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Combined living room with dining area

Despite the fact that a small apartment has a limited space, the decoration options for its decoration are unlimited. You can find creative ways to organize storage places, using every part of the apartment.

Even the smallest residential areas can be transformed into a warm, attractive environment.

Modern interior design of a small apartment Bedroom Bedroom с деревянной отделкой The idea of ​​a revolving bedside table for a TV Interior of a bedroom in a small apartment

Incorporated / Eric Straudmeier

Cozy little bedroom

Luxurious Studio

Living room in green

Ethan C

Dining room with living room

John Lum Architecture

Today, there are many pieces of furniture that contain storage compartments, such as chairs, ottomans, benches and beds with drawers below.

These furniture items can be extremely useful in solving critical storage problems, having functional purposes, such as providing an area for sitting or sleeping.

Using decorative containers, like wicker baskets, chests and visually attractive boxes, for storing various items, you can apply creativity by eliminating the mess.

The division of a one-room apartment into sections visually enlarges the room. The use of partitions allows the creation of a personal space, while at the same time an additional wall is added, against which furniture can be placed.

Kitchen and dining room

Molly Luetkemeyer / in California Home + Design

Small flat

Bratislava Apartment Gut Gut

A small kitchen with a large dish rack

Project Team: John Beckmann, with Richard Rosenbloom / Photo: Mikiko

Interior of living room


One room apartment


In very small apartments, where there is no possibility to use partitions, it is possible to group furniture, depending on its purpose. This will be more effective in creating the final living space in the studio apartment, in contrast to the chaotic placement of furniture.

For example: put a bed and chest of drawers in one area, and a double sofa and a coffee table on the opposite side of the room.

In addition, placing decorative mirrors on the walls and excluding the use of blinds and dark curtains on the windows will allow the light to penetrate the space and reflect that visually increase the room.

The decoration of a small apartment may seem, at first, difficult because of a lack of space. However, choosing the right furniture and storage space for different things, arrange their location so that it is best to maximize space.

Let as much light as possible, then even the smallest apartment will seem much more spacious and welcoming.

Kitchen with breakfast bar

Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design

Interior of a small room

Студия Santalla

Sleeper in a small apartment

Interior Design Susan Diana Harris

Living room with fireplace in a small apartment

Interiors by Nicholas Moriarty