Interior of the living room in bright colors

Living room design in bright colors

The design of the living room in light colors is a classic of interior design. It is light colors that help make the room cozy, and also comfortable for pastime. They visually increase the space, which positively affects the small rooms. Especially on this should pay attention to the owners of living rooms combined with a kitchen or even a bedroom. Since with the help of light colors it is possible to easily and unobtrusively correct the interior layout and divide it into functional zones. All this can be done independently, if you follow the recommendations below.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Correct solutions for floor and ceiling
  • Design of walls and furniture
  • Selection of lighting
  • Conclusion

Features & Benefits

It does not matter in which style you decide to design your own living room: classic, modern or minimalist. It is important to choose the right color, which will combine the functional areas well with each other. The layout of the room with a different tone is an excellent solution for studio apartments. Classics of design under these conditions is the combination of living room with kitchen and dining room. It is also often permissible to unite the living room and bedroom with a small area of ​​living space. The working areas of the room are visually separated by color combinations during a smooth transition from a light tint to a darker one.

Accents on the floor of carpets

The advantage of design in light colors is their versatility, as they can serve as a background for creating a future living room and are well combined with other colors. Designers often prefer shades of light color due to the fact that:

  • they are perfectly combined with natural materials, so a good solution is to use in the interior of the wooden furniture (a good option for the living room, kitchen and bedroom in the classical style);
  • a light interior design can easily be transformed by adding a different color to the decor, so you will always surprise your guests with innovations (these can be new curtains, pillows or even bedspreads on the sofa);
  • monochrome walls are perfectly complemented by paintings, carpets or sconces (this is an appropriate option for the classic style of the room);
  • light pastel soothingly acts on the emotional state and promotes relaxation, so it perfectly fits in the bedroom.
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Colored furniture elements

Correct solutions for floor and ceiling

Floor and ceiling are no less important components of design than walls and furniture. Let's consider more in detail ideas of their use at registration of an interior of a drawing room in light tones. For the floor, the following materials can be used:

  • Parquet or laminate painted in shades of bleached oak, light gray ash, beige and cream (this cover is suitable for dining area, bedroom in the style of the classics);
  • glossy filler floor of any shades of light color scheme (an excellent solution for the kitchen and living area of ​​the rest area and the reception of friends, loved ones);
  • white granite, cream and cream color (also suitable floor type for kitchen-living room);
  • linoleum with a variety of colors based on your preferences (decorate the interior of any functional area);
  • carpet - quite a comfortable and pleasant coating that will find its purpose in the bedroom (do not choose a pure white color because of difficulties with cleaning such a floor, especially if you have children).

Frosted ceiling

As for the ceiling, in modern style and classics, the living rooms are decorated with stretch ceilings. They can be matte or glossy white, cream or pearly. Glitter, as well as a beautiful gloss reflection that creates a romantic atmosphere, is perfect for an area such as a bedroom. A small room reflective coating visually increase. A bright living room of country style will be decorated with white wooden beams on the ceiling.

It is advisable to decorate the lower part of the room (floor, furniture) with dark shades, and make the upper one more light. So the interior will look harmonious.

Color design

Design of walls and furniture

Uniform white color on the walls without any impregnations will not look good in the interior of the living room. It is better to choose pastel, beige, golden warm shades or ivory and light gray. For coating it is reasonable to use single-color wallpaper for painting, perhaps with relief patterns. The kitchen, of course, as the most exposed area to pollution and moisture, needs a tiled coating. It can only be its work area, namely the apron, the rest - wallpaper, the best washable.

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Colored Pillows

The living room requires different furniture, especially if it combines many functional areas. It is very important that the furniture differ in color (it should be darker than the walls) and do not merge with the general background. But do not choose your choice on very bright, prominent hues. Objects of furniture should harmoniously fit into the style and color design of the living room.

Pastel shades

Interior in light colors is best taken by the classic type of furniture. Beautiful expensive furnishings made of wood, with leather upholstery, very decorate the living room. Coffee, bronze and nut colors will add elegance. In a modern interior in light colors, the classical wall perfectly fits. As for kitchen furniture, then it is best to choose in favor of natural wood. Do not forget about the useful properties of mirrors. Their use in a small living room or on the walls of the bedroom area will help visually expand the room and make it even lighter.

Sofas in the living room

Positive characteristics are modular light furniture, which perfectly fits into the interior of any living room. Its primacy is expressed by the ability to transform based on user requirements. Corner sofas perfectly fold in a comfortable bed. Modular cabinets look great in the kitchen. When choosing such furniture should be selected elements of slightly different or even contrasting tones. So it will look more interesting.

Contrasting floor

Selection of lighting

Lighting the living room, like any other room, is a very important element, especially if there is little natural light. Recessed lamps and chandeliers must match the general style of the room, as well as its color design. They will create a beautiful effect if they are painted in white.

Table lamp

The type of artificial light is chosen based on the height of the ceilings. For low, the best is the use of spotlights or suspended chandeliers. Lamps built over the work surface are an excellent solution in the kitchen. The elegance of the living room can be given a classic chandelier above the dining table, as well as wall lamps. The kitchen is well suited to a small hanging lamp. "Classic of the genre" - a floor lamp - will perfectly stand near the sofa or at the window.

Chandelier, wall lamp or floor lamp will have an interesting and elegant appearance with a gold-plated or chrome plated finish.

Lighting the living room


The design of the living room in light colors is the most commonly used color design among the rest, since it differs in the simplicity of the embodiment of its ideas and an impressive result on the result. Light shades are perfectly combined with others, they are attractive, give warmth and comfort to the house. Therefore, if your living room requires renovation, feel free to give preference to the design in light colors. Let's recall the key moments of successful decoration of bright living rooms:

  • correctly choose color schemes on walls, floor, ceiling, furniture should be different, but not too bright;
  • White walls should be diluted with colorful decorative elements, which can be replaced if desired;
  • pure-white color is impractical, so it is not suitable for furniture, on walls in this case it is better to use washing wallpaper;
  • living room-bedroom and living room-kitchen require zoning with the gradual transition of shades from light to dark.
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White walls

The main thing is not afraid to experiment and change, light colors will help you with this.