive studio apartments. But it is necessary to provide for personal hobbies or hobbies, a work area with a computer. You should not save on storage systems: a modest area will not tolerate unnecessary things in sight.

Studio apartment with kitchen along the wall

The partition will divide the apartment into a studio, but it will somewhat reduce the natural illumination with only one window, even when it:

  • translucent, frosted glass;
  • from carved plastic;
  • thin laths.

Accommodation in the living room

A mobile partition, folding screen or fabric curtains will provide an opportunity for privacy, without affecting the space when folded. They can separate the kitchen from the living room or conditionally isolate the bedroom.

Kitchen set in the corner in the studio apartment In any case, first it is necessary to think through all the technical issues, like noise insulation, ventilation, other communications; the possibility of joining a balcony or balcony. In a miniature apartment there is no room for wires, extension cords - preliminarily consider lighting, the location of outlets, which do not happen much in view of the amount of modern technology.

Studio of 20 square meters

Color spectrum

The options for the main color design are few:

  • white and its variations;
  • calm natural tones;
  • light pastel in combination with a neutral background.

Sleeper in the studio

This does not mean that the apartment becomes monotonous, devoid of bright, juicy accents: turquoise, lavender, berry, lemon. But only under condition of uniform distribution on all area of ​​the preferred favorite color.

There are no less successful, harmonious combinations, the addition of which against the background of extremely light, white colors will give its character to the studio, will cause pleasant associations:

  • blue + chocolate or gray-brown;
  • bright orange + calm mint;
  • green apple + pure light blue.

Zoning room to the living room and bedroom

Actual. A light tree will add coziness, and whitewashing of the wooden parts of the interior will preserve the texture, without making the overall impression worse.

L-shaped studio apartment of 19 sq.m.

If you love the changes, the use of color accents for such interior items as textiles, rugs, posters is the best way to transform the studio design into 20 m without major repairs as needed.

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Bed-loft under the ceiling for studio apartment

Perfect style

Achromatic colors with the addition of metal will create a fashionable, slightly futuristic look of studio apartment: high-tech, minimalism. What are good for small spaces popular urban areas, and what ideas should be considered for application:

  • gloss, mirrors, glass, clear geometry;
  • completely devoid of excesses: only rationality;
  • have the utmost comfort and overstated requirements for the surrounding things.
  • A light gray and white base does not overload the room;
  • a combination of expressive textures will complete the image.

Kitchen set in a niche

The features of industriality in design will appeal to young, dynamic owners, but for the studio apartment other options that reveal the potential of a small space are suitable:

  • More relaxed versions of modern style mean the addition of fresh color, for example orange, but they are still distinguished by the laconic details in the design. Fashion trends, often based on a combination of glossy and matte surfaces, must necessarily be present: velvet, colored glass, muted metal shine.
  • Scandinavian style with its snow-whiteness is quite practical and cozy when using high-quality natural materials, wood.
  • Eco-style. Soft light shades for the main surfaces, shades of greenery, living plants, thin wooden trellised panels - an extremely serene atmosphere.

Full kitchen in studio apartment at 20 meters

Individuality of design

Open, free planning involves a creative approach to design. Fusion or a mixture of styles will allow the design of the studio to look exclusive, reflecting personal preferences. Adding original details, colors, textures, against the background of the basic palette and standard materials, only in a dosed amount, will like its ease, expressiveness. The table gives examples of the use of characteristic, recognizable elements that can be used as additional motives.

Rollaway bed for studio

StyleSurface decoration, furnishingDecorative elementsCurtains and light
RetroVintage coffee table, shelfRadiator - golden paintRomantic print, lamps in the form of a lamp
Pop artAccent zone with a vector pattern and another vivid abstractionPosters and inscriptions, newspaper printsConceptual lighting
CountryFinishing the walls of the sleeping area with textile panels in patchwork techniqueForged itemsImitation of candles
HistoricalCarriage coupler upholstery sofaSilver and glassSatin curtains
JapaneseBright red color of chairsDwarf treesBamboo for lampshades and window screens

Zoning the room with different wall finishes

Decoration of main surfaces

Modern materials do not impose restrictions in style, color expression, but from a practical point of view they choose the optimal type depending on the budget, the initial state of the studio. So, wallpaper for painting is more preferable material than just painting. Sometimes the preparatory work for leveling is more costly than finishing.

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Studio apartment design 20 squares

The generality of color for the whole space, the repetition of the same materials will not allow the studio space to look fragmented into many segments, but it does not exclude that the walls are completely monochrome.

Stretched apartment in white color

What are the ways to transform the designers and how to best implement them:

  • Accent site of the wall with spectacular wallpaper or other decoration. The backlight will create a contrast in the evening, add depth.
  • Photo wallpapers with macrophotography, for example, flowers or leaves, often produce a threatening impression on such a general mini-format. A constant finding with such an overly global accent can cause fatigue with time.
  • Brick finishing, which is relevant not only for loft style, also adapts. White bricks will add to the wall of the volume, without affecting the overall color scheme, in contrast to the aged reds.
  • If the room is long, narrow, then a short wall with a window in some projects is an object for color creative.
  • The mirror wall is an alternative to wallpaper with perspective.
  • Bold move, blurring the boundaries - the design of the wall (for example behind the sofa) floor covering.

Style хай-тек для студии маленького размера

Horizontal planes: the principles of unity

Modern materials can easily realize a reasonable approach to the unity of flooring. This will add visual freedom to the studio apartment. Imitation of light wood on porcelain stoneware will provide practical areas in the right areas, and the finishing with laminate of the main, residential part - the budget. Warm floor in strategic areas (hallway, kitchen, bathroom) will not be superfluous.

Narrow studio of 20 sq.m.

Ceiling and realized lighting should be considered together. If the height of the ceiling does not exceed 2.5 m, leveling and painting with light paint - the best ways of finishing. Stretch ceilings with built-in lights will take extra centimeters. In order not to lower the level, use:

  • false beams;
  • LED-illumination on the upper perimeter;
  • Track systems, compact and not conspicuous.

Accommodation of a bed under a ceiling

If the ceilings are low, it is reasonable to abandon the usual kind of chandeliers, especially over the free passages. Fashionable lamps will play along with zoning, and different lighting scenarios will create the necessary atmospheric conditions, turning the living room into a bedroom.

Bedroom and kitchen on 19-20 squares

Kitchen area

Absolutely deaf facades turn the notion of tradition, turning into a part of architecture. They are ideal for the concept of minimalism, preferable for the design of the kitchen set of the studio apartment in the area of ​​20 square meters.

Kitchenette and living room

If the view with separate levels is more habitual, the most noticeable zone, the kitchen apron, acquires the function of an additional decor. Skinali is a practical, at the same time limitless, method of transformation.

Bed in a niche behind glass partitions L-shaped set, which will be chosen by those who are interested in having a full kitchen for regular operation, has its own characteristics. They are sometimes not visible in the photo, but are reflected in the total area:

  • different width of the wings;
  • absence of a chamfered corner;
  • maximum height.

Wall-mounted cabinets for storing things

The bar counter serves for snacks and becomes a conditional divider of the culinary zone with the dwelling. The latest models are quite capable of replacing the dining table of the usual, classic look.

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What are the ways to save space in the kitchen:

  • a sliding, tilting top or a drawer;
  • folding chairs;
  • miniature versions of technology.

Zoning the room into two parts

Council. The useful area of ​​the socle is used for small drawers, while also removing the cleaning under the lower section of the kitchen set.

At high ceilings it is possible to place a bed under a ceiling

New level and furnishing possibilities

The second level, a variety of podium options allow you to add a useful living area:

  • sleeper - sufficient ventilation system and the possibility to be in a sitting position;
  • working area on the podium - from below a roll-out bed;
  • modular systems, and even budget firms, serve as stairs.

Folding sofa bed

If the ideas on the podium are not suitable: a bed that folds up, turns into a cabinet in the daytime - an alternative way to have a full sleeper in the living room. The sill is actively used as a table or a soft seating area.

Two-storey studio apartment

The functionality of the furniture for the mini-studio is given a central place. Transformation, modularity - those principles, without which it is difficult to place the necessary:

  • Compound tables (like a nesting doll).
  • Transparent furniture for a dining group of glass or modern plastic visually does not overload, while being a fashionable micro-trend.
  • Glossy facades made of MDF are suitable for all furniture, making consoles and pedestals stylish and at the same time not so heavy.

The bed is unfolded from the wall

Actual. Are used piers next to the door or window: shallow shelves for books, or with beautiful boxes, baskets, ordering storage.

Sleeper on the sofa bed

In the bathroom, combined with the bathroom - a similar principle of ergonomics:

  • built-in shower in the bathroom;
  • The shower compartment is not rectangular, but with a bevelled angle;
  • сверхтонкий полотеценсушитель;
  • mounted plumbing;
  • sliding door.

Shower cabin in the studio

Décor: good and beautiful

Even one decorative expressive art object is sometimes enough to attract attention in the interior and distract from the small size of the studio apartment of 20 square meters, especially if it is endowed with useful functionality. For example, such designer authorial subjects - small pedestals, including mobile, very comfortable. Their shape, color, prints allow you to demonstrate any idea.

Bed above the ceiling above the kitchen

There are several decorating techniques and lifhakas, designed to deceive the perception:

  • Leave several cells empty in an open shelving system, like honeycombs.
  • The built-in closet can be fenced off with curtains and create the illusion of an additional window.
  • Pictures and posters at eye level - a sense of the height of the ceiling.
  • Black-and-white graphics, for example zigzags - drawing a small carpet will attract attention.

The studio interior is 20 sq.m.Adhering to the rules of minimalism, it is easy to create a space that is fully adapted to your personal needs. A small footage, together with the latest developments for furnishing and actual design trends, is able to work wonders without depriving optimism and quality of life even on 20 squares.