How to create a real cosiness on a small balcony - some

Exercise bike on the balcony

Creativity is around us! It is interesting that one of the most "cluttered" places in the apartment - a balcony, can cause not only sadness, melancholy or vice versa indifference, but also ... creativity! Do not believe me?

Pillows in the interior of the balcony

See for yourself - for you, dear readers, a selection of the most interesting design solutions for the arrangement of a balcony or a loggia. Using these ideas, you can design and implement a unique interior that will only evoke delight, charm, and ... creativity!

Pillows on the drawer on the balcony

Soft or folding furniture, unfortunately, is not designed to store things. We suggest using the option "two in one" - a low curbstone with a convertible top or with boxes for saving "every different", on which you can sit, like a puff or stool.

The modern furniture market offers a wide variety of models of this piece of furniture: narrow, wide, long or square, with drawers, shelves or baskets in the tone of the product. In the production of bedside tables, an array of wood or MDF, chipboard, finished veneer, plastic or film.

Pillows in the interior of the balcony

And to ensure that the chosen bedside table was soft, comfortable and shone bright colors, we suggest adding different in size, shape and color pads. They can be purchased both in specialized stores, and made with your own hands, the benefit of the scheme of their manufacture is simple.! Pillows can be all kinds of colors and shapes, with ruffles, with appliqués, inscriptions, or even knitted ...

Pillows on the drawer on the balcony

They can be decomposed, scattered, put or hung on the rails. Do not miss the moment, get a lot of fun, and the opportunity to prove yourself as a real creative person, after all, creativity is around us!

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