Pink in the interior - 25 ideas

1 Pink in the interior

For those who have already gotten rid of the stereotypes about the pink color and allow the use for the interior of their home, it should be borne in mind that its palette includes shades more than it seems. Such unlike the appearance of tea rose and fuchsia, bamblum and salmon, cyclamen and rose-peach, can not only not combine with each other, but also display their individual character. Pink color is used in the interior of absolutely any rooms, what would make it not only fashionable, but add comfort and tenderness or energy and positive. Choosing the mood that you expect to get in the end, with the help of this color, you can try everything by opening the door to the room: plunge into the aura of the light pastel or into the glamorous world of bright pink.

Gray is appreciated for achromaticity, the ability to emphasize the neighboring colors, with it any shade of pink is combined. Combination allows you to give the room character, and depending on the intensity - cheerful and cheerful notes. Using velvety silk textures with mirror surfaces make the room luxurious. Addition of silvery, for example, metal accessories bathroom, allows against the background of gray play with new colors. Even made with the most simple, budgetary materials, the gray-pink interior looks stylish and expensive.

Wall decoration in pink color

One of the bold successful experiments can be considered the color of the wall gray, and the opposite - bright fuchsia or other shocking pink, adding the design to white, black, blueberry. Duet of calm colors - it is better to adhere to the brevity in the introduction of details, other colors. Light accents: white, cream, light olive, light green, pale blue are suitable. Furniture of complex shapes, unique decor, will never allow the view to get bored in a gray-pink room.

Gray-pink combination in the dining room

Alternative combinations

Pink, gaining popularity, allowed designers to present many stylistic solutions based on contrast or harmony. The most successful were considered to be combinations with colors:

  • Cream. One of the most popular is not accidental - a special tenderness, elegance is achieved in the case of using smoky pink, powdery in combination with all light beige. Option: only pink walls, the rest is made out cream.
  • White. Strengthen the brightness of bold shades, give airiness pastel pink tones, giving the room a few "zephyr" look.
  • Green. It removes unnecessary lightheadedness, adds freshness, raises the mood. Ideal for dining area, living room. Delicate, pastel shades of both color partners with snow-white impregnations will create a bright, cozy atmosphere.
  • Brown. Shades of chocolate, coffee is appropriate for the living room, accentuously highlighting the furnishings, accessories of the pink scale. Help to support the game of opposites beige, cream, sky-blue, tender-green.
  • Yellow. Light, clean - ideal for decorating a nursery, bedroom. Only pastel colors can make the interior soft, relaxing. Bright options will bring the expression, for example, in the living room of pop art.
  • Lilac. Will present tenderness and romanticism in the case of the pastel scale; mystery and awe, if closer to purple.
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Pink and purple

Designers are advised to exercise caution in an independent combination with the following colors:

  • Red. Even a large amount of white will not save the situation in case of incorrectly chosen shades.
  • Blue. A fresh combination, with bright shades, for example, turquoise - is creative. But the final result of registration can cause bewilderment, if only it is not childish for the boy and the girl.
  • The black. A dangerous neighborhood for the design of the room. It is important to clearly observe the proportions, otherwise quite a bold idea will turn, for example, a bedroom into a crypt for Barbie. Avoiding vulgarity helps the addition of white fragments, dark wood.
  • Orange. The combination is common in Oriental styles, but the combination of these close shades of the palette threatens the effect of merging and an indistinct final result.
  • Blue. The tandem looks cold and gloomy, picking up harmonious combinations is problematic enough.

Black with pink

Suitable styles

Pink color in all its various manifestations and perfectly verified quantity will be appropriate in almost all styles. Sympathetic to this color: his presence is most characteristic:

  • Ethno: Arabic, Moroccan, Indian. Pink is presented from an entirely different angle: no candy sweetness, femininity, lusciousness. Only the heat and passion of ethnic motives, and the brightness will appeal to many men.
  • Classic. Used pink and peach, salmon shades, very harmoniously combined with gilding, bright surfaces, characteristic classics.
  • Baroque. If you gravitate to luxury, splendor, then excess will not be inappropriate in this style.
  • Pop Art. This is a real surge of emotion, and what can stun more than the active use of pink, highlighted by an unusual, bold design.
  • Glamor. A beautiful style can become elegant, especially with light cold colors, a reasonable amount of detail.
  • Shebbi-chic. The amazing style created by a woman for women, where one of the main colors of the palette used is pink - delicate, airy, lollipop.

Pink Living Room

Features of the design: general rules

The most important thing is to stop in time. In pursuit of sensuality, tenderness, which is able to give pink, it is easy to get carried away and betray the room, especially a small, trashy and comical look. Especially dangerous fuchsia, other flashy colors: when you design too high requirements for form and content. A win-win option: the optimal small area from the whole room or use in decor objects.

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Gray sofa on a pink background

Modern decoration does not imply total: in the world there are many other colors that perfectly match with it. Another not the most successful manifestation of the "total kick": banal pink roses, only if it is not a gentle vintage or a modest provence. A large number of details will not save from the monotony of the interior, even in the company with white, if one shade is used, otherwise it should be very light.

Hall in light pink color

Insidiousness is manifested in an attempt to combine shades of warm and cold scales: the polar will be highly conflicting. It is better to use one version of pink, but to build the design on the intensity: the lightest - on the wall surfaces, the more saturated - the large accessories, the darkest and thickest - the smallest details. Pink shows amazingly on textured materials - velvet, velor.

Bathroom with wall decoration in pink colors

When decorating any room should focus on lighting: daylight and artificial (especially cold) in different ways affect many shades of pink and are able to expose it not in the best light.

Entrance pink door in the hallway

Main room

The shades of pink are unequally perceived by different people, so to accurately please a man, use one that does not turn the main room of the house into a maiden bedroom. Alternative shades, able to please even demanding: a tea rose, pink-peach, salmon. To avoid fatigue, designers advise for the living room to apply such options:

  • muffled tones;
  • dilution by others;
  • only accents.

Bright sunny pink room

As for dosed, proportionate use, the room decorators offer a golden rule: 6: 3: 1. Get the perfect interior is possible, if in this scheme to give the pink the last place, to supplement with white, and the main part will belong to the classic colors used for the living room:

  • beige;
  • chocolate;
  • green;
  • blue.


The interior of the living room usually consists of a large amount of wood: floor, decorative panels on the walls, beams on the ceiling, furnishings. Pastel shades miraculously harmonize with all this natural splendor. It should only be taken into account that a particularly fashionable combination of gray with pink for the living room does not imply honey, brown tones of wood, but white ash, milk oak.

Pink Shelves

Pink shows amazingly on textured materials - velvet, velor. Therefore, an excellent option for those who doubt - try introducing into the interior through a sofa cover and accessories. In case of negative experience, it is easy to replace without making a new repair.

Pink sofa

The dream of the mistress

Pink tones have become increasingly used for the kitchen-dining room. Perhaps, not the least role was played by associations with cakes, candies, and maybe the fact that the kitchen, as a rule, is a woman's kingdom. Are created with different emotional coloring:

  • Bright pink - the ability to enhance appetite;
  • Smoky pink, pastel - the recreation of peace, spiritual gatherings.
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Kitchen in pink color

The latest design solutions refer to the past: more often the kitchens are performed in retro styles, vintage. All sorts of light pink shades are offered by manufacturers of home appliances that can harmoniously fit into this style.

The combination of green chairs in a pink dining room For modern stylistics of cuisine - cyclamen, fuchsia and other shockingly pink variations. Want to soften the effect - replace white with cream, milk.

On the protection of non-standard shades comes the fact of a visual increase in space. Dosing quantity can be standard schemes of application:

  • background - walls;
  • countertop, apron;
  • facades of cabinets;
  • textiles, accessories, kitchen gadgets.

Pink facades of the kitchen

Pink dreams

The bedroom, in the decoration of which the main color is pink, is very bold and unordinary, but in order to accommodate a man, several conditions must be observed:

  1. Use pink-peach, any ashen-pastel shades.
  2. Combination with dark chocolate. Perhaps even the use of pink wallpaper: furniture, finishing will give the room stability, some brutality.
  3. Observe moderation in decorative elements.

Bedroom in pink colors

With the help of pink it is possible to make the bedroom ideal, such as you personally see it. I want an active morning - use a companion white color with its tonic effect. It is acceptable for pastoral styles and for modern ones. The combination of powder shades with a delicate greens, olive will give naturalness, freshness, comfort. Simultaneous addition of blue and white shades will allow the room to look more spacious. Actually, if the bedroom, in addition to the recreation area, provides additional functionality, for example, the working area. Light, spaciousness will bring the accent colors of pillows, bedspreads, curtains:

  • turquoise;
  • light green;
  • light-emerald

Design of a bedroom for a teenager in pink color

If the bedroom is constantly flooded with light (windows to the southeast), purple-pink and other cool shades of violet-pink design will take on the "cooling" function. The opposite desire - to give more heat, is feasible with the addition of golden color. Option: the interior of the bedroom with pink wallpaper and textiles of golden execution - pillows, padding upholstery, bed headboard.

Delicate bedroom

Verdict pink

Undoubtedly, pink for some will be associated with femininity, lightheadedness, but there are those who see in these interiors a real comfort and warmth. After all, even opponents of this color can not deny - it helps to get rid of the negative, improves the mood, which certify color therapists.

Luxurious bathroom in pink shades

It is even more difficult to challenge that in the season the pink color in the interior of the rooms is still in a trend. The top ten got the option: "pink yarrow" that among such a huge variety of colors - a serious claim for further success. Among fashionable designs, not only interiors, there is a growing trend: it becomes a universal color, changing the coloristic boundaries in gender components. The samples of interior solutions for common areas are becoming a confirmation: a living room, a dining room. And what do you think about pink personally? Ready to give him a chance?

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