Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom, its

Scandinavian style in the interior is a maximum of light, bright colorful accents, a sunny mood and extraordinary functionality. Entered into our apartments and houses relatively recently, it is very popular today. Style, borrowed from the countries of northern Europe, despite the tradition, is ideal for modern living quarters. Scandinavian design will appeal to those wishing to combine the comfort and warmth of a home environment with high functionality and everyone who wants to make changes to the interior, but is not tuned to radical changes. The style of Scandinavians is suitable for any room in the apartment or house, but it is especially harmonious and appropriate to look in the bedroom.

Distinctive features of the bedrooms in the Scandinavian style

The interiors of such countries as Finland, Norway and Sweden are distinguished by the restraint and peculiar silence of the peoples of the north, and also by respect for the gifts of nature. Therefore, the bedrooms, decorated in the Scandinavian style, should be filled with sunshine as much as possible, being spacious and cozy due to the use of ecological materials.

Scandinavian style is rather peculiar and has a lot of distinctive characteristics, which are important to consider when designing a bedroom.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom, its characteristics and features


When planning to change the interior of the bedroom, first of all pay attention to the color scale characteristic of the Scandinavian style. Give preference to beige color, light shades of gray, blue, green and brown colors. However, the favorite of the Scandinavian style is white. In order to refresh the interior of the bedroom, all kinds of accessories and objects of juicy bright colors are used, for example, bright red, green, dark blue, and yellow shades.

The choice of colors for a bedroom in Scandinavian style

Decoration of walls and floor

For the Scandinavian bedroom, the best solution will be walls covered with white or beige plaster, you can also use light gray, milk and blue wallpaper. Well, if they have an interesting and unusual texture. The wall, which will be located at the head of the bed, decorate with colorful wallpaper with various patterns: floral motifs, geometric figures or multi-colored abstraction. This will be the main bright accent, which is so characteristic of the Scandinavian style. For the floor, a laminate or a parquet board is selected.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom


Comfort and warmth in the bedroom will bring nothing more than the naturalness of the materials used in the interior. Wood, metal, glass, cotton and linen fabrics, leather, furs, ceramics, all this is perfect for a Scandinavian-style bedroom interior.

Features Scandinavian style in the interior


Picking up furniture, first of all you need to be guided by its functionality. Nothing superfluous in the bedroom should not be, so cabinets are needed with the maximum number of shelves and drawers in which all things will be hidden and hidden from outsiders' eyes. Similar requirements for other furniture items. Most often, the material for their manufacture is chosen by the tree of light species: beech, pine, birch. Pay special attention to the different size and shape of the bookshelves. They not only help functionally, but also give the interior an additional home cosiness.

Scandinavian style in the bedroom

How to create a Scandinavian style in the bedroom? 5 tips from professionals

Scandinavian style has a lot of features and nuances, which we collected and combined in just five basic:

  1. Maximum light. Despite the fact that the bedroom is mostly spent time in the evening and at night, it is important to keep in it as much as possible sunlight. First of all, these are huge windows and no massive curtains. Give preference to plain curtains and light thin curtains;
  2. White or beige walls. This is not only one of the main distinctive features of the Scandinavian style, but also the opportunity to make the bedroom more spacious and spacious. However, it is important not to forget about the use of wall decor of different plans. These are stripes of bright wallpaper, bright pictures, wall stickers, various compositions from several large paintings or, conversely, small pictures or photographs placed in a chaotic order.
  3. Natural materials. Scandinavians adore the tree. Use it in any form on the floor, ceiling, walls and not go wrong.
  4. Bright, juicy accents. It is very important. Bright carpets, pillows, bedspreads on the bed, some piece of furniture, upholstery, sconces and everything where fantasy plays is a great solution. However, this decor should be minimal. Scandinavian style is the highest peak of taste, there must be restraint and minimalism.
  5. High functionality. Scandinavian interiors are absolutely comfortable for living. Here there is not only a decor, but also places where things and clothes are stored: cabinets, with hidden niches and shelves.