Practical tips for interior decoration of a narrow room:

Interior of a narrow dining room

If you have encountered narrow rooms in your life, you know how difficult it is to work with them. Even designer furniture with difficulty becomes in such a room, in such conditions it is difficult not to feel caught in a tight tunnel by a person. However, experts found different ways of modifying such a space.

An interesting move is the choice of a darker color for the end walls, and more light for the elongated. So the proportions of the room visually approach the classical ones, which can also be emphasized by the correct choice of air transparent curtains.

Methods for visual expansion of space

You can work with other types of coatings, for example, laying a laminate or parquet perpendicular to the length of the room. Interesting look wallpaper for the ceiling with cross bars.

Just do not choose any materials with a small or dark pattern, this creates a feeling of tight space.

If we talk about the situation, then all the items should be placed near the walls, not occupying the central square. It is important to place the accents correctly, avoiding decorative details and the largest furniture, placing the width of the room.