Modern type of housing - studio apartments (67 design ideas)

The design of an apartment-studio is first of all the unification of a large common room with a kitchen. Studio apartment - a fairly modern type of housing. It is characterized by the fact that there are no partitions separating the living space from the common one. The layout of the studio depends entirely on the wishes of the buyer. On the one hand, the purchase of small-sized housing is a very rational solution, since the difference in the cost of an apartment-studio and a usual one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment is very significant. If the price does not suit a studio apartment, the design studio will be an excellent idea. On the other hand, there is a negative point. It consists in one sound zone for the whole apartment, as there are no partitions, any sound will be heard throughout the apartment.

The choice of such apartments began to be addressed more and more often. Basically, such a house is bought by people who are trying to save money. Most often these are young families or single people.

Life in crowded conditions is very few people, so to improve the living conditions, you should follow some simple tips that will help to change the design of the studio apartment for the better.

Studio apartment

One-room studio apartment is decorated in beige tones. A single concept of style allows you to make the interior of the room unique and unique.

Bright studio apartment

The correct functional design of the studio apartment. Interior in the Art Nouveau style is excellent for small dwellings.

Stylish Living Room

The stylish living room in the studio apartment is decorated in white tones, so the space seems more visually.

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More light

Good lighting positively influences the mood of those living in the house. No wonder, getting up in the morning from bed, we first open the curtains to let the morning light into the apartment and breathe a new day. If the apartment, where it is intended to implement the design, is old, it has old windows installed, then they need to be replaced with more modern ones. And the more the size of the double-glazed window, the better, the more light in the house. Visually light colors expand the space, making the design of a one-room studio apartment more cozy. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the colors of walls and furniture. Light colors will give the apartment a larger area than it really is. Mirror large size will please the landlady and visually increase the space.

Studio apartment

One-room studio apartment with a transparent matte partition is divided into a bedroom and a guest room.

Small cozy living room

A small cozy living room, equipped with a projector, is an excellent solution for film enthusiasts.

Thinking over the design of the studio apartment, do not forget this advice. Choose colors from a light scale. But we must not forget about practicality. For example, a white floor after a while will be a big problem. It is better to use washable materials in the kitchen area when decorating walls. It is necessary to use a good hood, otherwise the smells of food will blur throughout the apartment. This may soon lead to an improper appearance of the ceiling. Not to mention the discomfort of those who live, forced to breathe kitchen odors. If the layout of the studio apartment implies the presence of a balcony, you can use this area and dismantle the partition. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone: increase the living area, and add even more light.

Unusual performance of the kitchen in the studio apartment. The minimum of used furniture makes the space functional and comfortable.

Unusual performance of the kitchen in the studio apartment. The minimum of used furniture makes the space functional and comfortable.

Spacious studio

The combination of white and gray colors looks profitable in the design of the studio apartment. An interesting decorative detail is a pot of artificial greenery.

Zoning of areas

Since in a small area of ​​such an apartment is not particularly clear up, then you need to highlight only those areas, which are indispensable. These include:

  • kitchen;
  • bedroom;
  • rest zone;
  • wardrobe.

Naturally, the greatest attention should be paid to the zone where the bed will be located for sleep. Occasionally, the designers of the design project combine a zone of sleep and rest, but this should not be done.

Zoning the living room

A small studio apartment is equipped with a niche, a mini bedroom is hidden in the bark. Juicy decorative details in the form of paintings and pillows of orange color become the peak of the overall concept of style.

Studio apartment

Studio apartment in Scandinavian style.

The sleeping zone is best defined at the far point of the dwelling, where the sounds from the outside are least likely to fall. Do not make a major mistake - do not place the sleep zone in the center of the room, otherwise there will be no rest. The situation with the rest zone is diametrically opposite. It should be arranged in the center of the apartment. If space allows, you can select a work area, separating a couple of square meters next to the window for the desktop with the computer. The cooking zone can be combined with the food reception area for greater compactness. In this case, the bar counter will fit very well into the interior of the studio room, behind which you can also relax after work. Now it is popular to divide the zones with translucent or absolutely transparent partitions. Of course, this does not apply to the bathroom and the sleeping area. As partitions you can use shelves to store books, photos, colors, lamps and so on.

Stylish apartment

A stylish design project for a small apartment. A small space is correctly decorated not only by aesthetic appeal, but also by functionality and practicality.

Small studio apartment

Studio apartment of a young bachelor. The style and sense of taste of the owner of the home are organically expressed in the interior design.

An excellent example of zoning One-room apartment. With the use of a transparent curtain, the sleeping area is fenced off.

An excellent example of zoning One-room apartment. With the use of a transparent curtain, the sleeping area is fenced off.

Compact furniture

For comfortable moving around the apartment it is necessary that the furniture should take up as little space as possible.

In this situation, the furniture transformer will perfectly fit. For example, a sleeping bed, which after use can be inserted into a niche in the wall. Or a dining table, which will develop after a meal. The same applies to chairs. It is nice to have a TV with a small screen thickness in the recreation area. The best variant of execution will be fastening on a wall with the help of a bracket. The surface of the walls can also be used most effectively. As partitions you can use all sorts of shelves that fit into the interior of the studio, which will store your favorite things, gifts, souvenirs or intricate interior tricks.

Leather Living Room Furniture

An example of well-chosen furniture for arranging a studio apartment.

Elegant studio design

Elegant design of one-room studio apartment with colorful decor elements.

Studio apartment серых тонах

Studio apartment of 20 square meters. Laconic furniture harmoniously emphasizes the concept of a design project.

Child in the family

There are times when a cozy apartment, the design of which must be selected, belongs to a married couple with a child. It's okay if the child is very small, but if the child has grown up, he will want a piece of personal space, in part this is his studio room. Therefore, it is necessary to think very carefully about the choice of the layout of the studio room. Separate the adult zone from the nursery can be various dense materials, for example, curtain, sliding screen, locker. For the child, you can buy a multifunctional bed, which contains everything you need for a child. Above sleeping place, from below the table for training, as well as a sports development complex. The floor for the nursery should be made of soft natural materials, so that the child does not get injured during the games.

Before designing the interior of the studio apartment, it will be better to create a 3D model of the whole apartment in the computer program, then not to remain displeased.

Functional children's room

Example of registration of an apartment-studio, where two small children live.

Bright studio dasajn

Colorful, juicy combination of colors in the interior of the studio apartment. The design of the room implies a separate sleeping place for the child.

Apartment studio - design mix "3 in 1". Video

Design of studio apartment. Photo Gallery