How to make a canopy for a baby crib with your own hands

Newborn for the father and mother, as heir to the throne. I want his clothes and first furniture to be only the most beautiful and high-quality. Each element of the decor is chosen with a generous soul and it is rarely necessary to wonder, Do you need a canopy in general? This decoration is not all considered practical, but it emphasizes the importance of a new member of the family, and this is a weighty argument.

  • Features of canopy
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Preparation for the canopy
  • Creating a cape for a baby crib
  • Other types of canopies

By equipping the children's room, parents try to come up with the most original bedroom design with a baby cot. The choice in favor of the canopy depends on the style and preferences of the parents. But to beat it in the interior, you can sew an accessory that will be suitable for your room.

Baldakhin on a cot with their own hands

Features of canopy

This cape was originally a privilege of babies of royal blood and came to us from Eastern culture. Modern models are not always used to hide the sleeper from prying eyes. For example, creative solutions from IKEA offer non-standard use of the canopy:

  • as a canopy over the bed;
  • imitation of the canopy on the wall;
  • capes in the form of a tent roof;
  • sail.

Designers try to beat the traditional thing in a new way, inhaling the unusual design. But the classic canopy does not lose its relevance, especially if it concerns the first baby crib.

In addition to the aesthetic function, such a cape also has another important role. It protects against bright light and insects. Under the canopy the child is comfortable, he feels protected.

In the stores canopies often come complete with bed linen, sold without fasteners.

It protects against bright light and insects

Average cost:

Baldahin - from 1 thousand rubles

Holder - from 300 rubles

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any accessory, the canopy performs an aesthetic function.

But he also has a number of other advantages:

  • If the cape is made of dense fabric, it protects from the cold wall;
  • protects from drafts;
  • The newborn is not frightened of open space;
  • For older children, it gives a sense of its own territory.

The canopy has obvious shortcomings:

  • constantly collects dust;
  • often gets dirty and needs regular washing;
  • beautiful and high-quality products are quite expensive;
  • kids often pull the cloak, and it's dangerous that the design can fall.

If the parents are willing to monitor the cleanliness of the children's room and the stability of the canopy, there is no point in abandoning the beautiful accessory. And an expensive product can always find an alternative if you sew a cloak yourself.

The canopy has obvious shortcomings

Preparation for the canopy

Having decided on manual work, you should think over the design elements and stock up on the necessary materials. Preferably, the color scheme of the accessory corresponds to the bed linen and the interior of the room.

Many parents try to choose the shades that correspond to the sex of the future child. If you do not know about it, you can always stay on a neutral scale: white, cream, light green, silver or golden shade. The color should not be bright or challenging, so it's useful to know how to choose the right color palette for your home.

In advance it is necessary to think, what material to choose, the design of the canopy requires a lot of time.

For newborns do not recommend buying natural fabrics, as they absorb dirt and dust. They are heavier and opaque, so they are better to make separate elements, and for the fabric to choose lightweight curtain fabrics, for example, organza or chiffon. Dimensions of the canvas should be taken based on the dimensions of the crib, but it should be at least one and a half meters in width and two meters in length.

For sewing you need these materials:

  • The cloth;
  • Materials for jewelry;
  • Tape from the rep or satin to make the edging;
  • Cape holder;
  • Sewing accessories.

An accessory is more convenient to sew on a sewing machine, but if you have the patience, you can do everything with a needle manually.

An accessory is more convenient to sew on a sewing machine

Average cost of manual work:

Organza - 600 rubles

Braid - 25 rubles

Lace - 100 rubles

Repksovaya tape - 25 rubles

Holder - 300 rubles

You can save on creating an accessory if you know how to make a canopy holder. You will need a thick wire, which is twisted in a U-shape and inserted into a solid tube, the best metal. The finished holder is attached to the crib.

Creating a cape for a baby crib

A step-by-step guide on how to make a canopy involves the following:

  1. Choosing the right pattern. Those who are familiar with the sewing business, you can come up with a design yourself, beginners will be able to find pattern patterns on the Internet or children's magazines.
  2. Edging the edges of the fabric. Using a thin tape and a small needle, carefully trim the edges of the fabric. But before you attach the tape, you need to turn it over with an overlock.
  3. Sewing ruffles or lace. The choice of materials for decorating the bottom of the canopy depends on the sex of the child. For girls choose lace elements, for boys - a ruffle from a fabric of other color. After that, you can proceed to the patch of jewelry. These can be appliqués of flowers, machines or animals, beads, beads, embroidery and so on.
  4. The edges of the cloak are joined by a large bow, which should be done and trimmed with a ribbon in advance.
  5. Install the holder and put the cape on it. The design is important to fix well, so that it does not fall. The fabric is stretched along the wire all around the perimeter, and then beautiful assemblies are formed.

A step-by-step guide on how to make a canopy

Other types of canopies

Older children can also make a cloak on the bed.

Pre-schoolers are suitable for such options:

  • a miniature canopy adjoining the wall;
  • a cape on flexible eaves, covering the headboard;
  • curtains on the point fixtures in the ceiling.

The adolescent's bed can be decorated with other accessories:

  • canopy on the stand;
  • cape in the form of a sail over the headboard;
  • a cape of curtains, if you want a canopy for a bunk bed.

Accessories for cribs for babies

Accessories on cribs for babies should be light, airy and transparent. Older children can choose cloaks of dense natural fabrics. There are a lot of options for tailoring and using the canopy. In his choice should be based on their own desires and opportunities, and take into account the design of the bedroom.

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