Turning a small balcony into a cozy holiday island

Photo collage of interiors of small loggias

A spacious terrace, an excellent outlook of the surrounding landscape and the opportunity to enjoy a cozy retreat. This is probably everyone's dream, but not everyone of us is lucky to become a happy owner of free housing, and our compact, sometimes even tight balconies limit the opportunities to comfortably and profitably equip them. But this is not a problem, because even a tiny space can be used functionally. We offer our readers to discuss interior design loggias, which are designed to bring you comfort and joy.

One of the most common solutions is the decoration of living plants. Organically, beautifully and creates impressions of your own nook of nature among concrete buildings, where you can relax, rest and get inspiration. Even if you live in a big and noisy metropolis, it will help to add to your life a little juicy colors and good mood.

Interior design of a small loggia

Flowers on a small balcony

In fact, for an ideal picture, you do not need to hang space from floor to ceiling with flower vases, just a few nuances. In this example, it is not the amount of multi-level that is used, it creates the illusion that you are in a decadent garden.

Interior design of a small loggia

Minimalism can also be wonderful

The following example also assumes a certain limitation in the decor. The image below shows an orange tree that turns the stone walls into a creative canvas.

Interior design of a small loggia

Moroccan style from Lonny

And did you know that in a small space you can successfully apply the same number of parts that are usually used for a large area? In the variant presented below there are various interesting configurations, although they are located more densely, but form a unique picture. Result: your own mini-garden with a rich palette and the right organization.

Interior design of a small loggia

Small balcony in Vancouver, Glenna Partridge Garden Design via Houzz

Remember that every little thing can play a significant role. The use of vegetable platter with carefully selected pots and the strategic location of the shells not only looks great in the overall picture, but also allows you to have your own small flower bed.

Interior design of a small loggia

Saturation of the color gamut

Monochrome colors are also a good choice, only a few red inclusions will radically transform the look.

Interior design of a small loggia

Узкое пространство с идеальным декором от Savio & Rupa

Key elements - comfortable seats

The use of living plants in the interior will not produce a complete look. To completely complete the overall picture can not do without comfortable and stylish furniture. It will help to fully relax and relax. A good option may be not only an expensive and exclusive environment. The use of plastic, plywood and other affordable budget materials will be appropriate. In fact, the bench shown below is not a representative of the luxury category, but it looks delicious. Containers for storage, decorative bright pillows, cane decor and bright colors will give you real coziness and perfection.

Interior design of a small loggia

A colorful addition from Engineer Your Space

If you have a little space on the loggia, then you can set up a dining room in the open air. Why not? An excellent option, who would be against you to taste delicious dishes and refreshing drinks surrounded by Mediterranean style?

Interior design of a small loggia

Elegant patio from Alice Masin via Houzz

Even a very compact place can give you many opportunities, the main thing is to see the potential and be able to find that perfect balance that will create harmony. And enjoy the balcony on your own with a glass of wine or a family dinner.

Interior design of a small loggia

Dining room by Gleicher Design Group

Most of the design includes the proper prioritization. It is important to surround yourself with objects that you love. They will cheer you up, soothe or just give you a truly homey comfort.

Interior design of a small loggia

Elegant terrace from Aloha Mirasierra

In the open air you can also see many advantages. Do not be tempted to overload the space, if you want to form a quiet and peaceful place, then it's better to do at least a minimum of furniture and parts.

Interior design of a small loggia

Modern white chairs from FORMA Design

Below is a vivid example that in a small area can be ergonomically placed all the most necessary, while not creating a cluttering effect.

Interior design of a small loggia

Emphasis on Functionality and Diversity of Christopher A. Dorsey Photography and Design

Do not underestimate the strength of the unusual design of furniture and accessories, the more colorful and brighter, the more positive emotions will give you.

Interior design of a small loggia

Living room on the edge of the balcony from Flashdecor

Do not forget that you can add a little color and pattern to the decor. Strips, intricate prints, fantastic patterns and ornaments, extraordinary pillows are nuances that are intended to bring individuality to the style of the interior.

Interior design of a small loggia

Striped textiles from Casa de Valentina via The Small Garden

Proper space design

Finally, it is worth mentioning the correct and prudent planning. It is worth strategically dividing the different zones, where there will be flowers and plants, a sofa, an armchair, a table and other. Below you will see a unique view of the Miami skyline from a stylish and elegant balcony.

Interior design of a small loggia

Bright and modern patio from Errez Design

If you pay proper attention to the main styles of interior design of the loggia and determine the direction, then this decision will pay off. For example, trimmed boxwood saplings, a snow-white set create together a French charming look, enjoy for your pleasure!

Interior design of a small loggia

Patio in Manhattan from Lonny

To create additional interest, apply details of different heights. An example can serve as a shelving for plants.

Interior design of a small loggia

Quiet harbor from Homedit

Do not limit your imagination, you need to deal creatively with any business, only in this case you will get a full-fledged masterpiece. Try to apply not only your imagination, but also supplement the picture with functional details.

Interior design of a small loggia

Ergonomics from Livinais

Privacy in the first place means confidentiality. Hide your private life from strangers, as a back room, can serve as a small wall of reeds. It does not create an isolation effect, but visually hide your personal space.

Interior design of a small loggia

Simulate the wall from Stylish Eve

Fill the balcony with an amazing design that emphasizes the lightness of DIY ideas. Refreshing palette and simple handmade details.

Interior design of a small loggia

Amazing prints and organic colors from Mandy Pellegrin from Fabric Paper Glue

We hope that this post has become useful for you and will help to create your own individual design for the balcony. And no matter what space covers your loggia, the main thing is to approach the decor creatively and use your imagination as much as possible, then you will definitely enjoy the open space, regardless of its area.