Saving precious space - we use folding beds in small

Double folding bed

Balcony of various sizes, large and small, is a place for the implementation of interesting projects on the rational use of a limited area.

Double folding bed

To save useful meters allows furniture, which, born in the very beginning of the twentieth century, has gained immense popularity nowadays, when the requirements of unity of ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics are demanded for each subject of interior. We are talking about models-transformers, capable of replacing simultaneously a significant part of the furnishings.

Two-level folding bed

For example, on a balcony, folding beds, vertical and horizontal type of lifting will be quite appropriate. The complex can include shelves, chest of drawers (in which it is convenient to store sleeping accessories), and when you get into the closet or a modular box, releases a large amount of space that is used for other purposes during the daytime.

Closet-bed on the balcony Closet-bed on the balcony

Modern piston or electrical mechanisms, designed for more than 20,000 openings / closings, allow you to manage the product without much physical effort. In the retracted position, the outer panel can be decorated with a picture, carving or other artistic expressive means. Built-in (at the request of the owner) mirror, illumination system, color palette in light colors, give the opportunity to visually expand the space. The extra bed will be especially useful, "if visitors come to the house".

Rollaway bed-recess