Saving space of small rooms with innovative kitchens

Open shelves in the kitchen

Saving the space of small rooms with innovative kitchens Classic-FS IOS-M from Leicht. Today we are pleased to introduce you to the magnificent design of the Classic-FS / IOS-M furniture set. It will allow you to save space for placing household items and dishes, as well as beautifully transform the decoration of the apartments.

Let's take a close look at the unusual ideas and solutions embodied by the talented specialists and architects of the Leicht brand.

The original composition with monochrome gray shelves and a blue background gives the room a special attraction.

Gray furniture set in the kitchen

When it comes to planning a dream kitchen, a small footprint leads you to the solution of the problem of economical and rational placement of furniture.

But the modern interior design of this area quickly turned the difficulty into a delightful opportunity to show beautiful shiny cupboards and shelves that turn the cooking space into a vibrant epicenter of the apartments.

The Classic-FS / IOS-M series from Leicht is an ideal choice, as they offer a wide range of furniture headsets to save space. Models allow you to hide the mess and create interesting facades of lockers, visually linking the space of this zone with a cozy guest cabin.

Flexibility, compositional freedom and modern minimalism are characteristic features of this product, which basically uses corner cabinets, drawers, sliding storage units, disappearing when not needed, and elegantly lit floating shelves for work.

Although at present the trademark has put up for sale only two models of designer furniture, any client can individually create an image that is appropriate to the specific style of the apartments and the floor plan of the house, selecting individual elements.

Functionality is the main feature of this product, but external design has been developed in cooperation with Leicht. This ensures that every kitchen module will look good in a stylish living room with an open plan.

Give the area for cooking delicacies a fabulous view with monotonous and organized open shelves. Lighting underlines the beauty of the magnificent open facade of the headset.

Lighting in a small kitchen

The modern laconic model has a spacious and chic composition.

Small kitchen with island

Hidden boxes for pots and pans help save space in the apartment.

Drawers for tableware

The kitchen island has a lot of storage areas.

Drawers for tableware

A tall cabinet with shelves easily opens and shows its filling.

Cabinet with drawers

Special functionality and elegance of unusual furniture are achieved through an exceptional combination of colors, materials and unique surfaces. Authenticity and naturalness are important aspects of modern products, according to the design of the Leicht-

Exquisite design combines a breakfast area with a beautiful worktop.

Small kitchen with breakfast bar

L-shaped composition with a strict peninsula and an area for a snack.

Small kitchen with breakfast bar

Intellectual products allow you to use every centimeter of the area.

Drawers for tableware

Corner cabinets and floating shelves make it possible to rationally use the area of ​​the room.

Corner kitchen set

Functional shelves help to keep order in the house.

Drawers for tableware

Interesting autonomous unit with a dazzling system of illumination.

Lighting system in the kitchen

We presented to your attention a phenomenal and interesting collection of options and decor ideas for the design of the Classic-FS / IOS-M furniture in the kitchen, which is able to decorate a small space.

Ergonomic and rational solutions in the planning of this space allow family members to enjoy their meals and prepare dishes in aesthetically pleasing conditions.

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