How to create a scandinavian style in the interior

You may be surprised to learn that the beauty of Scandinavian interior design was not recognized until the 1950s. Today, this minimalist style is appreciated all over the world for its eclectic, simplicity and functionality.

But what is its phenomenon? How does the Scandinavian style differ from the same American minimalism? Let's look at 10 of its key features.

Bathroom in Scandinavian style

1. Neutral colors

Calm, muted shades of pale blue, cool gray, white and cream colors are visible throughout Scandinavian interiors. Such a color scheme is a business card of Scandinavian design and, it seems, it is she who attracts so much all thanks to her special serenity.

Scandinavian style of interior

2. Light parquet

Scandinavian designers almost always prefer light shades of wood. This is easy to understand, since the room in this style seems particularly open, spacious and clean, and the skill of interior architecture and furniture immediately come to the fore.

Scandinavian design kitchens

3. Large windows

When you have more than 60 days of polar nights, interior lighting will inevitably become a big honor. What in such conditions can be better than large windows? Windows from floor to ceiling are common in Scandinavian buildings for this very reason.

House with large windows

4. Love for nature

And again the main role here is played by the climate of the Scandinavian countries. With so many cold days and nights, you can easily forget about the cheerful beauty of summer time. To prevent this from happening, the interiors are decorated with numerous indoor plants and furniture from roughly processed wood.

Interior of the house in Scandinavian style

5. Elegance in the style of country

The interior design in the picture below is a kind of icon of the Scandinavian style: white walls, Swedish antique clocks, crystal chandeliers, wood furnishings in country style, white textiles and simple floral arrangements form an unusually elegant setting.

Classic interior design in Scandinavian style

6. Finnish sauna

It is known that the sauna is part of the Scandinavian way of life. Unlike our saunas in fitness centers, Scandinavian saunas are rooted in culture and have their own etiquette. So, in the Finnish sauna it is necessary to enter absolutely naked and sit at a temperature not lower than 100 degrees!

Finnish sauna in the house

7. Furniture = Form + Functions

Functionality reigns in these minimalist Scandinavian houses. Furniture, first of all, should be a useful function, and only then be a decorative element. Maybe we should all take an example from this simple way of life and get rid of most of the unnecessary things?

Scandinavian cuisine in a modern style

8. Quality materials and attention to detail

By refusing to buy various decorative trinkets, you can save money for the purchase of truly high-quality items. So, in Scandinavian houses one can often find restored antiques and first-class textiles. Such a simple but tricky approach manifests itself in Scandinavian furniture, which has simple lines and very beautiful but discreet ornaments.

Stylish kitchen in Scandinavian style

9. Fireplace in the house

With the advent of electric and bio-fireplaces, even residents of apartments can now afford such a pleasure! Unlike the American counterparts, which are placed in the center of the room and are pretty ornate decorated, the Scandinavian fireplaces are designed just to provide heat and stand, as a rule, modestly in the corner of the room.

Corner fireplace

10. Ecological compatibility

Along with the love of nature for Scandinavians is also typical desire to protect it, so modern Scandinavian houses are equipped with the world's leading "green technologies", which are exported all over the world. We hope that soon they will become popular with us!

Kitchen in Art Nouveau style

It is obvious that the aesthetics of the Scandinavian design is quite simple to simulate in our own homes. This is another reason why the Scandinavian style is so attractive - it's easy to achieve, no matter where you live.