Provence style in the interior - 80 photos of ideas for a

Interior designers refer Provence to one of the directions of country style, namely to the French country style. The features of the Provence in the interior of the premises emphasize the attractiveness of rural life and the mild climate of the French Riviera.

Provence style in the interior

The interiors made in this style are filled with a unique charm and create a romantic mood. Their atmosphere breathes comfort and amazes with its exquisite beauty. The interior design in the style of Provence is designed to demonstrate the irreproachable taste of the owners of the house and their hospitality.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Features of the Provence style
  • Room layout
  • Wall and floor finishing
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Философия прованса
  • A photo of the style of Provence in the interior

Features of the Provence style

Among all the variety of types of interiors in the country style, it is Provence that is the first in popularity. The rich palette of Provence carries colors, dictated by the countryside, the azure waters of the Mediterranean and the freshness of the lavender fields. Dimensionality and archaic nature of rural life are reflected in the pastel colors of the walls, flowering plants, pots with dried bouquets, cotton curtains on the windows.

Provence style in the interior

Provence perfectly suits both for interiors of standard apartments, and for furnishing large country houses.

Provence style in the interior

In the photo of the Provence style, you can see the characteristic features that designers follow when creating an interior:

1. Light color solutions. The walls and the floor in the rooms should be exclusively pastel colors.

2. Obligatory presence of stone and wooden interior decoration. It can be brickwork, wooden beams on the ceiling, a wooden floor.

3. Antique or artificially aged wooden furniture with mandatory forged parts.

4. Lack of wallpaper on the walls. A characteristic feature of the style is plastered walls with a floral print.

5. Abundance of decorative elements in the kitchen and minimalism in the setting of the other rooms.

6. Use only natural finishing materials.

Room layout

Ideally, the Provence style room should be spacious and fully visible. However, this style is perfectly suited even for small city apartments. To differentiate individual sectors of the room designers apply zoning. English style in the interior - 75 photos of the best ideas for modern design design


Curtains made of textiles or beads, bookshelves, large decorative containers for plants, various screens and elegant wrought iron lattices are used as partitions.

Provence style in the interior

When using zoning techniques, you should leave a free space in the center of the room to create the impression of spaciousness. The interior of the apartment in the style of Provence does not recognize the low ceilings and the abundance of artificial lighting fixtures. Maximum natural light should provide wide window openings.

Provence style in the interior

Wall and floor finishing

In the style of Provence, all surfaces of the room are decorated in pastel colors: olive, light beige, tender green. Important to do, highlighting Provence among other country styles is an abundance of white. It is possible to better emphasize the rural color of the premises of the presence of roughly planed wooden beams, masonry and decorative plaster.


When laying floors use a board or terracotta tiles. Simplicity and naturalness of materials - these are the basic principles used in finishing the room in the style of Provence.

Provence style in the interior

Furniture and accessories

Provence was able to reflect all the subtleties of the picturesque corner of the south of France - the French Mediterranean. On the photo of the Provence style in the interior you can see snow-white sliding doors, floral patterns on the walls, antique or artificially aged furniture from expensive woods and other distinctive features of the true Provence.


All items in the room, ideally designed to create a sense of antiquity. For example, on the furniture should clearly visible plaque of time in the form of scrapes, irregularities and thin cobwebs.


Modern notes are not for Provence. A clear replica will simply destroy the charm of the interior. Furnishing a room in the style of Provence, you can not do without wicker furniture, buffets with a floral print, bulky cabinets and chests of drawers with a lot of drawers, as well as shelves and book shelves.


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Forged products with exquisite lines are an integral part of the interior structures of the provence. Aerial openwork forging can be found in mirror and picture frames, chandeliers and candlesticks, chair legs or the head of the bed.


The main highlight of the Provence style in the interior - large-scale panoramic windows almost the entire wall, draped with light curtains.


In addition to the curtains, other textile products are also used, which help create a beautiful interior in the style of Provence: tablecloths, bedspreads, napkins from coarse linen or chintz. For example, an excellent solution for the bathroom will be the use of textiles in white and blue tones.


Also different is the provence with an abundance of cute little things that create an atmosphere of coziness in the house: statuettes, vases, photographs in forged frames, carved caskets.


An obligatory feature of the Provencal cuisine is the availability of a classic plate with cast-iron plates and an oven. Above the plate is placed a beautiful stretch of large size, and the area around the plate is separated with ceramic glazed tiles or masonry.


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Философия прованса

The style of Provence will become close to those who want to forget even for a few moments about modern technologies and the furious rhythm of the life of megacities and plunge into the simple atmosphere of rural life.


Provence so beckons to relax, enjoy the charm of French antiquity and join the natural beauty of nature. In each of its lines this unique style bears sunlight, warmth of the home and an inspiring silence. And to fill your life with the kindness and harmony of Provence, you need to put all your soul into this interior.

Provence style in the interior

A photo of the style of Provence in the interior






Provence style in the interior

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Provence style in the interior








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Provence style in the interior

Provence style in the interior

Provence style in the interior

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Provence style in the interior

Provence style in the interior

Provence style in the interior

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Provence style in the interior

Provence style in the interior