Psychedelic interior of a small apartment for sophisticated

Cabinet and dining area in the kitchen

Combining different directions in the same room

Invites you to get acquainted with the talented Russian designer and her projects. Irina Krasheninnikova is a wonderful young interior designer who was able to combine nostalgic notes and a modern multifunctional style in a small apartment with a minimal budget.


Irina Krasheninnikova

Irina graduated from the interior design school "Details". Participated in the program "Housing issue" on the channel NTV. At the INTERIA AWARDS competition received a nomination. In architecture and design, I entered the final of the PINWIN competition. I took part in the design festival SRETENKA DESIGN WEEK.

Architecture and interior design are always inseparable friends, meet the image that corresponds to the people living in it, Ira believes.

"A good designer should also be a psychologist, then he will accurately guess all the wishes and requirements of the customer, as well as create a comfortable, universal and artistic interior of any apartment."

Tell me, how many square meters is the apartment you create?

The area of ​​the apartment, designed by Irina, is only 50 square meters. At first, the apartment had a pair of living rooms, ten and twenty meters, respectively. The sizes of the hallway and the combined bathroom are the same - 10 meters each.

The house is built of brick, so the entire perimeter of the apartment consists of pillars.

The carpet of the Soviet model on the floor in the bedroom

Floor carpet of the Soviet model

Metal round armchair

Vegetables, wood and metal - an unusual solution

Dry roses in an old kettle

Dead roses in the same container

Bookcase in the bedroom

Functional bookcase

Who ordered the project?

A married couple are thirty-year-old intellectuals engaged in advertising and marketing. Love a cat, books and art. They ordered the project.

Book shelving at the desktop

A table of a real communist

The switch in the form of a New Year's ball

New Year's ball of the future

Soviet stamps in the frame

Nostalgia - brands of the Soviet era

What ideas did the customers offer?

Customers wanted to leave the spirit of their modern life, but to bring some kind of fun in the overall picture of the apartment.

The desire to have a wide entrance hall, a living room, with a fireplace imitation, a study, a cozy kitchen, a bedroom, was adjacent to the decision to divide the bathroom and put a shower instead of a bath. One more condition - it is necessary to allocate a place for the storage of literature. Everything changed radically.

Ecological wood finish

Ecological tree - the best finish?

Bedroom interior in oriental style

Oriental theme, bright pillows and soft pouf

The combination of different styles in the interior of the kitchen

Classics and high-tech - the best harmony of style

What helped you create this project?

The apartment is new, so it was unusual to create a nostalgic atmosphere here.

The designer decided to create an interior "real", which is completely saturated with history, and not a parody of it. It does not have luxury, although textures and materials are natural and expensive.

The apartment does not look prestigious, but everything in it is expensive for the family. Fashionable - it's not about her. Common objects here are applied in an unexpected way.

Floor lamp on a wooden stalk

The trunk of a tree as a foot lamp for a floor lamp

Ancient chair in the interior

Chair of the early 20th century

Niche for books in the wall

Niche in the wall for books

Original bedside table from glass

Glass table for a painted bowl

Redevelopment was required?

The layout of the apartment was mandatory. The carrying parts of the apartment were hidden, and niches were placed in them for storing books, clothes and wardrobes.

The bedroom was placed in a smaller room.

A large room was divided into two separate zones by a partition. One was occupied by a small living room, and in the other zone there appeared a dining room-kitchen and a study.

In the converted bathroom there was a toilet seat, a shower room and a vestibule where you can change clothes and leave dirty laundry.

Antique armchair in the bedroom

English table near the king's chair

A large bookshelf in the bedroom

Wide roomy shelves on the walls

Cabinet and dining area in the kitchen

It's good to work on a full stomach

Antique chair in the bathroom

Aged things and modern lighting are a wonderful transformation

Bathroom in white color

The style of Provence is colossal

Bath Towels

Terry and white - always relevant

How was light and color used?

The color solution is calm - it is cowberry and turquoise. The shades of the whole Russian nature prevail, and in them restraint and calmness prevail.

But the main thing in any project is correctly selected light. The necessary light will always revive, fill with energy and refresh any color. To make the atmosphere pleasant, you need to use different lighting: the main overhead light, various floor lamps, lamps and table lamps.

Unusual lamps give the room a fabulous feel and always surprise the customers. Here are used floor lamps "Elki", located in the dining room near the mirror and a wall lamp "Aspen", in the hallway.

Pillows of different textures on the bed in the bedroom

Different pillow textures are impressive

Metal armchair under the metal bra

Mirror chair and lamp perfectly complement each other

New Year's lights in the interior

"Yolki", but it's not New Year's

New Year's lights in the interior

The garden in the hallway, lit by a garland

Orange accents in the interior

Peach diluted the white extravaganza

Lighting in the workplace

Purple and yellow, light and darkness

Bedroom in pastel colors

Floor and textile in beige tones

How did you choose furniture?

Based on the total area of ​​the apartment, all furniture was selected. The amount is accurately dosed. All the essentials are small.

A large sofa replaced a small couch, a compact, but roomy refrigerator built like a table top. Expensive and cheap in the same interior, which significantly reduced the budget of the project.

Lilac leather pouf

Lilac poof from the fairy tales of Shakharzadeh

Sideboard in the interior of the bedroom

Lovely built-in sideboard

Cow's toy head on the wall

Cow on the wall - cool

What makes you proud?

In a small apartment everything is rationally planned, so there is much for a normal life.

Everything is very well arranged, the composition looks spacious.

Intricate accessories create an individual interior. It fully meets the needs and lifestyle of customers.

Vase with apples on the dining table

Apple sketches in the kitchen

Wicker bedside table

To read and drink tea in bed - beauty

Bright workplace

A rich variety of colors

Difficulties arising in the implementation of the plan?

A small budget limited the implementation of the project.

Small tips from the designer Irina Krashennikova, who can increase the space of a small room

1. A single color for walls and ceilings, which is combined with the floor and the surfaces of neighboring rooms, will create a continuous effect.

2. Kanty other colors visually increase the space on the ceiling, attract attention to it.

3. Huge mirrors will create the illusion of many rooms.

4. The square of the room combined with the ceiling height makes it calm, harmonious and peaceful.

5. The absence of doors will help to unite two rooms.

6. Built-in cabinets frees much space and merge with the overall interior, especially if they are the same color as the wall.

7. Shelves, which are located above eye level, are used for rarely used things.

8. Large pieces of furniture distract from the general picture of the room, attracting glances at themselves.

9. Acquisition of the most necessary and small sizes leads to success.

10. Gloss on surfaces is also not bad.

11. The smoke on the glass makes the atmosphere of the room easy.

12. Corridors and concierge visually increase the size of the apartment.

13. If you remove large household appliances, then there will be a lot of free space.

14. You can not fill all the walls, one must be empty, on which the eye can rest.