Quality fabric - a pledge of a long service of upholstered

Many people repair and change the interior style of the room is associated with significant material costs. This is due to the widespread opinion that it is possible to achieve the desired result only through cardinal actions, such as: wallpapering, painting walls, changing lighting, buying new furniture. To create a new interior style, simply change the upholstery of existing soft sofas and armchairs.

After making a decision to repair the upholstered furniture you need to pick up the upholstery fabric. To be guided at the same time should not only aesthetic preferences, but also take into account the practicality, as well as the functional characteristics of the material, because the length of the furniture depends on the choice of fabric. For upholstery, tapestry, chenille, flock, jacquard, velor and other fabrics are used.

Interior of the living room in rustic style

Tapestry, chenille and flock

The optimal option for the tightening of furniture is tapestry, which is due to the thickness of the yarns, as well as the density of this material. These characteristics can significantly extend the life of the sofas and armchairs. Шенилл it is used in a case if an upholstery of upholstered furniture of an economy class is carried out. It meets the requirements for furniture fabrics, has strength, and is easy to clean. Owners of pets, as well as the presence of small children, should be used for upholstering the flock. This fabric, which is based on glued cotton mesh, is easy to clean, has a water repellent and dirt repellent effect, is resistant to burnout and wear.

Upholstered furniture in the living room

Jacquard and velor

A variety of ornaments and colors will allow the Jacquard upholstery to harmoniously merge into almost any interior, but it is quite delicate in care. Therefore, do not use it if there is a possibility of frequent contamination. The use of velor for upholstery of sofas and armchairs will give the interior elegance and elegance. It is durable, attractive and pleasant to the touch, but less wear-resistant than previous materials. Velor is more suitable for attracting attention with its effectiveness than for daily use.

Furniture for office

Thus, replacing the old upholstery is an excellent solution for changing the interior style of housing. In addition, experimenting with fabrics and textures will allow you to become the owner of exclusive and unique furniture, which will cost several times cheaper than new sofas and armchairs.