Extraordinarily small and light house-boat, which you can

Home-boat by Daniel Durnin

Houseboat for unity with nature

Bicycles are beautiful and in themselves, but also if desired, you can cling to such interesting accessories as a bath, a cabin-kemper or even a house-boat. This floating trailer, which was designed by Daniel Durnin, from the Royal College of Arts, presents a lot of pleasant surprises: he is light, small and yes, he swims.

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The project, which received the humorous title of "The Bed on the Water", was exhibited on the site of Inhabitat. According to the idea, there should have been something like a tent or a tent.

A tiny space is meant for one or two people. Inside, you can sit and lie, there is a small table behind which you can drink tea or cut sandwiches.

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Based on the technology of traditional shipbuilding, Durnin developed its floating bed for multiple rivers and lakes in the vicinity and within London.

After a tiring day spent on a bicycle, instead of breaking a tent on the ground, you can simply drop the trailer on the water and relax. The walls are made of canvas. Some of them can be rolled up to let in some fresh air.

Home-boat by Daniel Durnin - фото 7

The idea was to reunite man with nature, to become part of the landscape.

"I hope that my project will awaken people's desire to harmonize with nature, make a balance in urban areas, not only in London, but all over the world"

What could be better than a tiny camper trailer? One that can move both on the ground and on the water. A wonderful thing for those who seek solitude, preferring a bicycle as a means of transportation.