Multifunctional furniture the living cube: a brilliant idea

Mobile multi-function wardrobe in the living room

Multifunctional furniture is a real find of our century for small, tight spaces. After all, so much effort is spent on placing personal property in a one-room apartment! It is especially difficult if part of the space should be allocated to a studio or a place to receive guests, and the dimensions of the dwelling are simply depressing. And the lack of storage or built-in closets does not leave room for fantasy flight.

But when, with the problem described, a young furniture designer, Till Könnaker, collided, he found a solution that delighted everyone who had become acquainted with his work. The idea of ​​this talented Swiss of German origin is so simple and universal that it can be called truly ingenious. In fact, it is a large capacious cube. On his "roof" is an improvised bed, and to one of the walls is attached a narrow, but comfortable staircase leading to the box. Near it there is a door that opens like a "book" and allows you to get into a small room. Will it be a storage room, a cozy workplace, a bedroom or something else - it's up to the owner of this miracle creations.

Room in the closet

Similarly, we can say about the application of the remaining three sides of the module. For example, the TV has a stand for a monitor with a diagonal of 42 inches or less, and you can also find a hanger and shelves for shoes.

And collectors will be pleased with the opportunity to use The Living Cube as a rack for storing their various treasures. In addition, this miracle furniture has a home mini-bar, a folding table and drawers for clothes and other things.

Wardrobe with folding workstation

An example of how the creator conceived a "black box" for his own home is presented in a popular forum. There is also a video showing some necessary functions of an amazing candybar.

The cube parameters are selected individually for each apartment. The Living Cube will look very harmonious if it takes less than a third of the room. However, it is not at all necessary to make all three lifting sides free of function. You can schedule the installation of the structure in the corner or on the edge of the room. This will not clutter it and give you extra space.

Room in the closet и откидное рабочее место

In order to get such an invention, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money to order the original, even if your city has not heard of multi-functional interior items. The truth in this case will have to independently develop a configuration project or, at least, take an active part in it. But seeing the result, you will never regret the time and money spent!