Hamwells introduced an eco-shower, which will save water and

Modern eco-shower

Eco-shower, which will allow you to spend ten times less water while washing

The new eco-shower is very interesting because its creators promised to get rid of most of the shortcomings of energy-saving products. The water in it is recycled up to seven times, which saves up to 80% of electricity and up to 90% of water compared to a conventional shower, while the pressure will not be uncomfortably weak.

However, if someone worries about whether the filters can be cleaned sufficiently well from the shampoo, he can always use the supplied hose with a shower head, which is fed with water, not involved in reusable recycling.

Thus, you can first thoroughly rinse your head, and then again enjoy the hot flow of the water that circulates in a circle, and not worry about the excessive consumption of resources.

Eco-Shower and its developers

The general director of the company, Rob Chömpff, demonstrated his product at the exhibition in London and told about the most interesting aspects:

"A typical ten-minute shower requires about a hundred liters of warm clean water. And this valuable resource is used only once before going to the drain. Such a habit is unacceptable in a world facing drought.

We found that the structure of any residential structure includes a lot of expensive items, designed only to provide us with this kind of entertainment. This investment in solar panels, boilers and other. Creation of energy-neutral homes of the future is impossible until this problem is resolved. "

The novelty can be purchased for € 2,950 ($ 3,190) and the price looks quite reasonable for the possibility of taking a shower, without suffering a sense of guilt for overspending.

Eco-soul structure

In the kit is an application for a smartphone, with monitoring functions:

"Simply connect your phone to the device before you get inside, and you can enjoy the morning radio or music from your playlist. Four buttons on the edges of the display allow you to turn the shower on and off, and also allow you to adjust the temperature. "