Foldable kitchen in the house - ideal for a tight room

Foldable kitchen in the house от Dizzconcept

Foldable kitchen in the house

Foldable kitchen in the house – это очень удобно, особенно там, где нужно экономить пространство. Если кухонный гарнитур будет исчезать, когда он не нужен, комната может быть использована для любых других целей.

The Croatian manufacturer of designer furniture Dizzconcept created a compact folding model in which all the attributes of the kitchen are hidden behind sliding doors. In assembled form, this model turns into an interior of the living room with a television screen integrated in the door.

Foldable kitchen in the house с телевизор в дверце шкафа

TV in the cabinet door

Opening the kitchen, you can see the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and many storage places. The TV is fixed to the rotating rod so that it can be looked at while cooking.

Foldable kitchen in the house: освещение

Internal equipment of a folding kitchen

The length of the countertop is about two meters. But this is quite a bit when half of it is occupied by a shell. Therefore, here it is appropriate to additionally install a table or kitchen island, so it was more convenient to cook. The rear wall of the TV compartment can be lowered and used as another table top.

Foldable kitchen in the house в открытом виде

Foldable kitchen in the open view

Such a folding kitchen saves about 4.5 square meters of space in the apartment. When unused kitchen accessories are hidden behind the doors of this module, the room looks much more comfortable and tidy.

Foldable kitchen in the house в закрытом виде

Foldable kitchen in closed condition

This amazing folding kitchen can become the highlight of your home. Would you like to have such a model? Share your opinion in the comments.