Futuristic style in the innovative project "house-wardrobe"

Futuristic style in the interior of the apartment

Futuristic style - the highlight of the design project from Consexto

The Portuguese architectural company Consexto announced a big project, which stirred the imagination of the public. The main idea of ​​the project is a futuristic style.

They claim that they were able to create a high-tech, multifunctional housing with an area of ​​only 44 square meters. In addition, it is very comfortable for a young couple to live together. As a result, the so-called house-closet (according to English Closet House) turned out.

In fact, these people came up with something special? Is it possible to take anything from them? If you want to repeat this success, here are some tips.

1. The highest degree of functionality

It is not so easy for a newly formed family to feel satisfaction from such small dimensions of an apartment. However, the guys really managed to make a miracle! There is everything you need and even a little more than it is necessary.

Computerized racks securely store all kitchen utensils. There is a dining and working area, a large living room, a projector and a cinema, as well as a very comfortable bedroom.

The main element of the interior, which is the core of the entire system - it's a wardrobe. It contains built-in audio and video equipment, a table for eating food and most of the storage areas. This is a real work of art in the field of arrangement of places of life.

Futuristic style in the interior of the corridor Futuristic style in the interior Living room in a futuristic style Living room in a futuristic style

2. Never sacrifice excess centimeters - they are already lacking

Apparently, the authors of this work were guided precisely by this principle, when they thought over various functional solutions.

In order to sleep was nice even to a tall man, the above-described central cabinet has received one more purpose - the role of the mobile wall. If necessary, it can easily be moved a few feet, while reducing the space of the currently unused room.

Dining room in a futuristic style Futuristic style in the interior Futuristic style in the interior спальни Bedroom in a futuristic style Futuristic storage systems Lighting in a futuristic style

3. A house must have a soul, not a technology

Despite the abundance of ultramodern novelties, the place of living does not seem like a space module. Although, perhaps, something resembles the interior of a living cell from fantastic films, it abounds with earthly elements of decor.

For example, next to a plain sofa of obviously human origin is conveniently located a regular bookshelf. And in the bathroom grows a beautiful dry tree with cages for birds.

Futuristic style in the interior кухни Kitchen in a futuristic style Storage systems in the kitchen in a futuristic style Corridor in a futuristic style Futuristic style in the interior ванной

But even the most ardent fans of futuristic ideas of the future are a little closer to real reality. Remember that our world is still far from perfect. And what will you do if you live in the created electronic paradise, if suddenly "uninterrupted" electricity is switched off again for a couple of days?

The layout of the apartment in a futuristic style