Small bedrooms with great potential - 75 good design ideas

Small bedrooms, aged in light colors, seem more spacious

Deficiency of square meters compels to search for places for storage and accommodation of various things wherever possible. Use the design ideas shown below to decorate your bedrooms, pay attention to the decor and plan the situation properly. Combine different styles and methods of organizing space, not forgetting about the visual balance and functionality. Believe in yourself, and one day you will wake up in the bedroom of your dreams!

1. The predominance of light tones in the decoration contributes to the visual increase in volume, and therefore you should think about installing additional illumination of the walls.

2. The free space under the bed is often used to store a variety of things. The key advantage of this solution is the possibility to unload the interior.

3. The head of the bed - one of the most important elements of the bedroom interior, able to focus on yourself and set the tone for the whole design. Decide on the style of its design. The most popular options are rustic, romantic, minimalist or classic.

4. Above the bedside table you can hang the shelf to expand the storage capacity in the room. The size, shape and style of the shelf are very important for the formation of the aesthetics of the kitchen. 

5. Again - the mirror visually increases the interior, but only on the condition that it itself has impressive dimensions. He echoes a large window framed by light textiles.