Great tips for creating small rooms

Small bedroom in pastel colors

Small apartments and studios are perfectly suited for recreation, quiet and relaxing pastime and pleasant leisure in a comfortable atmosphere. However, due to their limited size, they can create for the owners some difficulties associated with the arrangement of the furniture set, the formation of a rational layout and the establishment of order.

Today we will acquaint you with valuable advice and recommendations from talented masters who will allow you to give your apartment an incredible charm and comfort.

You can create a feeling of freedom and spaciousness in the room by combining two zones: a guest lounge and a kitchen. In addition, a light color scheme in decoration of walls will fill the apartment with freshness and incredible charm.

Kitchen in the living room

The guest of CWB Architects

In the example in the next photo, the focal point is the fireplace. Smaller objects are rationally located throughout the living room area. The work area was arranged in the far side, while panoramic window openings without curtains allow filling the space with incredible radiance and natural warmth.

Small living room with fireplace

Салон от CWB Architects

This wide corridor was decorated in an unusual manner and equipped with colorful artwork, modern chairs, white walls and laconic shutters.

Bright photos on the wall in the corridor

Corridor by Baltis Architects

These apartments are the embodiment of a small cozy space. Please note, this decoration was installed high shelf, which is used to store sculptures and other interesting architectural interior items.

Sculptures on the shelf in the study

Cabinets from Bosworth Hoedemaker

Magnificent swing doors with snow-white decoration and glass inserts allow you to visually combine a comfortable interior with a natural environment, which creates a feeling of spaciousness and freedom in the atmosphere.

Glass doors in the living room

Living room by Feldman

You will certainly enjoy the unmatched combination of high-rise regiments and stairs in these apartments. They not only give expressiveness and drama to the decoration, but also create the illusion of volume.

Staircase in the interior of a small living room

Design in fusion style

In this project, the masters maximally used the space of the corridor. They equipped a simple and concise table near the window and supplemented it with a minimalist creative chair and charming ornaments.

A small study by the window

Design in fusion style

In the next photo, one more example of the functional organization of a home office in the hallway is demonstrated to your attention.

A small cabinet on the second level

Cabinet from CWB Architects

A strict red sofa, amazing wicker chairs and a glass table - this is an ideal place for intimate conversations.

Strict red sofa and wicker chairs in the living room

Host Room by Roger Hirsch

This sectional sofa with a laconic design and high stalks creates a feeling of spaciousness in the guest room.

Sectional sofa in the living room

Amy Lau Design Living Room

The couch, set at the foot of the bed, will be a wonderful addition to the tiny bedroom. It can be used to store clothes, bags or robe.

Couch at the foot of the bed in the bedroom

Boulder from CWB

Transparent coffee table creates the illusion of open space. This item can be made using a brittle glass or a more reliable acrylic or plexiglass.

Transparent coffee table in the living room with fireplace

Дизайн от CWB Architects

We presented to your attention an exceptional selection of design options for a small room that will help to create the illusion of volume and fill the atmosphere with special comfort and charm.

And you liked these ideas home decorating? Share your tips with us in the comments below ...