Design of a small loggia: a forgotten room

Rarely who suits the dimensions of their own apartments, especially in standard panel houses. Therefore, a few additional square meters in the form of a loggia can significantly improve the situation. Loggia can be either a separate mini-room, or a small extension of the room, a secluded corner.


  • Functional purpose and preparation of the loggia
  • Design Tips
    • Colors and colors
    • Lighting of the loggia
    • Furniture for a loggia
    • Elements of decor

The design of a small loggia how to be?

Functional purpose and preparation of the loggia

The design of the loggia must begin with the project, because such a small space must be properly organized so that it is not cluttered and distorted visually. It is also necessary to determine in advance the functional purpose of the loggia.

Most often it is used for:

  • arrangement of a rest corner;
  • registration of a small room for work;
  • ideological and style continuation of the bedroom or kitchen;
  • storage for tools, conservation stocks and other things.

After the appointment of the loggia is determined and the approximate project is ready, one can proceed directly to the design works.

Design of a narrow loggia

If a loggia is planned to be made inhabited - for rest, work, as an independent room or as a continuation of a room, you need to insulate it first. Otherwise, the premises can be used only in the spring-summer season.

For insulation of the loggia use metal-plastic window frames, firmware foil-insulated, mineral wool or other insulation, wooden crate lining or beams, gypsum cardboard, conduct a heating system floors.

After the loggia is sufficiently insulated, you can begin to embody any design ideas into reality.

Design Tips

The design of the small loggia is in certain activities aimed at visual and spatial illusions and lighting the room to make it as comfortable and comfortable as possible.

Special attention should be given to finishing materials. Recently, fashion trends in design increasingly tend to use natural materials: bamboo, wood, stone, straw, matting, etc. But you can also use other: plastic, ceramic tile, MDF, chipboard.

Flowers on the loggia, how to arrange?

Do not use in the finish materials that require the installation of the frame before laying (for example, drywall). It will "steal" the precious centimeters of an already tiny area.

As a rule, a loggia is not a public place where relatives and guests gather, but a personal space of the owner where he can retire and take care of his own affairs. Therefore, it is not at all necessary that the loggia be decorated in the same style and color as the adjacent room. It is completely permissible and permissible to experiment, to find original ideas and non-standard solutions for design.

Colors and colors

A common rule for the design of small rooms is to decorate them in light, pastel colors that expand and visually draw space. But this is by no means the only option.

Using drawings and textures is a great ideato give, often a narrow, pencil-like room of volume. Only drawings should be symmetrical and proportional in order not to violate the general geometry of the loggia.

Cool balcony design

A lot of possibilities in terms of texture provides decorative plaster. A moderate layer of this finishing material will allow you to achieve the required volume, add a loggia of refinement and aristocracy. In addition, plaster - much stronger and more practical than wallpaper.

Lighting of the loggia

The light spent in the loggia is needed not only for convenience, but, again, for its visual perception. After all, a well-lit room seems bigger.

It is best to use several light sources, which will be used for their intended purpose: common light and spotlights, local lighting devices.

The general light should be carried out in such a way as to evenly illuminate all sections of the loggia, otherwise the darkened corners will give out its limited space and cramped space. Halogen lamps can be used as a common light source. And as a local lighting can serve as sconces or table lamps (if the loggia is planned to be converted into a workplace).

Bright balcony, proper decoration

Furniture for a loggia

It should be noted at once that standard furniture moved from a room, an old apartment or a summer house for a loggia will not work. For registration of the loggia you need compact (but not children's, otherwise the situation will look ridiculous), functional pieces of furniture.

So, you can use folding furniture, which if necessary will be assembled, and occupy in this form a minimum of space.

It is also appropriate to be sliding or built-in furniture.

How to decorate a balcony interior

For flowers, you can equip shelves or suspended pots, and the freed windowsills - expand and use as a countertop.

Choosing furniture for the loggia, you need to build on the purpose for which the room will be designed. If this is a corner of rest, for example, preference should be given to soft puffs, small chairs or wicker chairs with soft seducers. You can also hang a cozy hammock. For the loggia, performing the functions of the office, you need strict, office and minimal furniture, and necessarily - a miniature corner table for the computer. The loggia adjacent to the kitchen can accommodate a bar counter and a built-in mini bar. A loggia library - a cozy rocking chair and a small shelving with books.

Elements of decor

The main decor of the loggia is, as a rule, living plants in pots. But this is not all. You can decorate the walls with laconic clocks, wall embroidery, photos, panels and any other accessories that do not take up much space.

Beautiful interior of a small loggia

Those who have a loggia in their apartment are real lucky. After all, a loggia is not just a space for creativity and realization of designer fantasies. This is actually another small room in which the owner of the apartment can retire and devote time exclusively to himself and enjoyable pursuits.