On the seas, on the waves - dynamic design of a small

Interior of a small bedroom

We offer a stunning design of the bedroom unusual house with a modest footage, which was successfully developed and implemented by talented designers and specialists of the Glamor Nest project bureau in the American city of Los Angeles, California.

The appearance of twins in this American family was a pleasant surprise. When they grew up, the owners of the apartments faced the problem of limited space for the location of the newborn's bedroom and the older four-year-old son.

With the arrangement of the boudoir for the boy, a small room was chosen, which was separated from the rest of the living area by a small partition. This area was modest in size, so a couple invited a talented specialist from the architectural bureau Glamor Nest to develop the reconstruction project.

Designer Jessica McClendon (Jessica McClendon) invented and embodied for the older child a secluded and secluded corner with a total area of ​​4 square meters for a quiet and undisturbed sleep. She equipped it with a practical furniture set and magnificent interior items, which are universal, so they are great for the growth and development of the baby.

This corner had a simple and uncomplicated layout, but the through door and closet reduced the area of ​​free space and left the designer only 3 square meters for the arrangement of a berth.

Narrow oblong room was equipped with a magnificent bed with a high back and an L-shaped headboard, covered with a soft velor fabric and quilted decor. It fits perfectly into the decoration and at the same time it perfectly blends in with a gently blue hue in decoration of walls.

Before reconstruction in this room was a simple couch, which the owners occasionally used to relax guests. The interior of the room had a dull and lifeless appearance.

Small bedroom before renovation

The bed, which the owners and the specialist chose for this project, had capacious boxes for storing sleeping accessories and an amazing high back with an L-shaped silhouette that was bolted to the partitions with the help of screws.

Thus, they formed wonderful conditions for a comfortable and undisturbed sleep of the child.

A bedside table near the bed in a small bedroom

У кровати располагается небольшая деревянная тумбочка от компании Serena & Lily с необычным основанием и вместительными верхними ящичками с металлической фурнитурой. Она была украшена яркими игрушками, которые придали комнате особенное очарование и эстетическую привлекательность.

Wooden bedside table

As the room is located on the ground floor dream houses, it was necessary to equip a lot of storage space for toys. The designer used for these purposes a closet next to the shower.

Narrow closet at the front door

The picture of the mother and son hangs over the bedside table. It gives the furniture of the boudoir an incredible charm and personality.

Painting over the bedside table in the bedroom

Small accents and decorative details complete the appearance of the room. For lighting, an original luminaire with a round volumetric shoe in the form of a drum, located at the head of the bed, was used.

Он был оборудован цепочкой-выключателем, которую мальчик может с лёгкостью потянуть, когда пришло время спать. Для декора постели было использовано потрясающее хлопковое бельё от торговой марки Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, выдержанное в насыщенной красно-синей цветовой гамме.

Bed linen and pillows in a red and blue palette

Interior Design Sleeping room for the baby from the designers of the agency Glamor Nest in Los Angeles is a delightful creative masterpiece that is great for a quiet and serene childhood sleep.

The modest space of the space, the neutral gray-blue toning palette in the decoration, the classic furniture set and bright accessories attract the attention and public interest to this project.