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Fashion trends affect all the sulfur of a person's life. Arrangement of premises is also no exception.


Fashion for the characteristic features of the arrangement of rooms is dependent on a large number of conditions - the emergence of new facing materials, progress in the field of electrical home equipment and the manufacture of ultramodern furniture, a change in architecture, financial and demographic situation in society and a particular state.

Fashion trends in the design of clothes, cause its changes for each season, with what are the cardinal changes of style and appearance, in the interior design, the popular trends are more long-term, because both customers and performers report that the design of the apartment is a laborious and expensive process, and is created not for one time period.


Each apartment owner carefully approaches the issue of arranging his home, because the apartment is the place where a person spends most of his life, and it is desirable to do it with comfort. Below is a photo of the fashionable interior of the living room in 2017.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Key areas for living room arrangement
  • Raw materials for the modern living room
  • The color palette in the modern living room of 2017
  • Photo of the new design of the living room of 2017

Key areas for living room arrangement

If we briefly dwell on modern trends in the interior design of the living room in 2017, we can distinguish the following:


Free and bright rooms with windows showcases, experts advise re-planning small-sized apartments, with the goal of creating a universal studio.


Simple and well-considered decisions regarding the choice of facing materials, furniture and décor.


Piled with excess items of interior decoration, every element of the decor must be carefully considered, whether it is appropriate and which has a purpose.


Specialists strongly advise to use environmentally friendly materials for finishing, the furniture to be purchased must also be made from safe raw materials.


It is acceptable to combine interior styles. The individually created image of the apartment, reflects the characteristic preferences of the owner, reveals his inner world.


But the most important moment can safely be considered the creation of extremely comfortable design projects, the budget component of which can afford a large number of customers.


Raw materials for the modern living room

The main emphasis in the fashion trends of interior decoration in 2017, is made on the use of natural stone and its high-quality substitutes. For these purposes, fit and wallpaper with a picture of the stone.


Most often a place for decoration with this kind of decoration is given to the space around the fireplace. What does not matter is the real one, or just an imitation. The disadvantage of the stone can be noted the inability to use in small rooms.


Do not lose its relevance the use of natural panels for the decoration of walls and ceilings. Selective decoration with panels under the tree creates a cozy atmosphere of the room, filling it with natural warmth.


The color palette of the panels directly depends on the area of ​​the living room, for spacious rooms dark colors will suit, if the area is small, it is better to use light panels made of wood. The ceiling decorated with such a decor element, will give a rustic image to modern housing. See the interior photo of 2017.


Not the last place in the design projects is glass. In the arrangement of the living room is often found glass countertops. Due to its versatility, the glass in the items of interior decoration is appropriate in any light orientation of the room.

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Giving him air lightness. Small living rooms are most suitable for using in them transparent furniture.


The color palette in the modern living room of 2017

A win-win option would be the use of white tones for the lining of the living room walls. Regardless of the fashion trends of the season, snow-white shades are always relevant. And its application in small rooms is possible even the only true solution.


Designers recommend combining this shade, with one bright attribute of the interior, for this purpose you can use soft furniture, an original coffee table, or a colorful unusual carpet. Since without such emphasis the room will oppress its owners.


Another tone that never leaves the list of the popular color palette is the beige colors. Since the main condition for the design of the guest room is the creation of a calm, relaxing environment.


A wide range of beige tones will make it possible to achieve a beautiful design of the living room of 2017, even to inexperienced people who started repairing the living room. The lack of natural lighting is another plus to apply this tone in the arrangement of a dwelling.

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In the start-up season, the predominant role is given to gray shades. Practicality, neutrality and multifunctionality of this color are appreciated by specialists in 2017. A successful combination with various colors, an effective solution for achieving a quiet interior.


Do not forget that the shades of gray are of a cool color scheme, they should be combined with warm colors, wood elements are ideal for this purpose.


Photo of the new design of the living room of 2017





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