Modern online programs for interior design

It does not matter for a beginner designer or an amateur who has planned repairs in his own apartment, programs for online planning of the premises will be a real godsend for everyone. Today, scientific progress has gone so far that some technologies that previously seemed absolutely unreal are not only implemented, but also shine with diversity. Even the most inexperienced user can now create an interior design for his future kitchen, bedroom or any other room.

  • Sweet Home 3D
  • Ikea home planner
  • Google Sketchup
  • Planner 5D
  • PRO100
  • Plane plan
  • Plan

Programs of this kind are called program schedulers. They allow you to visually reproduce how this or that room will finally look like. Options for finishing with ease can be changed, choosing the most liked option. With such programs, you can plan not only one room, but the whole apartment or a private mansion. Especially useful planners to those who do not want to use the services of a professional designer.

To date, online planning of the premises can be performed by a variety of programs. However, the question arises, which one is best to choose? Everything is individual, and depends, first of all, on your personal preferences. In order to facilitate your choice, we picked up some popular programs that work online, for free or for a fee, and are suitable for almost any premises.

Sweet Home 3D

Easy program for the internal layout of apartments and houses. It will suit even novice PC users. A fairly simple and fully accessible interface will help in a minimal time to create a virtual interior of the room. All you need is to drag the interior elements into the virtual room with the mouse. Here, you can hardly visualize all your bold and non-standard desires, as all objects are standard and fixed, but it will be a quick and easy plan to just sketch out in a few minutes.

Modern online programs for interior design

Ikea home planner

A fairly well-known and popular furniture manufacturer Ikea created a free online resource specially for his fans and clients, which allows creating interiors independently. To work in the program do not need any special skills, everything is simple and convenient. The main emphasis is on the selection of furniture and accessories. You are available all the collections of furniture from the Ikea brand, here you will be offered to calculate the approximate cost of the design you created. And if you save the project, you can order the whole kit from the nearest company store. Like the previous program, Ikea home planner will not give a fancy to play, because, despite the huge assortment, you will not be able to obtain absolute freedom.

Modern online programs for interior design

Google Sketchup

This program is a discovery for beginners and wishing to start learning in the field of 3D graphics. There are two versions of the program - free and paid. The free version is of high quality and contains all the necessary tools for creating a full-fledged interior. Mastering Sketchup does not take much time and effort, you can quickly visualize all the necessary shapes and objects for future repairs.

Modern online programs for interior design

Planner 5D

A good program, suitable even for professionals, has a wide selection of materials, textures, furniture. If necessary, you can purchase even more items for a small fee. Planner 5D allows you to design the interior of not only one room, but at once the whole apartment or house. Also here you can create an unlimited number of projects, save in the gallery and print. Despite the fact that the functions of the program are many and they are diverse, there are no skills to work with it.

Modern online programs for interior design


A convenient and simple designer, in which only with the help of a mouse you can create full-fledged interiors. A very functionally filled toolbar will allow you to align, move, rotate in different directions and position the objects in every possible way. Each element has a number of characteristics that can be changed if necessary. The program has a unique function - a seven-fold projection, as well as all sorts of graphic effects, for example, stamping, outlining, transparency, etc. PRO100 will be appreciated not only by amateurs and novice designers, but also by professionals.

Modern online programs for interior design

Plane plan

This online service is just a find, for those that have decided create an apartment interior online, because it allows you to arrange almost any room. You do not need any additional knowledge and skills, everything is quite simple. The toolbar has a huge selection of elements: different shapes of rooms or even apartments, all sorts of finishing materials, a good selection of furniture and other accessories. At any time you can evaluate the created interior in 3D mode and even "walk" on it. The advantage is the ability to upload your own drawings and textures of materials. However, to pull all this diversity, you need a fairly powerful computer.

Modern online programs for interior design


Простенькая программка подойдёт для любителей и тех, кому просто нужно быстро накидать план. Выбор материалов, мебели и прочих интерьерных элементов достаточно скудный. Отсутствует 3D-режим, то есть окончательный вариант вы сможете оценить лишь в плоскости. В программе есть удобная функция сметы, по итогу, можно узнать приблизительную стоимость будущего ремонта. Также «Plan» предложит список магазинов, где получится приобрести все необходимое, но естественно, это магазины-партнёры программы.

Worthy online services more than a dozen. Choose the one that is most convenient for you and create masterpieces! Do you know any good software for design? Share links with us, leaving them in the comments.