Industrial style in the interior +50 photo design ideas

Industrial style in the interior

It is unusual and unusual to beat the industrial style in the interior is not difficult for multi-family and private houses. The engineering theme assumes the use of a simple finish, which has maximum practicality. Despite the dark color scheme prevailing in the rooms, they will be spacious and comfortable for living. Non-standard direction does not allow the accumulation of space. All used furniture elements, decor should have simplified forms. No pretentiousness, carved, ornate elements should not be. The choice of lighting should be approached with special attention. Selectable fixtures should be bright. This will ensure high-quality lighting of darkened rooms in the evening. To the important advantages of the chosen direction is the ease of implementation: in some cases, it allows a partial lack of finishing.


Custom stylistics is more suitable for spacious rooms. Its dark scale is suitable for tiny rooms, but requires careful selection of finishes, furniture. Otherwise, it will be impossible to create comfortable living conditions. An important requirement is the ceiling height in the premises from 2.7 m and above. The direction is perfect for two-level apartments with a visible transition (stylized balcony from above). In small-sized housing it needs to be implemented carefully and carefully. As for the process of creating a style, it is quite simple. You just need to understand the details and preferential materials, the scale. Decor is chosen easily, because it has no significant restrictions. Textiles for direction, on the contrary, are selected from a small number of categories.

Interior of the house in industrial style

Pros and cons of style in the apartment

If the owners after confirming the features of the direction have ascertained the possibility of its implementation, they need to learn more about its pros and cons. Industrial stylistics is not ordinary, it allows you to stylize housing easily and simply. For her, a chunk of space is uncharacteristic. Sharpness, accuracy - the basic principles when creating the environment. Laconism of the created interior will allow to live comfortably and spend leisure time. In spacious rooms for guests it will be possible to host large companies of relatives and friends. Disadvantages of the direction can be considered rough and predominance of dark tones. In the absence of high-quality lighting (natural, artificial), there may be a problem of visual reduction of space. The correct design of windows and the choice of quality lighting will help to avoid it.

Apartment in industrial style

Color spectrum

It is impossible to imagine a workshop in any direction of industriality with a refined finish of light colors. After all, for working processes, this design will be simply irrelevant and impractical. When styling housing in the appropriate direction, it is necessary to select gray, gray-brown, gray-black tones. They must be present in decoration, furniture, textiles. Eliminate the creation of a gloomy design will help the interspersed light colors: white, brown, beige. For example, the owners can whiten one wall, leaving it light. The rest of the design in a darker palette. It is also allowed to use a dark gray and gray finish for the entire area. But they should be shaded by installing beige, cream furniture, using light decor and textiles.

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Light interior in industrial style

For the selected direction, the inclusion of bright, catchy tones is unacceptable. To lighten the premises it is better to stop the choice on pastel, neutral impregnations.

Stairs in the interior

Materials and methods of finishing

Create a literate design of housing in the chosen direction will help the use of inexpensive and practical finishes. Any chic, elegance, pretentiousness for industrial stylistics are unacceptable. Walls are better to paint or simply plaster. For a floor it is recommended to choose a not striking covering. It can even be wooden materials, but they should not stand out against the general background. Textiles, ceiling finishing should be as simple as possible. Otherwise, it will not be possible to achieve the implementation of non-standard design. When choosing materials it is necessary to be guided by such rule: the general kind of furnish (finishing, rather than furnishings) should look like an old production hall. Therefore, before selecting materials for work, it is recommended to view photos of plants and factories that have initiated unusual stylistics. This will greatly simplify the search for the desired system of raw materials.

Simple materials in an interior in an industrial style


When creating non-standard stylistics it is important to choose the right floor covering. Suitable types of sex include:

  • bulk;

Creating a perfectly flat screed is a thematically correct solution. True, such a floor will be cold, it needs to be supplemented with a warm floor or rugs.

  • wood;

Laminate and floorboard - a practical option for housing. Products in the gray-black range will well complement the direction. Parquet for such stylistics is not suitable.

Wooden floor in an interior in an industrial style

  • tiled;

Large gray, black, dark brown tiles are perfect for styling. It is recommended to choose models with a matte finish.

  • linoleum;

Practical and budgetary solution. Ideal material in gray tones without a picture. If desired, you can choose a wear-resistant commercial type.

Linoleum on the floor

  • Marmoleum.

A new type of monochrome materials, similar to linoleum. It can be found in rolls with a gray-brown scale. This type is ideal for installation in renewable rooms.

A small gray mat will be appropriate in the premises, decorated in non-standard stylistics. Laying the carpet violates the harmony of the direction.

Bright laminate in the interior


Ideally supplement the design and make it correct using simple wall finishing. Solid color or gray plaster is the best option. Materials will not allow overloading the space, making it "lightened". Plastic wall panels under a light gray or gray brick are also well underlined by the overall design. Choose a model with a matte surface. The lack of finishing in a brick house is the most budgetary option. But it will lead to the need for constant cleaning of dust, contaminants from the joints between the bricks. Wooden gray and light brown, beige finish is equally attractive. They help to emphasize the simplicity of the design.

Metal table and chairs

For the loft, you can choose warm colors of the wooden walls. For promdesign this option is not suitable.

Walls под кирпич в интерьере в индустриальном стиле


The decoration of the ceiling in an unusual direction should be low-key. This can be a simple whitewashing of the surface. An interesting solution will be the combination of a simple whitewash and wooden beams in gray, cream and beige tones. Good will look stretch ceilings with a matte surface. Excellent fit models for the fabric, plaster in white, light gray. Gypsum boards are also appropriate. They are easy to finish, quickly mounted. But they should be only one-level ones. Gypsum plasterboard ceiling will create a perfectly flat surface, but can somewhat limit the space. Therefore, this option is applicable for housing, in which the height of the walls is at least 3 m. It is important to take care of the correct output of the wires for the subsequent suspension of the lamp.

Ceiling с балками в интерьере в индустриальном стиле


Bright cold lighting - the key to success when creating a custom design. Owners should give preference to the following types of devices:

  • rectangular, square ceiling models;

They will provide good lighting for spacious rooms. Products of the overhead type will be minimally distinguished in the overall design.

Island fireplace in the living room

  • Spots, sconces with coarse forms;
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Squared plafonds, metal protection of square shapes over lamps - a correctly stylistic solution. Such models will help to correctly illuminate the recreation area, work, cooking.

Suspended chandelier in an interior in an industrial style

  • suspended chandeliers and floor models with simple shades.

Products with long legs and shades-cones will fit well into the created design. They are suitable for installation in halls, kitchens. It is advisable to choose models painted in black, dark gray tones.

Floor lamp at the couch

Furniture, textiles and decor

The selection of interior items should fully support the direction being created. Furniture is recommended to buy with rough metal frames. Suitable and products with a wooden base of dark color. To give preference to models without decor. Simplified forms are welcomed and allow creating a comfortable environment. The chosen textiles should be monophonic, made from fabrics with minimal embossment texture. As a decor stylized mechanical elements (parts of machine tools, cars) can be used. It is allowed to decorate rooms with pictures in monochrome colors. Excellent addition to the design of metal decor (not forged). Also on the walls you can hang motivational posters that were previously used in factories, in workshops. It is recommended to choose such paintings in an aged design.

Furniture in an interior in an industrial style

Design of individual rooms

The choice of suitable finishes, the creation of competent lighting and furnishings in non-standard stylistics is somewhat different for different housing areas. Depending on their purpose and area, the texture, coloring of the materials selected, furniture can vary. Making useful adjustments will make it easy to equip each room stylishly and correctly. Compromises must necessarily be sought in the design of small and children's rooms. For spacious rooms and bedrooms, the application of general rules is allowed. Will not be redundant and useful additions. They will help to achieve increased comfort and coziness of residence. Some deviations from the classical requirements will be useful in the arrangement of the kitchen. This room should not only be convenient, but also safe. And most importantly, its general appearance should not suffer from carrying out permanent preparations.

Room with industrial design

Living room

In the spacious room of the living room, creating a non-standard design is the easiest. In the central part you can install a sofa or place it along the wall. A pair of floor lamps is perfect for a good illumination of the recreation area. You can also install on the sides of the couch a pair of pedestals in a dark brown color. The sofa is better to choose in a cream or light gray color. It can be supplemented by armrests. The model itself should not have a large back and seat. It is better to choose soft furniture with smooth surfaces. Before the sofa, you can install a coffee table with a metal frame. The model must have strict geometric shapes. Excellent complement the design of a pair of metal, wooden shelving. They are suitable for replacing the mini-wall. TV for a spacious hall is recommended to hang in front of the sofa. Curtains are better to choose with the maximum length. You can not use tulle.

Interior of the living room in industrial style Floodlights on the ceiling  Bicycle at the window  The wood-burning stove in the living room  Yellow table by the gray sofa  Pictures with cars on the wall


For the styling of the kitchen, the dark suite with matt facades is optimal. Models with a relief decor should be excluded: they will violate the created stylistics. It is recommended to set the dining room in the center of the room. For this purpose, a tall table with internal shelves is perfect. It will look good with high bar stools. The usual dining table can be installed near the window. All furniture must have strict geometric shapes. Preferred color models: gray, black, dark brown. The lining can be light. As an illuminator for such a kitchen, it is recommended to use suspended ceiling models with rectangular, conical shades. 2-3 such illuminators can be reported over the dining group. To provide high-quality illumination of the working area will help bright white illumination. It is also recommended to install a powerful dome hood of black color with or without moldings.

Kitchen в индустриальном стиле Chandeliers over the table  Floorки с посудой на стене  Yellow accents in the gray interior  Table-island in the kitchen  Kitchen furniture in dark wood with built-in microwave oven


In the bedroom of adults the achievement of non-standard stylistics will largely depend on the created situation. The bed chosen for the premise can have a metal or wooden frame. Headboard and footboard should be small and have the shape of a rectangle. In the bedroom, the installation of armchairs is allowed. It is recommended to choose models from plastic or wood with a slight rounding between the backrest and the seat. The optimal material of the skin is dense gabardine, skin. Materials should be monophonic and in color combined with textiles. Curtains for the room can be light, dark. Optimal option will be the purchase of light gray curtains, tulle and a similar mat, sofa cushions. This combination creates comfort, without violating the style of design. Posters and paintings can be used as decor. On the windowsills it is allowed to install live plants with dark green leaves.

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Bedroom в индустриальном стиле Lamp on the table near the bed  A niche in the headboard  Cabinet on the balcony  TV in front of the bed  Chest of drawers in the bedroom

Teen Room

In adolescent bedrooms, non-standard design will be appropriate when choosing a lighter finish, furniture. For example, the finish can be light gray or beige, cream. Furniture is recommended to choose wooden. Optimal coloring of products - clarified wood. The bed can have a metal frame. Create a competent environment in the children's bedroom will help selection of a cabinet, chest of drawers, a desk in strict geometric forms. Excellent complement the design of light fixtures of a simplified type. They should be bright, can be located on the ceiling, walls. It is necessary to create the correct lighting of the working area, rest areas. More non-standard style is suitable for the boy's bedroom. The premises in which girls live, it is worth making out in other colors. For example, you can use beige and light gray or light pink, dirty pink and gray tones for styling.

Teen Room в индустриальном стиле Letters in the interior  Carpet in the form of a flag at the sofa  Sunduk in the roof  Floorки-стеллажи в интерьере  Dark curtains on the window


Небольшие помещения оформлять в темных тонах довольно сложно. Избежать мрачности стилистики поможет комбинирование светлого и белого цвета. К примеру, отделку можно выполнить в светло-сером оттенке. Ванну и унитаз (если помещение совмещенное) выбрать в белых тонах. Раковина и смеситель на ней могут иметь темно-серый оттенок. Красиво и стильно будет смотреться в помещении ванная с нестандартной серой окраской в форме параллелепипеда. Подобные модели предлагают многие современные дизайнеры. Правда, стоят изделия довольно дорого. Это может быть модель, устанавливаемая под стенкой, отдельно стоящая модель. Мебель лучше подбирать с матовыми фасадами в строгих геометрических формах. По желанию ее можно заменить металлическими стеллажами. Lighting в сантехническом помещении должно быть ярким и холодным.

Bathroom в индустриальном стиле Floorотенцесушитель на стене  Iron bath and sink in the interior  Lamp made of pipes in the interior  Sink from an iron barrel  Lanterns over the mirror

Entrance hall and corridor

In the halls, hallways and corridors the creation of non-standard design is easy and simple. Finishing is selected in light and neutral colors. This will eliminate the restriction of small parts of housing. In the hallway you can install a metal hanger, combined with a banquet and shoe. In the corridor for storing headgear, handbags, you can install a metal rack.

An entrance hall in an industrial style

For off-season outerwear, shoes are suitable narrow and high cabinet in a dark color. It will not stand out in the overall design. Add space to help install or suspend the mirror rectangular shape in a metal frame. It is recommended to use strict spots as illuminators for such zones. For ceiling lighting should be selected rectangular, square overhead chandeliers.

Slate on the wall

Decoration of housing under the old shops and production facilities allows you to get non-standard and outstanding stylistics. But when carrying out repairs it is important to take into account all the rules for choosing finishes, furniture, decor. Following simple recommendations will help create an original design, eliminating the gloominess of the direction and the discomfort of living. In the "official" requirements, if necessary, you can make adjustments. But they must not contradict the characteristic features of the direction. Therefore, bright and colorful tones will be out of place in this style. Light impregnations are completely permissible.

Corridor in industrial style

Special attention should be given to competent lighting. Correctly selected lighting will help create a spectacular and original design in residential, plumbing, corridor and hallway.