Exclusive: director of everyday life

We happened to get an interesting interview with Tatyana Zvanskaya, who is not a beginner yet, which we have written about many times and are happy to post again. We hope that you are also interested in following her work.

Exclusive: Director of everyday life

For the sake of what the movie is made, what is the secret of success, why should the director write about food, what is the sense of blogging, when all around bloggers, how to rent fashion for 5,000 rubles and the true face of competition.

- Tell me something about yourself?

- We are right at the interview! (laughs) I'm a director, a photographer, a blogger. In the film industry from the age of 14. Then I first encountered this world, worked as a volunteer at the film festival "Moscow premiere." It was incredible excitement, fantastic people, a sea of ​​inspiration. So after school I had only one option - VGIK. But then I did not pass by points on the budget. I went to another university for Advertising and Public Relations, worked, studied and tried again. Only the third attempt was successful. I could not believe until I picked up a student! (laughs) During her studies she did a lot of things: clips, advertising, documentary films, and fashion, she worked on the federal channel. And now I do what I love most. I shoot image ads for a variety of unusual projects, unique brands and interesting start-ups.

Exclusive: Director of everyday life

- That is beautiful videos. And why not a movie? probably in VGIK all dream to remove the full meter?

- Every director must shoot what he believes. I'm an absolute incurable aesthetic. This is what I live, what I'm talking about on the screen. Each my project always began with the fact that I sat down and told the film crew, the producer: "I want to show It!". So it was with a documentary film about sound designers and sound engineers. Once I saw these people at work, and I wanted to tell everyone about what kind of magic it is. So it was with the clip Sigur Ros (note Icelandic post-rock band). I heard their track and said: "Oh, this is a magical music, I know what it is!". And we shot an albino girl, a macro of frozen flowers, ice. This work is generally a happy fate. She traveled a lot in Europe, exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art. Although we spent a ridiculous amount, something about five thousand rubles. Now I work with absolutely amazing people. It's such a pleasure to talk about their ideas, about their work, about what they are creating. Now we are preparing the shooting for one incredible artist. What she does is very laborious, very expensive. And while a little secret. (laughs) I'm looking forward to the start.

- So it's getting closer to advertising?

- To some extent yes. Although I treat every similar project as a short film. Usually directors shoot about the fate of people. And I'm closer to talking on the screen about objects, images and ideas. Each of them has its own destiny, its own history.

- Is there a favorite moment in the work?

- Maybe yes. When for the first time you show the final version to the customer. Sometimes for people this is such happiness. They see on the screen a beautiful story about what they have dedicated their lives to. If there is mutual understanding, it is a great pleasure to work. Customers are very ill for the result of their work. And when it is possible to show it from the best side - this is a great joy for everyone.

Exclusive: Director of everyday life

- Really there were never "hell" customers?

- From the "play with the fonts" series? (laughs) There's no such thing. There were commercial projects where you need to quickly and accurately do everything accurately on TK, closing your eyes to some nuances. But these are the requirements that the client puts forward. And we are always with them. In addition, now more often people turn to me already knowing me, knowing my "handwriting." And we almost always have mutual trust and understanding. But here is also such an important point. Creativity creativity, but even for the most "creative" projects, I always make up a brief, write a script, draw storyboards, collect references. This is confirmed, and only then you can start shooting.

- Are there any secrets?

- As everywhere: to love your work and work hard.

- Is this the key to success?

- For success, the team is important. These are the people who make the project together with the director. Everyone is doing his bit. And in the end, the magic of cinema. (laughs) In general, shooting is always cooperation. For me, great value is a good atmosphere on the site. This allows you to work very quickly and efficiently.

- And with all this you still blog about food?

– Fox&Herbs? (прим. foxandherbs.com) Я очень деятельный и открытый человек. К тому же дом — это мое вдохновение. Искренне люблю посиделки с друзьями на кухне, долгие разговоры вперемешку с готовкой. Эти хлопоты составляют довольно большую часть моей жизни. А когда я начинаю рассказывать о поездках и местных блюдах — меня вообще невозможно остановить. Пожалуй я самый настоящий гурман! (смеется) При чем еще и «эстетический». Друзья давно шутили, что я должна вести кулинарный блог. Так что многие ждали когда я наконец сдамся. К тому же снимать еду для меня удовольствие. Даже тут мой профессиональный интерес дает о себе знать. Я согласна со словами Дениса Каргаева о том, что еда сближает людей. В мире так много всего, что разъединяет нас: политика, религия, социальные классы. А сближает всего две вещи: культура и еда. Вот кино — это культура, а блог — о еде

Exclusive: Director of everyday life

- Do not be embarrassed that this is another culinary blob on the web? It is believed that this is entertainment for housewives.

- True? That's bad luck! (laughs) Actually, what's the difference. I am pleased to share my experience, inspire people. I like to discover a new one for myself and readers. If this makes the world a little better, fills it with beauty - fine.

- And how do you solve the issue of competition?

- But nothing at all. I am for cooperation in all spheres. We are doing a common cause, we are all different. We can share experience, help each other. I sincerely admire so many food bloggers, I like their style, I like their attitude to the process. And all so different! So readers, like viewers, will still find something of their own. For example, how many detective TV series are shot every year. And nothing, everyone has their own audience. So it is here. Although it is sometimes annoying. They sent a link, they ask: "Did not you cut the idea?". I read and understand what I have. Because no one else writes about this. What a popular blogger. And funny, and sad. But let it remain on his conscience and conscience of our common acquaintances

Exclusive: Director of everyday life

- So you are tolerant of plagiarism?

- How to say. I know that no one will do what I do. You can copy the external component. But it, like a shell from an egg, is fragile and loses its meaning without filling. And than to fill it - only the author of the idea knows.

- What would you advise?

- Always be curious, look around, study life, discover new and create. In the end, everyday life is an endless source of inspiration.