How to make an ordinary small kitchen shine - a famous

Kitchen set

Today we have prepared some practical tips for those who consider cooking for hard labor, and all tea parties and friendly conversations over a cup of fragrant coffee tries to be carried out in the living room or in other rooms of the apartment.

We dare to assume that this attitude is typical for those who think that their own kitchen is like a gray closet and a tight camera at the same time. Only the pictures of the famous photographer Kimberley Hasselbrink will push you to implement some ideas that are able to change the look of your workspace beyond recognition.

Kitchen of small size is, first of all, a lack of useful space and necessary areas, which could be equipped to your liking.

To at least somehow smooth it, try not to lose sight of any free area and make the most of its opportunities in the process of decoration and interior decoration. Modern equipment and various accessories will become real assistants in this business.

Do not make money

Try to revise the contents of your kitchen boxes more often. Immediately get rid of things that you no longer use and are unlikely to take advantage of in the future.

Remember that dreams of repairing any items that you have stored since time immemorial are no longer relevant, and after a while will seem ridiculous. Only total cleaning will save you from unnecessary trash and free up enough space.

Decor in the interior of the kitchen

Unusual and bright decor contributes to the creation of a special atmosphere, full of benevolent and positive emotions. It does not matter which image or picture will hang on the wall.

Wine poster or other similar work within the walls of this room will cause a real revolution of colors and emotions, which will naturally affect the perception of the kitchen and will cause the desire to come here more often.

Reasonable economy

Please note: the process of decorating a room is not necessarily done using items purchased in expensive boutiques and status stores. Most of the usual flea markets and simple souvenir shops, as well as sales, contains many interesting specimens that will truly transform the premises.

Do not pay attention to the cost of the decor, but worth a look at its content. Only that which is close to your liking and reveals your inner essence, and also raises the mood, can decorate not only the kitchen, but also any room of your house.

Cooked masterpiece

Take it a bit easier to keep the dishes that are included in the menu of your kitchen. Remember that bright design and original presentation often has more success than a culinary masterpiece, suffering from the absence of these 2 factors.

Give preference to seasonal products: they are easier to find and purchase, and guests, believe me, will definitely appreciate them.

Modern equipment

This solution will not only speed up the cooking process and help to further reveal your culinary abilities, but will also save your kitchen's working area.

Kitchen appliances

Even ordinary cups and jugs in skillful hands can turn into original and stylish containers for cutlery and various implements, which is necessary in some culinary operations and which must always be kept at hand.

Be creative and creative

In addition to the various cups, jars and bright containers are perfect for the storage tanks. This method will somewhat relieve the boxes, which will fill them with other things that are also needed in the kitchen.

Cooked dish

Remember that the content of your menu should be affected not only by your culinary abilities, but also by factors such as mood and weather conditions. Hot and heavy meat dishes will look great at the table when there is cold weather outside the window, and your guests will crave warmth and rich comfort. Light snacks fully justify their presence in a warm period. As you may have guessed, the culinary masterpiece presented in the photo is better served in winter or autumn.

Kitchen set

Still, the availability of modern technical products is simply necessary. Everyone admits this, who at least once tried to use any technical innovation during cooking. In addition, their presence makes the design modern and functional.

Stylish kitchen set

A stylish kitchen interior can sometimes be decorated with simple and fairly inexpensive methods. It is not necessary to chase the modern variety offered by the current producers.

Choose a monotonous and rather catchy stylistic plot

For small kitchens, this will be the most correct option, especially when the color scheme of the interior is characterized by exceptionally light and calm tones. Such a technique will expand the visual spatial perception, which will significantly increase the boundaries.

Flowers in the interior

Do not leave any dark space unattended. Saturate it with light decor items or equip with elements with mirror surfaces. Magnificent spring flowers in a neat white vase are also a good technique that can be used in this situation.

Do not skimp on additional lighting

Different illumination will advantageously emphasize many advantages of your interior, and with the skillful use of its properties, even hide some of the shortcomings.

Books on a wooden shelf

Even a collection of culinary books and recipes, packed in bright covers and placed on shelves, can create a special mood and saturate the design with elements of brightness and casual fun.

The arrangement of such shelves and shelving will significantly save the useful space of your kitchen space and allow you to focus on the possibility of using additional jobs.