Letters and inscriptions in the interior of your apartment

Expensive wallpaper and decorated with different colors of the walls now no longer surprise. Original fonts, inscriptions in the interior - that's what can make your house bright and memorable.

One of the latest trends in the decoration of living quarters is the use of symbolic phrases, quotations, initials, letters. An unusual emphasis is placed on unusual inscriptions. They can be executed in the same style, in which the entire room is framed, or deliberately different from it. The owner of the apartment can bring a piece of his soul into the interior, express his secret thoughts and implement bold design decisions.

Letters and inscriptions in the interior

How to properly write in the interior of letters and phrases?

You can create inscriptions on the walls in various ways.

  • The simplest is to purchase finished materials with letters and images. On sale there are wallpapers with popular phrases and words. For the kitchen, you can choose wallpaper, which says, for example, "Bon appetit!", "Coffee". An interesting solution for the bath will be painted ceramic tiles. It can be laid on the floor and walls.
  • Stickers and stickers are convenient in that they help to introduce a note of novelty into the bored interior. When the inscription ceases to please the eye, the decorative element can be easily peeled off.
  • Interior items can be made in the form of letters. This applies to pillows, various stands and shelves, vases.
  • Made of wood, plastic, metal, foam, three-dimensional letters can be fixed on the wall, making up words and phrases from them.

The inscription HOME on the wall

Interesting solutions for home

Most often, the owners of the room use for the decor letters corresponding to their initials or the names of their dear people, they write on the wall winged expressions, motivating, encouraging phrases and excerpts from their favorite books.

Painted black wall in the interior of the living room

To design the room, you can come up with your own original idea or take advice from professional designers.

  • The first way is to place asymmetrically on the wall individual letters. They may vary in size, colors and font. For example, decorated in different styles of letters in the design of the living room will revive the interior, and it will by no means seem boring.
  • Another good idea is to use all the letters of the alphabet on the wall. This is a popular way of decorating a children's room. Thus, you can not only decorate the situation, but also help the child prepare for school.
  • Adults prefer that the walls "talk" about something important for them, so they enter the words and phrases into the interior. In this case there are no rules - everything is limited to the imagination of the owner of the room.

Shelves in the form of the word LOVE

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Design solutions for working room design

The workspace is a place where phrases, words, inscriptions, tips will never be superfluous. Proposals devoted to professional topics, you can decorate all the walls. Interior items can also be made in the form of letters.

The original board, on which chalk or felt-tip pen is written ideas, plans, schedule for the day or other important information. The board not only decorates the interior, but also helps in the work. Over time, the owner of the room is so used to it that it can not do without it.

Letters in the interior of the living room

Design solutions for the design of a children's bedroom

Words in the interior of the children's room perform a developmental function. The more letters you see in the baby's bedroom, the better. You can write on the wall all the alphabet or hide and hide letters in the interior.

To prepare a child for school it is useful to put in his room a magnetic board with letters. With her help, the kid will learn to write words and phrases.

Things and furniture in the room can be signed with stickers and stickers - this is another exercise for developing the language abilities of the baby.

The inscription HOME in the interior design

Design solutions for the design of an adult bedroom

The bedroom is a very important place in the apartment, especially for teenagers and young people. This is their personal territory, so they have the right to decorate it to their own taste. Many hang on the walls posters and posters with inscriptions, write various words and quotations, stick stickers. Adults should not interfere or criticize the attempts of adolescents to create their own world around them.

Pillows in the bedroom can be sewn in the shape of letters. People usually make up initials or words. Sometimes the inscriptions are embroidered on bed linens.

Still could not find the right solution for their apartment? Here is more about how to use the font in the interior.

Minimalism and inscriptions in the interior

Design solutions for the design of the living room

The use of inscriptions and letters in the design of the living room is very important today. In order not to overdo it with an abundance of words and expressions, you can choose one phrase and design it in different styles and options. You can decorate not only the walls, but mirrors, pillows, a door, a table and other objects.

The decoration of the room with letters and inscriptions is a creative process. The choice of each word and saying should be approached with a soul so that all elements of the interior look harmonious and emphasize the individuality and eccentricity of the young and adult hosts of the house.

Unusual interior design for children