Ideas that will help to discover a great potential in small

A pantry is something without which it is very difficult to manage in any home. In it you can store anything you like, away from prying eyes. Unfortunately, no pantry can solve all your problems, because its capacity directly depends on its size. However, the lack of square meters should not result in significant difficulties if the storage is organized correctly.

Pantry in the corner of the kitchen

Here is one of the interesting design ideas: the interior surfaces of the storage room doors can be turned into chalk boards. Thus, you can make important notes, make lists and fix recipes. And no matter how unsightly this picture is, it's easy to hide, just by closing the door.

Pantry with chalk planks on the doors

If you do not want your store to look untidy, try sorting out items by category. Bulk products and small containers are stored in additional containers and try to place larger units in the background.

Containers for bulk in the pantry

There are storerooms with partially glazed doors. In such cases, the disorder inside can be noticeable from the outside, which, of course, is not desirable. Choose beautiful containers for storing foods, try not to overload the shelves and not let them empty. Everything must have a reasonable balance.

Storage room with glass door

The interior design of the pantry is of great importance. To make it more aesthetic, you can paint the walls or glue them with wallpaper. In the pantry it is quite permissible to use different types of decor for different shelves or compartments.

Wallpapers on the wall in the pantry

Only the shelves are not able to fully open the potential of a compact pantry. If you want to use it as efficiently as possible, try to include the internal surfaces of the doors. They are ideal for jars with spices and other containers of small weight.

There are many solutions for optimizing the storage space, among which the most reasonable are those that imply the presence of a large number of different components for storage.

Space for storing spices on the doors

Most likely, your pantry, like most others, is equipped with a double door. Remember this every time you distribute the products on the shelves. If each of them has a strictly defined place, you do not have to constantly open both doors in search of something necessary.

Storage room with two doors

Retractable compartments help to solve the problem of shortage of free space in compact kitchens. This mini-storehouse, for example, most of the time is hidden from prying eyes. It takes up very little space, but at the same time it allows you to store many different products in an organized way.

Drawer in the kitchen

This mini-pantry is constructed on the same principle as the previous one, the wheels are clearly visible on the photo, thanks to which it is easily pulled out and pushed back. Pay attention to how beautiful it is decorated from the inside. Zigzag pattern looks simple and catchy at the same time, and the combination of colors is especially enjoyable.

Drawer near the refrigerator

And this pantry can serve as another example of a sensible organization and successful design. Its walls are painted in a pretty turquoise shade that fits well with white doors and shelves. Products are categorized. The bottom compartment is occupied by two cloth containers, very convenient for storing sweets and delicacies.

Turquoise wall in the pantry

Because the kitchen should store a lot of different things, including dishes and small appliances, it is much more convenient to have one large pantry, which will fit all or almost everything. Such devices as a microwave oven, a toaster and a stationary mixer can be connected to the mains power supply, for which it is necessary to take care of the presence of outlets in advance.

Microwave in the pantry

This is an example of a storage room with a large number of storage compartments, which are presented in various configurations and sizes. There are several drawers for spices and baskets for sweets.

A large number of compartments in the pantry

The drawers mentioned above are actually very practical. They can store absolutely everything - from bulk products to small household appliances. For convenience of search on the front panels of boxes, paste labels indicating the category or a list of items.

Drawers in the pantry

It is more convenient when the shelves in the pantry are not too deep, because the need to constantly move things away or take them out to reach others can be very annoying. Pay attention to the photo. The depth of the shelves of this pantry is calculated perfectly: small containers are placed on them no more than two rows, and large objects feel at the same time quite freely.

Shallow boxes in the pantry

The door-compartment is a generally acceptable option for the pantry, but it is not suitable for everyone. To install it was possible, it is necessary to ensure the presence of a fairly large free section of the wall, and this is just not enough in compact kitchens. Nevertheless, such a design looks wonderful.

Door-compartment in the pantry

If you want, you can find a place for the pantry anywhere. Try to use every centimeter of the area of ​​your kitchen as efficiently as possible. Having discovered at least a small area of ​​free space, do not hesitate to occupy it with shelves, which if desired can be covered with doors. And do not forget about the possibility to install retractable compartments in uncomfortable or unused places.

A narrow storeroom in the kitchen

Regardless of the size of the pantry, its practicality directly depends on how efficiently the storage is organized. Regularly put order on the shelves and do not allow the appearance of random objects on them, so that every centimeter of precious space would only benefit.