Square room - 80 photos of unusual design solutions

The square living room is very often arranged in new buildings and out-of-town buildings.

Square living

It is not difficult to formalize such a premise, but if several functional areas are envisaged in the project, some controversial issues arise.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Advantages of living room square shape
  • Decoration of the living room with small dimensions
  • Interior of the living room with large dimensions
  • Photo of the square living room design

Advantages of living room square shape

The room has one feature, in contrast to rooms of other forms. The floor serves as the correct arrangement of furniture. The central part will not be cluttered, and pieces of furniture are placed along the wall.

Square living

If this is a living room, then the center can be equipped for a small dance floor. The main thing is that the window openings do not interfere. But it's not a problem for people with a good imagination always succeed.

Square living

Decoration of the living room with small dimensions

The design of a square living room is a room that causes a number of problems. It is necessary to change the usual design in the doorway, sliding to save space.

Square living

Near the opening doors do not need to install pieces of furniture. It generally should not be too much. Do not have to adhere to the criterion that the more furniture the chic looks like a room.


The feeling of tightness will have a bad effect on the general mood of the people who are there. To prevent this from happening, when choosing furniture, the emphasis is on multi-functional items.


Instead of a huge cabinet, drawers are used, a hanging cupboard is selected for the TV. A good idea is the use of corner servants for things living.

TV-in-the-interior-living room

Color shades should be different from the general interior. If someone doubts that furniture will not be enough, then this is just a delusion. What can be missed in the living room is a coffee table and a small armchair.


Interior of the living room with large dimensions

A room with a large area has some advantages. In order not to spoil the beauty of the interior view, it should be remembered that the center of the room should remain empty.


If that should occupy the central area of ​​the living room, then let it be beautiful furniture.


Specialists of the design sphere recommend decorating the interior of a square living room with highlights. Ideally fit the decorative partition of the existing built-in niches.


It will help establish a certain boundary between the zones. Elegantly it will look like a huge aquarium, installed to divide the room.


Distributing zoning in the living room, you get two full-sized rooms in a rectangular shape. Their appointment can be very diverse:

  • For the bedroom.
  • For fun.
  • Under the nursery.
  • For the office.
  • For sharing food.


There are no restrictions in the interior. The living space will allow you to make a fuss of your own imagination.


It is filled with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime. A single criterion, which must be sustained, is the preservation of a common style and taste. Interior appearance must be in harmony with the overall composition. Color shades, textural elements should not focus on yourself unnecessary attention.


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The layout of a square living room has some nuances. And this is evident not only in the proper arrangement of furniture, but also in the professional zoning of the room.


Applying for help to specialists - special difficulties for the owners of the living room will not arise. After all, only designers are familiar with all the rules and their implementation.


Thanks to high-quality services, you can achieve not only a divided space in the zones, but also a modern general look, where everything is seasoned and tasteful. In such living rooms it will be pleasant to spend time with relatives or friends. Guests will feel harmony and coziness.


Photo of the square living room design





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living room-in-white-color-with-sofa-and-round-table

living room-with-fireplace-24


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