How to visually enlarge a room: tips for choosing a style,

Small living room with city view

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of large and spacious dwellings, and in most cases a limited area is considered a disadvantage for the organization of an original and stylish interior.

We offer interesting ideas for a small apartment, as well as advice on how to properly equip a small living room. A few beneficial tips are kindly provided by Dering Hall. And we will analyze the information given to us how to effectively use the furnishings and the rest of the decor.

The design of the room should be fresh and stylish, according to Tim Clarke and Tamara Magel. The most correct will be dark paints, unlike light shades, they will create a sense of depth and volume.

This condition will allow you to visually expand the area and make it visually greater than it actually is. Strips on the walls are also a good option. The horizontal lines are able to expand, and the vertical lines give the impression that the walls are higher than they actually are.

Use multi-purpose furniture, such as an ottoman, can serve as a leg roller, or a glass coffee table. Thus, there is a lot of space that would be occupied by other individual pieces of furniture.

To create a beautiful living room interior, use a very simple trick: opposite the wall, place the headset, which will look holistically. It will help with the solution of this problem and coverage, both natural and artificial.

If you have the opportunity to install spacious windows in the room, then proceed safely, and the more it is, the better the lighting. Use lighting devices that have scattered radiation, soft, monotonous light does not create visual tightness.

Small living room in gray-red tones

Above it was a question of using dark shades, in the image you see an example. This contrast looks luxurious and spacious.

Interior of the living room in black and white

Living room in minimalist style looks amazing, thanks to the lack of excess furniture, space has expanded.

Bright living room in yellow tones

Lines, geometric figures and pastel colors complete with daylight create an unforgettable atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Turquoise sofa in the bright living room

The palette of this room is designed in such a way that accents are first seen.

Blue walls in the living room

If you are planning a bright background, then take care of the diversity, there must be bright notes that cancel monotony. The limited space in the room does not look a disadvantage if it is properly designed.

We have provided you with several effective options that will help visually increase the room, while being cozy and stylish.