A secret bed with a retractable mechanism - a smart system

Modern living room in a simple style

The bed always takes up a lot of space in the interior no matter how elegant it looks. It can be quite difficult to plan the design of the room, in the center of which there is such an impressive object.

And if you, dear visitors of the site about small interiors, had the opportunity to hide a bed somewhere at a time when it is not being used?

Many of you are sure to be delighted to learn that designers have found a solution to this problem. Let's look at some examples to better understand how it works.

Hidden bed with retractable mechanism

In front of us is a living room, in which there is a small rest area, organized on the corner podium. Now, when we see that a sliding bed hides inside the platform, it becomes clear why it was built.

Two high-grade pieces of furniture, which can be used simultaneously and individually, occupy only one place.

Hidden bed with retractable mechanism

It's hard to deny that the platform itself is quite large. Let's look at other options for placing retractable systems. Partially hidden under the podium the bed turns into a sofa, and if necessary it can be pushed inside completely.

Design of modern living room Hidden bed with retractable mechanism

In these small apartments it was difficult to organize a living room that would serve as a bedroom at the same time. There simply would not be room left.

Designers designed the interior of the room in such a way that its space was divided into two parts, located at different levels. Now a spacious bed is completely unnoticeably located under the higher half of the living room.

Podium with pull-out bed

Podiums with pull-out beds can be useful not only in small apartments where there is no room for a separate bedroom. A small platform under the window, adorned with a charming bench, hides a child's bed, and the entire floor surface remains free for games.

Cozy sofa with a secret bed

It is not necessary to build a special podium to be able to remove the bed under it. Here is a cozy sofa with a secret, made to order, decorate a corner for reading near the window.

Two pull-out beds in the room

In this interior, two pull-out beds are hidden beneath the workstations. A very good option for a room shared by two school-age children.

A compact bed hidden behind the sliding module A compact bed hidden behind the sliding module

Before us is a more complex intellectual system consisting of a sleeping place, a bookcase and a box for bed linen. The compact bed is completely hidden behind the stylish and attractive sliding module.

Special constructions

Bed under the ceiling Bed down from the ceiling

There are a few more intricate ways to make room in the living room. You can not engage in erection of the podium, but simply to hang the bed under the ceiling. In this case, it certainly will not hurt anyone. But who dares to be down?

Modern bedroom design Living room, hidden under the bed

We are already familiar with examples of the location of sleeping places under the recreation area, and now it's time to look at another living room that completely disappears into a niche in the floor under a huge lifting platform with a bed installed on it.

Bed that is attached to the ceiling

And in this case the platform does not fall down to the floor and neatly connects to the sofa, which stands at the wall of the living room. Coffee table can not even be removed.