How to comfortably surround 40 square meters. m - 3

Living room of a small studio apartment

A tiny apartment, moreover, narrow, with a lot of partitions - a nightmare of any designer.

Today we propose to see how the young man himself has arranged his tiny bachelor mink. Perhaps some ideas will like and find their new embodiment in your homes.

1. Color palette

Of course, traditionally used white. Additional accents are red and black. They visually ground the interior, so the floor is also in light colors.

Living room and dining room in studio apartment

2. Functionality of the room

It was necessary to remove one of the walls, so that the living room joined the kitchen, and the corridor disappeared altogether.

The hanger in the form of a cactus and a metal stool play the role of a symbolic hallway. Residential zones are conditionally separated from each other by color spots.

Kitchen of a small studio apartment

3. A large number of storage systems

The huge open wardrobe in the bedroom would not have prevented the mirrored doors, but the master judged otherwise.

Two spacious shelving, bookshelves and multifunctional furniture with shelves and retractable modules.

Wardrobe and bedroom in a small apartment