Niche under the tv of plasterboard - a simple instruction

Recently it became topical to hide equipment, in particular television, in the wall area, especially if there are already shelves or niches in the interior of the room.

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In this article we will consider the most common options for hiding home appliances and offer basic instructions on how to create them, namely, how you can build a niche under the TV-set yourself, using plasterboard.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Design task: how to fit the equipment into the interior
  • Mounting and loading from the TV
  • Direct assembly of the basic frame
  • Final stage: plating and finishing
  • Photo of design ideas how to make a niche for a TV

Design task: how to fit the equipment into the interior

Now there is a huge number of options for the concept image, however, on the one hand, they represent a completely unusual design, and, on the other, quite a difficult process of creating them.


The simplest version of the niche for a TV set of plasterboard is considered to be classical, made using a bearing wall or plasterboard surface, serving as the back wall.

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There are so-called portal elements, representing a niche from the very ceiling to the floor covering. The actuality of the use of such structural elements is the realization of numerous designs, even in those cases where there is no even sheathing. The final result looks quite harmonious and worthy.

wall-gypsum plasterboard

This portal is mainly framed by two fairly wide columns. The variant of the form is selected taking into account the customer's desire, thus, in no way, without affecting its functional use.


The most complex forms include curved versions of the front or side. Such a construction may well be supplemented with additional shelves, used to house a home theater and other equipment.

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More options can be seen in the photo niche under the TV.


Mounting and loading from the TV

Recently, the technique has become much more compact in comparison with the previous versions, but despite this, the place it occupies is quite significant. Its dimensions need to be mentioned when creating the main niche frame for more reliable fastening.


Basically, TVs are installed with hinged fasteners at a level of a meter from the floor covering. This gives the element of furniture some kind of lightness and serenity.

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Fixing the TV panel on the wall of plasterboard is accompanied by certain requirements:

  • reinforcement of the rear part - is selected taking into account the weight category of the equipment to be installed;
  • Mounting bracket is strictly according to the instruction - for reliability it is better to use four fixing points;


As fasteners it is better to use dowels from metal in the form of an umbrella and fastening "Hartmut". In the presence of a wall of brick or concrete, it is recommended to use bolted or chemical versions of anchors.


Direct assembly of the basic frame

When compared with other furniture options, the niche under the TV has a separate assembly structure. The similarity is only in that it has a main element and additional details of a particular figure that have a form-forming function.


For non-standard variations of shapes, a special so-called curved profile is best suited, which can create a suitable bend of the desired shape.


The assembly process itself is performed as follows:

1. Installation of guide profiles. The most advantageous option for an optimal load is 50 mm.


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2. Approximately 4 rows of guides are nailed to the rough version of the plane, and in case of continuous sheathing - to the hidden profiles of gypsum board.


3. At the foot of the podium is installed a small podium.


4. In the presence of side columns, it is recommended to duplicate the guides, between which you need to insert special jumpers of the required length, and they will realize the depth of the groove.


There are several options for joining a profile:

  • with the help of bent wings ";
  • application of "crab";
  • with the use of a special insert, serving as a possible extension of the profile;
  • the best option is the cutters.

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It is necessary to take into account one more thing: before sewing the frame it is recommended to lay all wires in the inner plane of the structure.

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Final stage: plating and finishing

The process is not a special technology. For a curved version, drywall should be soaked.


As for the corner parts and connections, the requirements in this case are quite strict. To finish the interior, paint with an antistatic effect is required. The horizontal shelves are best covered with a thin version of the glass of the required size.


Photo of design ideas how to make a niche for a TV


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