How to save space in the hallway - stunning ideas for

Wall hooks for clothes

Beautiful decor in a neutral range

Not all apartments have a spacious hallway. If you are faced with the problem of creating a spacious and beautiful parade area in your apartment, you will be able to take advantage of interesting solutions for the effective arrangement of a compact space. Today we will tell you about five ways to design interior of small hallways.

When you return home after a busy day, then you want to enjoy your vacation in a calm and serene atmosphere. The first room that meets you is the hall. That is why it is very important to carefully approach its design, organization of storage systems, as well as the formation of practical and aesthetically functional decoration.

In addition, a beautiful interior will make an incredible impression on your guests, creating a holistic positive overall image of the apartment and its owners. Try using the following tips and recommendations from specialists and designers who will help you to form a cozy, mesmerizing and magnetic space.

You do not even need professional help ...

Recommendation number 1: use air and light stylish furniture

Suspended to the wall, the objects of the headset are an exquisite and concise way of saving space in the room. You can pick up cantilever tables, curbstones and shelves. In this case, the free space under them is great for arranging everyday pairs of shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals.

This is the easiest and easiest way to transform the room and visually increase the area in the apartments.

Suspended curbstone in the hallway

A room in Scandinavian style

Round mirror in the hallway

Original dressing table and round mirror harmoniously complement each other

Suspended bedside table in the hallway

Modern lobby, decorated in a muted palette

Suspended shelves in the hallway

Interesting design of a compact hall with hanging shelves

Shelves with drawers in the hallway

Unmatched cantilever tables with drawers - a wonderful decor for a narrow corridor

Tip # 2: stick to the minimalist stylistics

In addition to rational selection and thoughtful arrangement of the headset, you should competently organize free space. The main problem small interiors is cluttering the premises with everyday clothing, scrap paper and various items.

That's why you need to disassemble all your things - leave only the most necessary and throw out the trash. On the following photos you can look at the unique design options of the lobby, designed in the style of minimalism.

Wallpapers with exotic ornaments in the hallway

Unusual wallpaper with exotic ornaments decorate any room

Entrance hall in white color

Laconic hanger and stand for shoes in a tiny parade area

Black accents in the white hallway

Minimalist design of the lobby in a colorful black and white palette

Wooden accents in the white hallway

Elegant decoration with a wooden floor covering and a mirror in a massive frame

Interior of the hallway in white color

A small corridor is visually combined with a guest cabin

Recommendation # 3: use multifunctional items

A wonderful solution for the decor of a modest room, including the lobby, is a practical and versatile designer furniture. It will be able to transform any space, as well as provide many places for storing accessories and clothing.

For example, you can put in the corridor an ordinary bench with niches for pairs of casual shoes or an ottoman with a roomy compartment for bags, gloves and scarves. Such elements of the headset have incredible practicality and versatility, besides they perfectly fit into the furniture of any home.

Outdoor shelving for shoes

Interesting wooden shelving with geometric niches for storing shoes

Open shelves under the seat

A unique bench decorated with wicker baskets

Puffs with drawers

Original padded stools with soft pads will complement any room

Table with drawers in the hallway

Laconic and rigorous console table with metal legs and wooden drawers

Soft seat in the hallway

Wooden bench looks great in modern Scandinavian design

Tip # 4: use the built-in furnishings

Order cabinets without a back wall. By removing this element, you can greatly increase the internal space of the headset. This solution also allows you to save on buying furniture, which is great for family couples with a limited budget.

The wardrobe up to the ceiling gorgeously and harmoniously looks in modern furniture. He will not collect dust on himself, but also collect boxes on the mezzanine.

Built-in open shelving in the hallway

Modern shelving with bright yellow internal niches

Closet with a picture on the door

Color printing on cabinet walls

Closet with matt door

Ultra-modern wardrobe with semi-matt sliding panels looks stylish and beautiful

Recommendation number 5: select modular design furniture

Practical and versatile padded stools, sofas and side tables look very interesting, beautiful and aesthetically attractive. Pick up multifunctional items that can easily change their appearance or purpose, and also, if necessary, add up, freeing up additional space in the apartment.

If your lobby is small in size, then such furnishing will be a wonderful solution for you. At the present time you can choose for yourself a huge number of unmatched models. They are ideal for different decorations, not only modern, but also classic.

Small coffee table with ottoman

Adjacent coffee table and laconic ottoman

Bright shelving with open shelves

Bright and original plastic cabinet

Folding wooden furniture set

Modular wooden suite - perfect for a tiny room

Open shelves for shoes under the seat

Table with open niches for shoes

Drawers under the stairs

Staircase with drawers - perfect solution for lofts