The color of the sea wave in the interior

How beautiful it is to plunge into the sea and forget about the turmoil and the grayness of city life. But what to do if the vacation is not soon and summer is destined for you in a stuffy office? Do not despair. Create your own "underwater kingdom" and enjoy peace and quiet at home. Imagination is as spacious as the sea, it just needs a little help. Fill your interior with the color of waves, to come home, at least for a while to disconnect from the bustling world.

What are the shades

The color palette is multifaceted. There are many shades in it. All of them were born from the confusion of reserved blue and natural green. Turquoise, sea green, peacock-blue, Pacific, the color of the Cyprian breeze, the sea depth, the lapis, the blue pagoda - there is simply no bill for the variants of the color of the sea wave. Transparent and saturated, greenish or leaving in deep blue these tones provide immeasurable scope for creativity. The choice of these or those shades depends on the taste and preferences of the inhabitants of the house. For some, the sea is associated with a static blue smoothness. For others, this is the continuous movement of waves and foamy sprays. Therefore, the color of the sea wave has its own. Some like lake-blue, someone is dark-turquoise or deep Atlantic.

The palm on the wall The wall in the office  White chair  Curtains in a flower  Beige armchair  Furniture on the veranda

Stylistic directions for color

The color of the sea wave is universal. He will find a worthy place in any interior. In some, he can act as a noble background, others inlay with restrained, calm accents. It is wonderful to decorate not only the marine and Mediterranean decorations, but also any other solutions - from traditional to ultra-modern. Deep and inviting color can be used in decoration, in furniture, in accessories. Classical style or Art Deco he will give nobility, shading luxurious gold nuances and white stucco elements. Pop art or loft will award a spectacular decor or bright designer furniture. Provence will decorate with discreet, elegant accents. In high-tech will emphasize the shine of metal and the shine of glass. In the eastern interiors will help curb the riot of colors.

In a modern style In the style of Provence  In the Art Nouveau style  Waves in the picture  In the style of minimalism  Country style

Combination with other colors

The blue-green shade very much likes neutral "neighbors". It looks good on a gray, white, beige background. The color is not clean and therefore it is equally well combined with warm and cold shades. The most popular color combinations are:

  • with white - blue-green is remarkably revealed when it is shaded with bright whiteness. In memory immediately appears a picture - a snow-white liner, swaying on turquoise waves;
  • with yellow - the first association - the blue sea and hot sand. What can be more natural and organic than this combination?
  • with gray - a calm composition that promotes rest and relaxation;
  • with black - dosed use of black does not coarsen the interior, but will give the color of the sea wave some playfulness;
  • with coral - a bright harmony, which again sends the imagination into the depths of the sea;
  • with orange - will fill the room with emotions, will give brightness and uniqueness.
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With white With beige  With brown  With gray  With dairy  With gold

Combinations with close tones - green, blue, blue fill the room with calmness and depth. Contrasting combinations - with bright sunny hues, on the contrary, act as an energy drink. Their intensity can be neutralized by adding light neutral colors.

Effect of lighting on color

The tint of the sea wave has the ability to absorb light. He is able to turn a room on the north side into a gloomy and uncomfortable dwelling, which you want to quickly leave to get rid of depressive thoughts. At the same time, he can "cool" the room, flooded with sun, bring freshness and coolness to it. The shade of the sea can distort artificial light, so you should refer to it in rooms with large windows on a well-lit side. Sun protection - dense curtains and blinds in such interiors should be avoided. Replace them with a transparent tulle, and the room will be filled with air and freedom. Artificial lighting should be selected very carefully, so as not to turn a beautiful emerald-blue interior into an earthy-blue or greenish misunderstanding. It is best to use white light from halogen lamps. He will not change the true shade of decoration. But since these sources are by no means economical, it is better to abandon them in favor of LED lamps. They are variations of warm, cold and neutral shades.

Chandelier and floor lamp Lamps and floor lamps  Crystal Chandelier  Lamp on the ceiling  Lamp near the window  Wrought iron chandelier

If desired, you can find fixtures in which you can change the nature of lighting using the remote control - at a distance. The "clip" of the proposed shades of light can include red, blue, turquoise, green.

Wall bracket near the windows Big windows  Chandelier with fan  Lamp on the bedside table  Floor lamp over the bed  Lamps on the bedside tables and chandelier

Design of rooms

With proper use, the color of the sea wave will decorate the interior of any room in the house. It is only necessary to choose the right color companions, determine the dosage and location of this picturesque shade.

Living room

Large windows of the common room let in enough light. Therefore, do not be afraid that the hall will turn into a gloomy basement room. The shades of cyan can be safely used in the decoration of walls, in the decoration of furniture and accessories. Luxury interior will give a blue-green wallpaper with a chocolate pattern, complemented by a beige base. The combination of snow-white decoration with impregnations of turquoise furniture sates with freshness. Natural natural elements will be added from natural wood. The shade of the sea looks great in accessories and textiles. Solid blue-green or neutral, cushions decorated with ultramarine ornaments, rugs, curtains create a quiet optimistic atmosphere. As an accent, you can use wallpaper with a 3D image of a spectacular dark turquoise flower. Blue-green wallpaper or paint can be an excellent tool for zoning space on functional areas. For example, they can allocate space for a home office or a wall for an improvised dressing room.

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In the living room With white furniture  Carpet striped  Walls and cushions of a color of a sea wave  Wicker chair  Yellow sofa

To make the room even more cheerful will help accessories of lemon, light green or orange color.


In the bedroom the sea blue looks great in textiles. Turquoise curtains and bedspreads on the background of neutral or chocolate furniture will become a bright decoration of the design. In the decoration of the walls, the color of the sea wave is better to use fragmentarily - as a decoration of the wall above the head of the bed or in decorative niches. You can draw a section of the wall allocated for the TV and enclose it in a white frame of moldings. On the ceiling, the ultramarine is appropriate as a central element framed by a white suspended structure. On a blue-green background, the chandelier with white frosted shades will look particularly prominent and elegant. The ceiling itself on its background will move away, rushing to the sky.

Bedroom Picture with the sea  Textiles in the bedroom  Bed by the window  Fish on the wallpaper  Waves on wallpaper


The shades of cyan in the kitchen can be "warmed up" using natural wood. The doors, the floor, the ceiling beams in the colors of light wood fill the blue-green room with countryside comfort and warmth. Dark elements give the interior nobility and rigor. In modern kitchens, high-tech styles or minimalism of blue are shaded by neutral shades. For example, white table top or beige apron in combination with a turquoise facade. Refresh the interior can be if the surface of the headset will be combined - with a white top or with colorful doors of a quaint wave-like shape. On the floor is appropriate light glossy tile or chess layout of blue-green and snow-white elements. Sufficient lighting should be provided for each zone. Light will be actively absorbed and there is a risk that in the twilight the kitchen will turn into a gloomy and uncomfortable storage room. Maximally protect the light from the "gluttonous" ultramarine glossy surfaces of facades, ceiling, floor and wall tiles and light transparent curtains will help.

Kitchen Kitchen со столовой  Navy color apron  Furniture of a color of a sea wave  Dark turquoise kitchen  Dinner Zone

Dark turquoise interiors are able to completely repel the appetite, so they should be complemented with tasty raspberry, lime or orange accessories.


The color of the sea wave in the bathroom is a traditional design. On its background, white faience and chrome plumbing looks especially elegant and even festive. Choosing a total ultramarine coloring of walls, take care of high-quality lighting. A large mirror with LED backlighting on the contour will serve well and help solve the problem of filling the space with light. Azure shades can be used as an accent - tile decor or accessories. Then the problem of light absorption will not arise. A bright curtain with turquoise colors and a shaggy mat in tone will look great on a light background. You can combine light and dark colors with a tiled layout. For example, highlight the blue zone along the hanging toilet, sink or bath. The floor or ceiling of the bathroom can be decorated in a bluish-gray-green color. Such a technique will increase the space, create the effect of a bottomless sea depth or inaccessible celestial vault. Luxuriously looks floor with a sea bed, built into the niche under the glass or liquid cover with a 3D image of the sea. To dilute deep colors, the finish can be supplemented with a mosaic that includes all shades of color.

Bathtub by the window Large mirror  Dressing table in the bathroom  Sconce on the mirror  Two sinks  Decor by the stars


In the girl's room, the color of the sea should be used carefully. To finish the walls, only the most delicate bleached tones will do. The shade will look great in decor, textiles or elements of furniture filling. Dark turquoise curtains and pillows bordered with golden edging, a dressing table decorated with patina, photo frames and a floor lamp will make a bright room both smart and original. A transparent curtain over the bed and tulle can be held in the same color, but choose the lightest shades for this. In the boy's room, the "sea wave" can take an honorable place. Especially if you choose a marine theme, English or American style. Blue-green shelves, blankets, pillows, a chair-bag perfectly fit into the cabin of a seasoned sailor and stylish teenager. Sea waves can splash directly on the wall, decorated with photo wallpapers, bedspreads, cushions and curtains with a wavy print. Ultramarine lampshade, table, wardrobes give the room a manhood and courage. The main thing that boys are afraid of is girlish shades. Therefore, in an interior with deep, somewhat sharp and dark walls, the future man will feel much more comfortable than in a gently turquoise environment. Dilution of the saturation of the sea wave in the boy's room can be done with equally active paints - terracotta, red, yellow, green, chocolate. For a quieter environment, you can use neutral shades - white, beige, gray, the color of natural wood.

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In the nursery House above the bed  Bunk bed  Cot by the window  Drawn clouds  Two beds

Corridor / Entrance hall

Choosing the shade for the decoration of the walls of the hallway, you need to consider the following points:

  • the size of the room - the blue-green walls "steal" from the small corridor the lion's share of space. You can correct the situation with white furniture, mirrors and good lighting;
  • whether the room is combined with a room or separated by walls - the coloring of the open entrance hall by the color of the sea wave will visually separate it from the room, and bring it to a separate zone. Closed space is better to decorate in light shades;
  • number of lighting devices - the brighter the light, the greater the freedom to use dark tones.

In the hall Table with jars  Entrance hall with living room  Sconce above a chair  Light paintings  Armchair in the hallway

Dark walls are good as a background for light accessories - frames for photos, housekeeper, sconces. They give the interior an elegant and luxurious look. The floor tile of the color of the sea wave is quite appropriate in the hallway. It is well combined with light blue, beige or gray walls. To her is to choose a neutral mat and light wooden furniture.

Textile, decor and accessories for aqua

Saturated dark turquoise strokes will perfectly fit into any neutral interior. In this case, the background space can be decorated in both light and dark colors. Luxuriously look velvet or jacquard curtains of blue-green color, fluffy carpets, vases. Pillows for upholstered furniture and beds, blankets, bedspreads place deep, low-key accents. Carpets so beckon, inviting to plunge into their impenetrable depth. An unusual decoration of the bedroom or hallway may be a bag or shoes of the color of the sea wave, as if accidentally forgotten in the corner. The dining room or kitchen will be revived with dishes, napkins, candles in turquoise colors. In the cooking zone, towels and potholders will look great in the same shades. Dark turquoise roller blinds will serve as effective protection against the sun and an interesting touch in the design. The living room is decorated with blue-green figurines, lamps, crocheted pouffes, geometric stools and supports made of transparent plastic.

Decor and Textiles Pillows and curtains of a color of a sea wave  Seaworthy Seat Chair  Pillows on the couch  Curtains in the tone of the chair  Painting with a Surfer


Do you ever want to say goodbye to the sea? Then start a personal "lagoon" and immerse yourself in beckoning waves whenever you cross the threshold of your own house.