Roman curtains in interior design - 35 photos and

The simplicity of cut and versatility made Roman blinds a popular choice for interior design. In this article you will see photos of Roman curtains made of a variety of materials and in a variety of styles, and you will find instructions on how to make such curtains by yourself. Bright and cheerful, stylish and bold, elegant and luxurious - choose suitable Roman curtains for any room in your house!

Modern Roman curtains - 35 photos

Before we go to view photos of Roman curtains in the interior, let's see what they are. Classic Roman curtains - a simple cloth of cloth, appropriate to the size of the window and having sewn on the laths, which allow the fabric to collect like a blind. In addition, Roman curtains can be built into a window or fastened to a wall, and also be decorated with fringe, beads, ribbons etc.

Quite often, Roman curtains collectively refer to all kinds of short window curtains, which can not only have stitched straps, but be assembled with vertical ribbons, pinched with clips and other ways. The following image will help you understand the different types of Roman and other curtains (Roman curtains are signed as "Roman"):

Roman blinds in different styles

Agree that Roman curtains are much more comfortable than their relatives: they are raised and lowered with one hand, and they do not crumple at all! Although we must pay tribute to the curtains «Balloon» - they have a chic look even in a monochrome coloring:

Roman curtains on the photo of the bathroom

Now that we know what the Roman curtains differ from the rest of the species, it's time to start choosing their ideal design. Next, you will see a photo of different rooms, decorated with Roman curtains in all sorts of styles. Pay attention to how the design of these curtains fits into the overall appearance of the interior and is combined with curtains, pillows, bedspreads and other home textiles. Enjoy watching!

Roman curtains for bedroom

Because of its soft appearance, Roman curtains just look fantastic on the bedroom windows, especially when combined with long curtains. Choose a light fabric to create a fresh style, or dark - for additional protection from street light.

White Roman Curtains PhotoDark Roman curtains - a photo in a teenager's bedroomBamboo Roman curtains in the interior of the bedroomStylish Roman curtains for bedroom luxuryRoman curtains for bedroom in pastel colorsChic Roman curtains on the bedroom windowsTwo-color Roman curtains in the bedroom designRoman curtains in the bedroom of a teenage girlBlack and white Roman curtains for bedroomFeel free to choose Roman curtains for your child's bedroom! They are not only available in a wide range of beautiful patterns and shades, but also last longer than usual curtains. After all, at the youngest age, children decorate their art with everything they can reach. And Roman curtains in the number of such objects are clearly not included.

Bright Roman curtains for bedroomChildren's room for two children and beautiful Roman blinds Striped Roman curtains on the windows of the nursery Roman blinds on plastic windows

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Stylish Roman curtains for the hall

If the color and transparency of the window curtains plays an important part in the bedroom, then the beauty of design comes to the fore in the hall. If you do not know which Roman curtains you best choose, then follow the simplest selection principle and do not go wrong. So, if the design of the living room looks monophonic (in particular, walls and upholstered furniture), then choose Roman curtains with a bright pattern, and vice versa.

The following photos of Roman curtains in the interior of the living room will also help you decide:

Roman curtains with a floral pattern Design of Roman curtains with ornamentsBamboo Roman curtains for the hall The combination of the design of curtains and furniture in the interior Striped Roman curtains for the living room Retro Roman curtains for living roomRoman blinds and blinds in the interiorModern Roman curtains for living room minimalismChic Roman curtains made of thick fabric

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So far we have considered only classic Roman curtains with solid slats inside. Let's also pay attention to their simplified version of "relaxed roman shades" or "relaxed" curtains, which slightly bend down and give the interior a pleasant softness.Simplified Roman blinds in the classic interior Relaxed Roman curtains made of fine fabricRoman curtains and home officeBright Roman curtains made of cloth with a patternFor those who have huge windows or the exit from the living room to the balcony, a fine choice can be light, translucent Roman blinds, as in the following photos:Long Roman curtains for large windowsSimple Roman curtains to the very floor

Choose Roman curtains in the kitchen

Since most kitchens are small in size and have a large number of work surfaces, short Roman blinds are ideal for this room, and will not require intensive care. Just do not forget to pick them up when cooking food or doing other branding business nearby!Red Roman curtains for white kitchen Black and white Roman curtains for the kitchen Roman curtains for the kitchen in the rustic style Stylish Roman curtains with a chevron pattern Roman blinds on plastic windows Patterned Roman curtains and monophonic curtains

How to make roman blinds with your own hands

To make Roman blinds with your own hands you will need old blinds or wooden beams. Below we will give a photo of the instructions of both these methods, but the process always begins in the same way - with the preparation of the fabric.

  1. Measure the window (or old blinds) and cut a piece of cloth that will have a width and a window length + 1 cm from each edge for the seams. For example, if the window is 60 cm wide, you should cut 62 cm of fabric.
  2. Depending on the density of your chosen fabric, determine if you need an extra lining or not.
  3. Wrap 1 cm from each edge, iron the fabric with an iron, then stitch it on the sewing machine.

Do Roman curtains with your own hands

4. From the old blinds we remove the excess bars. The remaining ones are glued to the fabric from the wrong side, as shown in the figures.

Roman blinds with their own hands from the blinds Roman curtains, made by own hands

5. When using wooden beams you will need to sew additional rings, which will be threaded through the cord. The wooden straps you can glue or sew, at your discretion.

Roman curtains with their own hands on a wooden base Homemade Roman Blinds

6. At the top, we glue or use a stapler to install a thick wooden block with 2-3 hooks pointing down.

How to make Roman curtains with your own hands

7. Install the Roman curtains on the windows.

Set Roman curtains on the windows How Roman curtains work on windows