The cheapest floor is an overview of all types with

Despite the fact that carpet and wooden floor coverings are some of the most beautiful, yet they belong to a fairly high price category. Therefore, not everyone can afford such a luxury.


However, for today in the market of materials it is possible to find the perfect decision for this problem, after all there was a set of materials which look also interesting, but have more accessible cost.

Similar material will be available for those families whose budget is rather small. In this article, we'll look at a few basic types of flooring and tell you what the cheapest floor can be found on the market and how not to make a mistake with the choice.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Carpeting
  • Bambukovyy parquet
  • Concrete floor
  • Cork tiles
  • Self-adhesive PVC tiles
  • Ceramic tile
  • Photos of the cheapest floor


It should be noted immediately that not all types of carpets are related to the high price segment. There are many budget options, which are more than acceptable in appearance and in value.


In addition, do not forget that often stores provide a discount on their products, both to regular customers, and to those who make a purchase from them for the first time.


In some cases, it is worth trying a variant with the purchase of one medium-sized carpet and simply with its help to disguise the existing problem area.


Bambukovyy parquet

If you need the cheapest floor, then you should think about buying bamboo flooring. Surely many people are used to think of bamboo as a tree, but in reality it is just grass, which is why this option will be the most economical.


The indisputable advantage of this material is that it looks very much like an analogue of wood, however, its cost is an order of magnitude lower. Such a serious difference in cost is due to the fact that this material will be enough for growth only three years, while a tree will need about fifty.


Concrete floor

Some may think that the appearance of the concrete cover is some unfinished, however, with the skillful design it is possible to achieve a unique effect. The concrete floor will look great with stained glass and paintings, which can be done in a style ideal for the general interior of the room.


And also it is necessary to take into account the fact that this coating has many varieties. Therefore, we can say with certainty that each buyer will be able to find such an option, which will completely satisfy him.


Undoubted advantages of the concrete floor is its simplicity in operation, because it does not require any additional care, and that it can be used by people with an allergy to dust, which often accumulates in carpets.


Cork tiles

Their main difference from linoleum is that they have a more natural appearance and have a lot of softness. If we compare them with other types of natural coating, then we can say with confidence that they represent the cheapest floor covering.


If you decide to purchase them, then problems with the choice you will not arise, because the color range of products includes many colors and shades. Therefore for any interior it will be possible to pick up something that will fit into it.


Self-adhesive PVC tiles

Very easy to install, because they do not require any special skills and tools, so you can do it yourself. All you need to do is tear off the protective film, which is covered with tiles, and glue them in the right place.


However, before proceeding with their installation, the surface to which the material will be attached should be thoroughly cleaned of dust and any other contaminants.


Please note that this material has not only a wide range of colors, but a different texture, size. Therefore, buyers have the opportunity to combine several colors, create floor drawings and not only, you can even experiment with textures.


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For example, you can not create a perfectly flat surface, but with small irregularities. It is only necessary to choose the most acceptable design and start creating, giving vent to fantasy.


Ceramic tile

Of course, using ceramic tiles can be seriously saved, but it should be borne in mind that often it is put only in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Since its use throughout the area of ​​the apartment will create a rather strange design, which will be more suitable for a public place, rather than for a house.


An acceptable option, if you are still going to put the tiles not only in the above rooms, is its combination with other types of flooring.


With its help it will be possible to make bizarre patterns and mosaic subjects that will not only decorate the interior, but also make it unique.


Photos of the cheapest floor



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