How to survive at 15 meters - the advice of an experienced

Interior of a small studio apartment

We present 6 receptions, which will help to arrange for yourself and for yourself a tiny space.

As an example, a fifteen-meter Parisian apartment of a young fellow-student is taken. All these ideas can be easily realized in our small-sized housing.

1. Democratic color palette

The main shade is white, it fills with light, expands and refreshes. Complementing - blue, helps concentration, clears thinking.

Folding coffee table and armchair

2. Choosing furniture for a bed

It is necessary to forget about the big bed with an orthopedic mattress and an angular sofa, they "will devour" the living space, and they can dispose much more rationally. Therefore, a good alternative is a small sofa bed.

Folding sofa in a small studio apartment Decorative elements in the interior of a small studio apartment

3. The storage systems are masked for the color of the walls

Bathroom of a small studio apartment

4. There is no refrigerator in the kitchen area

But there is all the rest of the technique, but it's ultra-compact. The furniture was chosen in a noble gray color, with a golden working surface.

Kitchen of a small studio apartment

5. Kitchen countertop is also a desktop

You just need to clean it of crumbs and dishes. Look carefully, it is long enough and goes along the wall. Of furniture only three funny coffee tables of different sizes, they can also be used as a stand for a computer and one chair in the work area.

Kitchen of a small studio apartment

6. Above the bathroom artists had to sweat well

The walls were laid out with light tiles under a brick, visually stretching them, and the very narrow space turned out to be soft and transparent on sensations. In the presented photos, you can compare that there was a result, after the intervention of the decorators, evaluating their professionalism.

Bathroom of a small studio apartment до ремонта The layout of a small studio apartment