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With the traditions of old England, we began to get acquainted with the famous bestsellers of A. Conan Doyle, S. Bronte and D. Galsworthy.


The nobility of the lords, the serene calm of the characters, the manner and taste of the English aristocrats, carefully preserving the age-old traditions of their ancestors.

Formation of the classical English style took place in the Gregorian era in 1714-1837. and the later Victorian 1837-1901 gg.

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Table of contents of the article:

  • Basic features of the English style
  • Color palette of the English living room
  • Background for the English living room
  • Floor coverings
  • Decorating the walls of the living room
  • Living Room Ceiling
  • Windows in English style
  • English furniture
  • Required Accessories
  • Photo design of the living room in the English style

Basic features of the English style

Palaces of aristocrats have a number of features:

  • application of natural materials with warm tones;
  • large-sized antique furniture;
  • use of various fabrics and textiles;
  • strong floor (from oak or other noble varieties of wood);
  • the presence of luxurious soft carpets;
  • central chandeliers of large sizes;
  • Large fireplaces with gold (gilded) fixtures and details;
  • luxurious high ceilings with decor;
  • set of accessories.


In the interior of the living room in the English style in the Gregorian era it becomes a tradition to use antique elements: cornices, beautiful friezes and pilasters. When the period of Queen Victoria's reign came, the exotic objects from Africa and Asia came to the living rooms, where there were colonies.

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These are oriental luxury carpets, vases from China, caskets from India, dishes from Iran-


Color palette of the English living room

Called "Misty Albion", the damp climate of the UK was reflected in warm colors in the rooms. In the Gregorian period, the cold spectrum of the color spectrum (blue-and-blue tones) was preferred. And in the period of Victoria came into vogue juicy bright colors: from gold to terracotta.


The modern design uses soft and rich shades of different colors:

  • all shades of brown and terracotta;
  • juicy ruby, raspberry, burgundy and carmine;
  • emerald, turquoise and patina;
  • ocher, color of mustard and saffron;
  • cream or light pink.


Background for the English living room

First you need to decide on the situation, it will be a luxurious living room for the old days or cozy and homely with numerous lovely trinkets. It depends on the status of the owner: a businessman, a representative of creative bohemians, an intellectual ...


The purpose of the house (apartment) also matters: a country cottage (dacha) can have a more home-like appearance.


Gregorian style - suggests a monophonic background, patterns and drawings at that time did not apply. It expressively looks elements of wood, various accessories.


Later began to appear wallpaper with plant patterns, small birds. In the design of the living room in the English style is not permissible variegated, but it is possible to have a fine drawing with stripes, flowers or a cage.


The choice of a suitable color is influenced by the location of the windows. Warm colors are used when the windows face the north side, and if on the south one can choose calm greenish or azure hues.


Lighting always plays an important role in design. With very bright lamps you can decorate with darker colors of the wall.


Floor coverings

Sex must be of good quality, durable and beautiful. There are 2 variants of finishing: ceramic tile or solid wood (parquet or laminate, it is possible with patterns). The floor is better to varnish, it is better to choose dark colors.


For ceramic tiles, small sizes and natural shades are needed. Beautiful look monochrome tiles with geometric or floral patterns.

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Decorating the walls of the living room

For the walls of the living room in the English style, there are many ways to decorate. Paint or different in color and texture wallpaper. You can make upholstery beautiful fabric, stylish wood panels.


Economical way of finishing - imitation panels, as well as wallpaper for antique brocade (this is a matte background with beautiful drawings with glitter) or alternating strips.


Designers offer to simulate friezes, borders and stucco molding.


A more expensive and time-consuming option - the upholstery of the walls with fabrics intended for curtains. Budget method - a print with a small pattern, especially like the British flower buds.


The walls of natural stone or its imitation are very effective.

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Living Room Ceiling

Designers offer to expose beams from a tree (coffered or multilevel). You can decorate the ceilings with luxurious stucco molding, this will add volume and solidity.


Shades for ceilings are better to choose light, with paneling can be dark. Suitable modern stretch ceilings.


Windows in English style

For a long time in the houses of England large arched or rectangular windows, where there is a lot of light. In the colder months of winter, the windows make the home environment more cozy, and in summer it is part of a garden with beautiful flowers and greenery.


Heavy curtains are classics of style, double-layered curtains made of noble fabrics are very elegant. Required cords with beautiful brushes, long fringe, lambrequins, they will add respectability to the living room.


English furniture

All furnishings are distinguished by elegance and good quality, this can be achieved:

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  • applying valuable tree species (this is oak, maple, elm or nut);
  • exquisite upholstery from damask, leather or velvet;
  • bronze antique furniture accessories, gilding in accessories;
  • furniture with large, but soft forms.


For the design of a living room in English style, the following pieces of furniture are required: a large round table surrounded by chairs, a large comfortable sofa (often with a skirt), a bookcase with doors, a small table for tea. Also there is always a rocking chair and comfortable large armchairs for rest.


It is necessary that everything goes well.


Required Accessories

Traditional carpet, soft and light shade on the living room floor in a cream or beige color scheme, patterns of small and plant motifs.


The abundance of soft pads, many books, weapons on the walls, silver trimmings, paintings in gilded frames, antique candlesticks, statuettes. The fireplace is made with stone or ceramic.


In the English living rooms were often exhibited the subjects that the owners were engaged in. These are dogs, yachts, handicrafts, etc.


English style is not only an old classic tradition, but also a stylish fashionable interior of your house or apartment.


Photo design of the living room in the English style

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Living room in English style



living room-in-English-style

Living room in English style