Small furniture for your small apartment

Interior of a small apartment

Small furniture in the living room

When you return home and step over the threshold of your, perhaps, small apartment, does it seem to you that its situation is planned perfectly, and the furniture is convenient and functional enough? If not, you need to read our article.

We collected dozens of examples of compact pieces of furniture for small apartments that can expand the living space, streamline storage and give the interior the modern look that is so in demand today.

Small-sized furniture can be presented in four main categories:

  • modules for hidden storage;
  • multifunctional items;
  • sofas and chairs;
  • cabinets.

We also have a few ideas about the color scheme and decor elements, using which you can create the perfect image! Before you go to the store for furniture, spend the weekend in order to clean up the house. Look into the cabinets and drawers, get rid of all the things that you do not use to make room and add space.

After that, it makes sense to make changes in the decor of the interior. Try, for example, repaint the walls of the apartment to refresh it. It's time to start everything from scratch!

Hidden storage

A small apartment, if it is also furnished, often looks overloaded. The places for storage are sometimes not enough, and "homeless" things take shelter on any free surface and even on the floor. Large baskets, containers and boxes are not always comfortable and look awkward.

The solution is hidden storage. The absence of things lying in the most unexpected places, in sight, gives a sense of purity and freedom. And in this way, you can emphasize and highlight those decor items or details that you find most interesting.

Hidden storage systems

1. Capacities with a cover in a modern design from West Elm can be used as a convenient pedestal, besides very capacious.

2. The ottoman, covered with a patterned cloth, with a roomy compartment under the seat, contains blankets, bed linens and other accessories.

3. The vertical SAIC module can serve as a bar: just pull out the drawer to take your favorite drink.

4. Designers from CB2, who developed this rack, offer to store rarely used things behind the mirror panel.

5. The cover of the coffee table from West Elm reclines, which allows you to store in it small dishes, consoles and other things.

6. Volumetric containers with low sides will not allow correspondence and various other items to "run up" all over the room.

7. A charming design chest will appeal to the owners of cats and small dogs. In it you can place bowls with food and water and no longer be afraid to step on them in the dark.

8. The bamboo platform for charging gadgets will save your house from annoying wires, and you - from having to look for a charger around the house.

Hint: even if some of the items you have at first glance are not designed for compact storage, you can experiment with them yourself.

Multifunctional furniture

When square meters are not enough, furniture can turn into a strip of obstacles on your way. Be cautious and buy only those things that will help you use the space effectively. This does not mean that you have to leave the room completely empty! Rather, we are talking about the fact that you must choose such furniture that performs several functions.

  • ottoman (and even better - a couch with a storage compartment). Ottoman can be used as a lounger, coffee table or extra seat;
  • coffee table. This subject is designed to act as a table for informal meals, a desk or a curbstone;
  • console table. The possibilities of using these elegant objects are very wide;
  • bench. Can be used for its intended purpose or as a coffee table.
Multifunctional furniture

1. A tall but compact cabinet with drawers serves as a mirror, a place for storage and a reminder board - all at once.

2. An elegant table from Baxton Studio can be pushed to the sofa and used as a stand for a laptop or another gadget.

3. Ottoman with leather upholstery Inspire Q is equipped with four hinged panels, under which are hidden storage compartments.

4. This is a Raymond coffee table with adjustable height, made in euro style and supplemented with a retractable stand.

5. A neat round table from Wildon comes complete with four seats that completely slide under the table top thanks to its unique shape.

6. A great set from Wildon consists of an elegant coffee table and four puffs with storage compartments. 

7. Wooden tables are "inserted" into each other, forming a minimalist rack. Lower parts can be used as benches. 

8. The compact module from Crate and Barrel contains a roomy storage compartment and a small rack. The location of the components relative to each other varies according to the current needs. 

Hint: equip the furniture with wheels if you plan to move it around the room. Remember that the wheels add heights.

Sofas & Chairs

Companies with world names, such as West Elm and CB2, took care of you and developed whole collections of small sofas and chairs. And not in vain, because the sofa is the main subject of the interior in any living room and takes up a lot of space.

There are a lot of sofas made in different designs, but not all of them are designed with an eye to saving space in the living room. If you dream of a comfortable and at the same time compact sofa, then the model without armrests is an ideal option for you!

Sofas Chairs

1. West Elm: a compact, incredibly comfortable sofa in classic design

2. Stylish chair Ekero from IKEA has very narrow armrests and a double-sided pillow for comfortable back support.

3. The sofa-sized apartment by Kyle Schuneman enchants with its nostalgic design and does not take up much space.

4. Dining chairs in euro style are not only for dining rooms: they can be used singly in other rooms.

5. The armchair from CB2 is suitable for living rooms, verandas and patios. In the manufacturer's collection there is also a sofa in the corresponding design.

6. Sofa bed Istikbal with a durable folding mechanism comes in bright colors and guarantees comfort both during sleep and during wakefulness. 

7. Rotating chair made of rattan does not take much space, but it looks incredibly stylish.

8. The laconic and refined sofa from CB2 seems very light, which is very valuable for small-sized interiors.


Bookcases and racks are very in demand in tight spaces. They are presented in various designs, colors and sizes. Your choice should not only be functional, but also attractive. Here are a few ways to use cabinets in small rooms:

  • differentiation of room space into zones. Place the cabinet in the center of the room to physically mark the two areas;
  • storage space. You can put different items and little-used things in the closet for a more rational distribution of space;
  • decor element. Placed on his shelves of works of art, accessories and souvenirs decorate any room;
  • secondary functions. Low cabinets can act as tables and stands.

1. The white compact shelving from IKEA will divide the room into zones without cluttering it. 

2. Elegant shelves with two shelves can be used as a table or stand for a TV.

3. High racks like this are the best tools for mastering vertical space.

4. Узкий стеллаж от Room & Board доступен в 14 цветах.

5. A dark gray stacked stand is designed for storing books and other small things.

6. The console table with two shelves from Crate and Barrel can be called a universal piece of furniture.

7. Asymmetric shelving from Smart Furniture has an interesting design, thanks to which it fits perfectly into any interior. 

8. In some living rooms, such a bookcase will take up most of the wall. In any case, its capacity is very high. 

9. Crate and Barrel suggests using this piece of furniture as a bar. 

Colors and decor elements

Now, when each subject of the situation has found its place, it remains only to supplement the interior with decorative objects: pillows, paintings, puffs, etc. Using multi-colored ornaments will help you to personalize and revitalize the design of the room.

Color Accents

1. A puff cube with a carrot-colored upholstery is so attractive that it may not be practical.

2. Cushion from the series Needlepoint from Jonathan Adler will appeal to all fans of the style of the 60's.

3. Cape with a spectacular print from DENY Designs shows the most fashionable colors to date.

4. Tic Tac Toe is a set of nine square elements painted by hand. They can be arranged in any order.

5. The motivating pillow from Jonathan Adler is decorated with inscriptions with a positive meaning: "love", "sunlight" and others.

6. The range of Trina Turk has many original pillows, each of which is able to decorate your interior. 

7. Carpet Nuloom Ikat - this exquisite combination of colors, high quality and oriental charm. 

8. Another cloak from DENY Designs - this time with a geometric ornament - will revive the look of a monophonic sofa.

9. Beautiful print Banksy Life is available in different sizes, so you can choose the option that is ideal for your living room. 

10. The four-color Surya Cosmopolitan mat will add dynamism to the interior.

Hint: decorate the room with fresh flowers. Plants with lush foliage have the ability to deepen space, and the interior thanks to them becomes more fresh and tidy. Stop your choice in unpretentious ways, so that maintaining their beauty does not give you much trouble.

Do not put up with the inconvenience and boring interior just because you have a small apartment. Give it a modern, attractive look. It's easier than you think. The expression "good things come in small packages" is popular not without reason. Use it as a mantra. And good luck with your design experiments!