Design of the living room in khrushchev - 30 photos of room

Living room in black and white

The complexity of decorating the living room is the desire of the owners to accommodate everything at once. However, a large number of the same furniture does not go to the room for good. Especially, if it concerns a small Khrushchev. The hall does not necessarily play the role of a guest room, as the hosts spend much more time there. This is a recreation area for every member of the family, regardless of his age. Therefore, to focus only on holidays, when the interior of the living room in Khrushchevka is being arranged, is fundamentally wrong. Functional properties of the room should take into account the interests of the whole family. Next, we will discuss the universal recommendations of designers on the organization of the decor of a small space.

Then comes to the rescue:

  • Association of rooms;
  • Distinguishing Zon?
  • Competent approach to lighting;
  • Installing a suitable headset;
  • Arrangement of arched openings;
  • Use of decorative structures.

Combined living room with kitchen

Not the most convenient arrangement of rooms burdens the task of space transformation. The stylish design of the living room in Khrushchev is achievable only if certain requirements are met.

Living room in Khrushchev

Combining rooms

For the design of a small room is often used bold reception. Its essence is to unite a modest living room with another room. It could be a kitchen or a corridor. Sometimes the walls are cleaned completely. This move allows you to fit all the decor elements, since the area becomes much larger. Due to the lack of walls, the amount of space increases. This gives the effect of lightness of the atmosphere.

Combined living room with kitchen

When merging with the kitchen, the dining area can be located where the owner wishes. She is able to act as a restrictor, and a place for a pleasant stay at dinner. If you use it instead of the former walls, it is extremely important to leave enough room for passage. Such a link will look appropriate, provided a good square of the kitchen. If the latter is characterized by a small area, its benefit to the living room will be in doubt. The hosts can get out by installing a bar counter. A compact design allows several people to sit down for a quick snack, but it is not suitable for frequent reception of guests. Bar stools do not have a seat on them for long. In addition, guests will face to one of the walls.

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Multi-level ceilings in the living room

Another option seems to be the combination of the living room with the hallway. Even with the modest size of the latter, this step allows you to visually increase the useful volume. This reshaping is quite easy: the cabinets are replaced on the shelves from the hanger, and the place for re-training is limited to a small rug. Thanks to this minimalism, quadrature increases noticeably.

Lovers of elegant decor can equip the arch on the place of the doorway. Coupled with decorative columns, such a decision leads to an excellent result.

Zoning in the living room

Zoning methods

Before making any recommendations on differentiating the living room space in Khrushchev, it is important to note some taboos. Because not every zoning method for these rooms is suitable.

Glass partition in the living room for sleeping

So, professionals are cautioned to undertake the following:

  • Use a different finish, which visually hides the area. It is better to trust the same type of cladding, which has exactly the opposite effect;
  • The same can be said for various contrasting spots. Bright colors of the interior of the hall in Khrushchev contribute to the reduction of space. Avoid the flashy decor;
  • Since the task is to expand the design of the small living room in Khrushchev, designers recommend avoiding large images on the walls. They also narrow the apparent area.

Now consider the key tips that will help to distinguish zones.

Podium in Khrushchev

The most interesting methods include raising the level of the floor covering. At the same time, it is not necessary to change the basic material. Professional approach to the arrangement of the furniture set also perfectly zoned the space of the living room. Particles serve as a good example. Another priority is the organization of a multistage ceiling with spot lighting.

Separation of premises with furniture

Color spectrum

Now consider how to proceed with the color palette. It is generally accepted to use light colors for finishing small rooms. To the interior of the hall in a small Khrushchev not associated with a cluttered pantry, it should not be decorated with bright or dark tones. Pastel cold colors work much better with the expansion of space. Refreshing shades give the room a light airy feel. It can be cool tones of blue, pink or green.

White color expands room space

Always popular is the snow-white version, but it must be supplemented with correct accents.

Design of living room in Khrushchev

A similar situation with the gray one, which lacks warm elements. The interior obviously becomes larger with the ubiquitous use of all shades of white. The ceiling is assumed a priori, but the floor covering will also look extremely original. However, this is not always practical, as it will often have to be cleaned. Occasionally, a set of whitish shades is used. The effect of antiquity, noble graying and scuffing is inherent in the style of the French Provence. Here you can find covers on armchairs and decorative cushions on the sofas. However, the general impression will be the ease of the situation.

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Unusual ceiling

A competent approach to lighting

With sufficient lighting, the room appears visually larger. Therefore, the owners should not use dense curtains to tightly close from the sun. It is better to let the light gently penetrate through translucent fabrics. But you will not be full-bodied with one natural light, and therefore the correct arrangement of luminaries is designed to eliminate the problem.

Spotlights in the ceiling

Do not use a huge chandelier that looks heavy and cumbersome. It can level out all the work done above.

Floor cabinets along the entire room

It is better to use several light sources at once, which will perform several functions at once. Zoning cozy territory will provide compact floor lamps and miniature sconces on the walls. They should give a muffled light around the perimeter of the room. The illusion of a larger space is created by the correct placement of fixtures in the passage zones. This contributes to some mystery and intimacy of light. If the scattered light does not suit the lovers of reading, then an additional lamp above the chair will solve this problem.

Unusual color solution for the living room

Beautifully disguises the miniature lamps in the stucco of the ceiling surface. Such lamps solve two problems at once: visually raise the ceiling and advantageously illuminate the space along the perimeter.

Spacious living room in Khrushchev

Furniture sets and household appliances

Before tucking up the sleeves, it is recommended to make the design of the living room in a typical Khrushchevka in advance. The picture will immediately show that there should not be too many pieces of furniture. As well as various accessories.

A small room, but a cozy location of all functional areas

Optimal option is the installation of folding structures or, so-called, furniture transformers.

A rack in the television zone

They are able to take the right shape so as not to take up much space. Another way out of the narrow situation is the operation of built-in furniture. Since the housing elements in this case are the planes of the dwelling, their use eloquently speaks about the economical approach. If it is difficult for owners to manage without cabinet furniture, then products from MDF (DSP) are important to acquire an open type. In modular decor items, you can place a TV screen. Provided a sufficient number of shelves, they are also used to store design elements. Shelves and shelves belong here. All of them should be of low growth.

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Combined kitchen with living room

Dimensions of upholstered furniture should be modest, and its upholstery - harmonious. The same type of products in combination with finishing will tell a lot about the conceptual taste of the owner.

Living room in Khrushchev в стиле лофт


The right choice of curtains will provide a favorable atmosphere for any holiday. An incorrect one will immediately spoil the holiday's atmosphere. Given the choice, it's easy to get lost, so you should orient yourself towards the style of the home. If you plan a strict interior design, then minimalist curtains with Japanese motifs will be the best choice. If the owner is a supporter of modern trends in fashion, then the use of eyelets with cornices is allowed. Excellent service properties can boast of pleated curtains. Their texture gives the room the necessary lightness.

Example of a living room with a workplace

Lambruck need not be used, because they visually lower the ceiling.

Curtains for the living room

Do not forget about the transparent tulle. This fabric never goes out of fashion. It gently diffuses the light and delays the heat near the windows.

Other nuances:

  • Experts insist on applying the gloss effect during finishing. Like mirrors, they repeatedly beat off the lighting, thereby increasing the overall space. It just improves its peripheral visibility. Mirrors are capable of doubling quadrature, which affects the subconscious level;
  • An interesting technique is the use of sliding glass screens for zoning the living room. However, the material must be strong enough not to crumble under mechanical influence. Then the volume of the room will remain untouched, and the feeling of airiness will increase;
  • To the same series can be attributed the use of a glass countertop;
  • Use of decorative accessories of small sizes should be minimal. It is desirable to choose products to match the basic style of the interior. It can be ceramic vases or decorative objects made of textiles. Color is desirable to use discreet, matte.

Living room in gray tones


The interior of the modest hall in Khrushchev is an interesting task for owners. If the above rules are observed, the design project for expanding the space is easy to translate into reality. Many works can be done with your own hands. A key feature in finishing the room will be minimalism and a light palette of finish.

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